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Winning the Lottery

Big decisions on the way
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as a Celtics fan myself I got to be honest it’s pretty good right now the team is currently in the Conference Finals against the Cavaliers do I think they’re going to win that series no but can still enjoy the moment of course and now they have the number one overall pick hell of a situation to be in and we’re going to talk about some of the options that this team has with that number one overall selection now we have to assume that the guy you select is Mark Hill folks he seems to be a hell of a point guard who is just perfect in today’s NBA but I think he’s going to be coming off the bench at least when he first starts off because of course he already have Isiah Thomas a guy who is up around 30 points a game super efficient and I mean you lead to the Celtics offense and they asked him to do quite a bit and he is able to back it up and I think that’s the first real question is how would Isiah as well as folks play together I mean Isiah claims that they can play on the same floor and do well well I think the one thing is fault is a really good shooter and I think as a result he can be used off ball effectively but he’s also going to be playing in Brad Stevens system and Stephens as a hell of a play caller he’s got Isiah Thomas already killing it by playing off ball and still have him coming across screens he’ll start from like the corner and then he’ll come up to the top of the key where he can immediately go into a pick and roll and I think Stephens could get super creative with just how he uses these two offensive weapons on the floor at the same time but of course Fultz is going to be more than capable of handling the ball himself and a lot of versatility can be used just between Isiah Thomas and Markel folks and I do expect him to share a decent amount of the time together Al Horford will also make full Tuesday easier because he’s one of the best shooting as well as passing big guys in the NBA today I mean Foltz is going to have a luxury that a lot of top picks don’t have which is just there’s a lot of really good talent and a good system going on now if we look at Avery Bradley who has grown as an offensive player I think when he and Foltz are on the floor at the same time you’re going to Markel taking over the ball handling duties for them and it will have his more natural point guard position and I think it could be a good fit when whenever he’s on the floor I think he could have a place for this team all that being said are there going to be rookie mistakes of course there will be and there are going to be times when perhaps he takes a shot that’s not the best in the world or he looks to force a pass that isn’t really there and next thing you know it’s a turnover I mean he seems like a special player but he’s still a rookie at the end of the day especially on a team that’s looking to win right now you know it could cause some complications and I just I’m not expecting it to just be this most seamless fit where he just walks in and is immediately like one of the best players in the NBA or anything but I think the positives are going to far outweigh the negatives of course with Mark Hill folds but let’s also talk about just some of the young movements that the Celtics have here Jalen Brown seems like a really high potential player with his athleticism and his spot shooting is actually decent and he looks like he can be a hell of a defensive player it’s interesting that the Celtics have built themselves up to be a team that can make the conference finals but then they also have the future building with Jalen Brown and now if they’re going to be drafting mark Hill folds number one overall and give you a lot of versatility and a lot of freedom when it comes to building the present team because it’s like well we’ve got these young guys waiting in the wing but I do have to talk about one complication that could come up from Fultz and that’s Marcus smart smart definitely has value for this team as a defensive player a playmaker a guy who makes energy plays with offensive rebounds diving on the floor but all this being said someone’s got to be the odd man out and it might be smart you know he’s found a role as an off the ball player for the Celtics but I mean it’s tough to play for guys at the guard positions 20 plus minutes at night and of course Isiah and Bradley are going to be playing I don’t know if I’m on another team and I’m really looking for a point guard off the bench or something maybe I call the Celtics up a bell Marcus smart we can also talk about the potential of trading the pic because I mean that’s a discussion that’s been add with the Celtics for a while now and one guy who could be available is Jimmy Butler Chicago Bulls are pretty stuck because there are 41 win that doesn’t have a lot of young talent that seems like it can really grow into something and Jimmy Butler is just kind of there for this team that’s really going nowhere if you traded him if you traded the number one overall pick and the chances for marquel Fultz to Chicago for Jimmy Butler and you decided we’re just going to win right now we’re going to try to win right now I mean is that a real thing the Celtics could go for I mean yeah the butler is around 27 years old last time I checked I think it’ll be 28 when next season starts I mean then you’re looking at him at 28 al horford at age 30 Isiah Thomas is going to be 28 next season as well I want to say you’re shortening your lifespan by a bit if you do that move and the same thing can be said for Paul George I mean he’s in a similar situation with the Pacers I think the one difference would be Myles Turner seems like he can be a real player maybe he’ll take off next season and Paul George decides that he wants to stay but just given how their recent playoff series went and some of the comments he’s made about I have to get the ball and other things he said about teammates you know Lance Stephenson being another one it’s looking like he’s not loving his situation in Indiana and of course there’s all the rumors about him wanting to go to the Lakers and I think you could definitely be available in a trade as well but similar to Butler if you make that trade sure you are a better team right now and maybe you have a chance against the Cleveland Cavaliers maybe we’re going to talk about that in a little bit but you’re also once again shortening how good you can really be here I mean I know you have another Brooklyn pick coming up but I mean the Nets might actually be like a little better of a team then to where you might not get the number one overall pick again it’s a risk and let’s just say they trade it for Jimmy Butler and they have him and they’re ready to go against Cleveland and they’re feeling good and they think they have the overall team ready to to dethrone Le.Bron and all that are you really good enough to beat Le. Bron even then I mean this guy is like not slowing down he’s having one of his best seasons in a few years like like yeah Jimmy Butler’s really good would he be able to take them to that level to match Le. Bron I mean I’m going to steer to the side of no but some people might disagree on that one the reality is do you want to go through Le.

Bron James or do you want to wait a little bit and then attack them when he’s more vulnerable I don’t know I mean I like the idea of going for it but you got to be smart you don’t want to put all your eggs into the basket of winning now and you’re still not good enough to win and I don’t know if it would be a sure thing that you get all these guys you know a Jimmy Butler whoever and you can still beat Le.Bron James I mean let’s say Le. Bron has like two years left until he starts to show some decline at that point Isaiah is hitting like 30 or if it will be 32 Jimmy Butler would be approaching 30 similar thing for Paul George like even if you had a chance at Le. Bron how much longer do you really have with that team because we got to remember not everyone is Le.

Bron James where they’re able to sustain themselves like the age of 33 years old you go with Mark Hill folks you’re good for the next decade plus we have to remember like if he really is that good then maybe his second season he can already be like a huge piece I mean he’ll he might be a huge piece for them next year even if he’s not the best player and he could elevate himself to being the top dude on this team in like three seasons whereas everybody else is still good enough I don’t know it’s a conversation that can go both ways pretty much..

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