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you know what is up guys I’m Nick and I’m dad and what he says do it and today we’re watching homeless lottery winner forever homeless lottery ticket winner we saw this comment on our last video told us react to it so you’re I’m ready alright two one now I read huh I hear it okay I’ve never seen this video emphasizing that I’m not kidding a man never ever so hey guys so for the last couple of weeks I’ve been noticing a homeless guy hanging around his local shopping center that I live next to and from what people have told me is that he’s a nice and respectable guy so today I’m gonna make him think that he just wants good the last guy makes amazing videos pose a winning lottery ticket take him to the store and see how much money is one from this ticket but little does he know is that this is a losing lottery ticket and the store clerk is in on it hope you guys enjoyed the video oh listen man I don’t really have any money to give you but I do have this winning lottery ticket I don’t really know how much I wan I can give this to you okay yeah I could take you to stores and we can get this cash how’s that sound my friend let’s do this brother we just want to see if we want guess what and $100,000 okay the one thing that if you don’t pause the one thing that I like about this is that he knows nothing about the lottery knows that he wanted to take it you kidding me did you start kind of money I’m not getting a man I hope he starts crying not really I just want to see him cry okay good luck what I wanna Cherie weird ah come on that’s all yours man I’m sharing no that’s all yours man right here we eat enough for me it’s all good you earned it you won the hotter a man what that’s awesome that is and that the fact that he was crying wants to him that he wants to give it to you give some mad died he’s crying just beautiful oh here uh that’s that that you can do that for another person is beautiful especially after people are getting shot and we’re riding in the streets this is beautiful prayin has to lady with you disappeared what my god that was that was good that’s really good all right well hopefully you guys enjoy it you would I mean your tea would you basically side by I think it’s really nice that you can help somebody out that’s all we have to do man the smallest thing that you can go you give a guy a dollar or something okay there are some people who are out there just to get a buck but then there’s some people who are I genuinely happy and appreciative when you give them something anything you know blanket pillow something to help them because I’m just wanna you know yeah that’s how it is yeah all right well hopefully you guys enjoy later guys did please smash thumbs up and they say have a great day be kind of one another and I’ll see you in a couple of days.


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