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Episode 1: “How to Win the Lottery” – Part 1.

hello I’m Darren brown and it’s Wednesday the 9th of September Oh 9 it’s 9 o 9 o 9 and we’re coming at you now across all of the channel 4 channels and if you’re watching this projection onto the side of a building somewhere in the country there and hello thank you for coming and watching that too so tonight I’m going to try and predict at least five of the six lottery numbers you win to win there you need to win the jackpot so not the bonus ball don’t need that just at least five of the six lottery numbers and I’ve done nothing illegal and what I’m doing does not in any way affect your chances of winning okay so we’re broadcasting from a studio and for security reasons and so that nobody else benefits from what I’m doing here it’s just me and two cameramen in here so there’s me one camera there hello and camera up at the Merrick hello and here is the television that will be actually showing the lottery on now we can’t show any more than a couple of minutes of the BBC for legal reasons so we’ll come to that in a moment and this these here this is my prediction these are six balls this is my prediction this is this prediction was made earlier on today the numbers are there in numerical order and we’re going to come for this in a minute too now we’ve spoken to Camelot we had a meeting with Camelot one of the things that came out of that meeting with Camelot is the fact that the BBC have a legal right to announce the lottery numbers first before anybody else does so because of that I can’t show you the numbers until just after the lottery has been announced if that makes sense but that’s fine they will remain there they’ll be in full view and you can keep an eye on them if you like so couple other things we don’t know exactly what time the BBC you’re gonna be showing the lottery tonight we don’t know it should hopefully happen fingers crossed at some point in our 10 minute window that we have here but if they do anything radically different that it is possible it’s conceivable that we will miss it and you’ll get to the end of this 10 minute slot and we’ll have to go we’ll have to end this program and we won’t if we won’t have actually hit the lottery tool but we are hoping it will happen at some point in the next symptom minutes or something we just don’t have any control over now another thing probably a lot of you are thinking maybe there’s some kind of delay there is no delay the BBC broadcast the lottery the lottery draw absolutely live 100% live the second we are doing the same here and when I turn the television on I’ll get an odd in a second when I can do that you can flick back and forwards between the BBC and this one to see that we are absolutely live and in sync with the BBC the most you’ll get is like a tiny whisker of a delay about a second because we’re taking a BBC feed essentially and then passing it through channel 4 to get to you and that takes about a second or so but the BBC are live 100% live the lottery draw is live we are a hundred percent live here I’m being told there’s a little bit of a little bit about 30 seconds before we can turn the television on I should say this is the culmination of a year’s obsession over this I’ve had lottery numbers all up over the wall of my house I’m feeling a little bit sick piggies wish me luck and if it goes wrong I said I’m off to five out of the six if it goes wrong or only get a couple or not at all I’m really sorry and I’ll apologize about that in advance I’m really sorry but this this hopefully hopefully will work again I’ve done nothing illegal I’ve done nothing illegal there’s there’s nothing that will affect your chances of doing this and there’ll be a show on Friday at 9 o’clock showing you how I did this as well so you can watch they can find out how we did it and if you like you might want to try the same thing all right we can turn the TV on we can turn the TV on so this will come on in a second you can flick between the BBC and channel 4 if you want this’ll warm up on a second to see that this is absolutely live here we go so this is from lottery HQ oh this is so this is still the dream number isn’t it ok so this is this is just oh no no is it this is it this is it it’s not a dream Emmerich we’re now into it so yes here we come from the rather shiny lovely studio the BBC’s they film roughly HQ they have a glamorous assistant every week to help reset this week’s glamorous assistant is MJ bored there he is and the jackpot there old 2002 million rather 400,000 an initial production for the BBC players a break over twenty three billion plans for the good cause next is number 35 good as last Wednesday as well that one up ninety third time as a main you’ll recall it beat one of your chosen few 225th long hilarity here’s the next one and that is number 28 don’t forget at our baby pants spent on the national lottery around twenty eight pence goes for the good cause who’s next and over the bus to Saturday night’s as well too and fits locker waiting for that one and the sixth one that could make you very rich he’s right there number two for number timing just last weekend that little beauty of 80th time it’s been a main for the bonus tonight is number 15 so Millionaire’s Row meet week looks like this born it doesn’t matter they’re not they’re not involving eventual so in order we have her to 11 23 28 35 and 39 those are the lottery numbers for this week 11 23 28 35 and 39 and ladies and gentlemen my prediction for the lottery numbers this week are 211 23 28 35 39 in numerical order those are the numbers that’s a year of my life right there hope you can see those two 11 23 28 35 and 39 I can’t believe we’ve only got a little bit of time left Friday night please watch on Friday night I will explain how I did this and how you can do it too if you want to go 9 o’clock on channel 4 thank you so much for watching I think we’re out of time I think we gotta go thank you goodbye.


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