Big Time Lottery Winner Reveals Secrets On How To Win The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery

Big Time Lottery Winner Reveals Secrets on How to Win The Lottery


by the big house the picturesque pool the fancy cars this is my son’s Beemer years ago he probably would’ve got to beat up old you Chevy if it looks like Richard Lustig won the lottery it’s because he did a whopping seven times so has it changed his life Oh give me a break of course it’s going to change your life you just won millions of dollars something you’re telling me it’s not going to change your life I mean our life is a million percent better than it was ten twelve years ago the proof is in the checks mega money eight hundred forty two thousand dollars fantasy five jackpots 98 grand and 70 grand his seven huge jackpot don’t include the twenty three times he’s had to go to the lottery office and claim prize of $600 or more I had no idea was going down this road Richard Lustig is winning so his son suggested why not help others strike it rich he says you know dad you’re missing the boat and I says what he means is you need to write a book I golike write a book Nick I’m not an author I can’t write a book what are you crazy crazy as it seems Richard wrote the book it’s a how to book I mean that’s what this is you know and then I won again so I call my publisher real quick and it says have we started printing it he says no hold the presses I said I just won number seven some of his tips include setting a budget only play which you can afford don’t play quick picks either check your lottery numbers to make sure that they’ve never come up before buy ten of the same kind of scratch off tickets in a row and don’t throw away the losing scratch offs they can be mailed in for a second chance drawing two of my seven lottery game grand prizes were second chance drawings he also offers advice to winners on how to manage their money so that they can avoid the so called lottery curse they spent all that money they blew it all and now all of a sudden Uncle Sam says wait a min you owe me another $250,000 in taxes according to Richard you should divide the money into threes spend a third of it on however you’d like go ahead and splurge take a third to pay off your bills and save for the taxes that you’re going to be charged on the winnings and then use the last third he says to reinvest into the lottery I have a couple in Tampa Florida my method for three or four months and hit a two million dollar jackpot and there have been more testimonials is mr.Lustig I just got your book started playing your method I just won $600 I’ve never went that much ever playing the lottery mr. Lustig I just got your book yesterday today is my first day following your method I want $1,000 I can’t believe it there’s no doubt that profits in book sales are adding to Richards millions for most of us the only dream of what we do with our winnings Richard Lustig is living it and living it up. .

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