Convenience Store Owner Spills Secrets On How To Win The Lottery – Scratch Off Ticket Secrets Video

Winning the Lottery

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The untold secret to hitting more winners in the lotto game is to play the scratch off tickets.

it started with working on the truck and I’m working on that truck been thirsty welcome to Nazy Mart had to be in touch through buying a scratch off scratching the ticket off and been a lucky winner what went through your head when you realize that you’d want that much money all the dreams that I’ve dreamed of and allows they finally come true what are those dreams start a new truck getting their truck farts bubbling give my percentage of the money donate to a church and then the rest of that I’m going to get me a new Dodge dealer pickup and then the rest of the money would invest money make me money did you believe it right away or did it take time to set in it took about five minutes for me that I actually really just realized no the shop I want three hundred or five hundred thousand dollars so yeah I believe it and what you do from there who did you call and I went right back to work and running the magnet shop I thought I was crazy and find a gang with them until I looked at the ticket and said well are you really won’t know it’s true they give you a hard time after that or not I just called me I’m lucky as men like no I’ve been working on Valhalla fine no need to stop just good I mean just cuz I got three hundred forty thousand dollars in my pocket I mean it’s gonna be with me forever I quit my job all right Keith take care of I love I love my job so I’m just gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing let anyone change back when it’s too hot it’s gonna stay the same.


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