Big Time Lottery Winner Gives Secrets On How To Win The Lottery On Fox And Friends Video

Winning the Lottery

Richard Lustig featured on Fox and Friends


425 million reasons for you to get out of bed this morning the jackpot for this week’s Powerball jackpot being increase again to perhaps the largest amount in the game 20 year history 425 million dollars so how can you increase your odds at winning I’m gonna pay special attention to this next guest he’s hit the jackpot seven times Richard Lustig the author of learn how to increase your chances of winning the lottery joins us now live from Orlando good morning Richard okay what is the trick I think I remember from speaking to you before do you always pick the same numbers yes always pick the same numbers don’t play quick picks when you play a quick pick your odds are always going to be at their worst now when I give this advice out there’s one thing that’s always seems to be a little misleading to the folks out there listening or watching I’m talking about regular players versus casual players casual players people do that just play once in a while this really doesn’t matter what you do you might as well buy quick picks if you want to but if you’re a regular player you know you don’t buy quick picks you play regular numbers there’s this there’s a method to it and it will increase your chances of winning by Richard has there’s so many in the game right now forcing almost a half billion dollars are out there for somebody what does that mean to how you play for a regular player or just your average person watching right who wants in a cap I mean a casual player really the only thing they can do is just buy they can buy quick because if they want but here’s one of the most important tips I give to everybody is don’t get lottery fever okay people get excited they they want to win it all this money so what do they do they go out and they spend a lot of money on buying tickets and most of the times money they can’t afford to spend so might one of my biggest rules is set a budget don’t spend grocery money don’t spend rent money figure out what you can afford to spend and be satisfied with that amount of tickets so don’t break the bank and Richard what about pools you know a bunch of people at work they get together they pool their money that would increase your odds wouldn’t it absolutely I believe very strongly pools I mean you know yeah so if the pool is ten million if they if the if the jackpots ten million dollars and you bought the ticket you won you said it yourself yes you’d win the hole ten million dollars if you’ve got 10 people that pool together and you win you only get a million dollars but you know what a million dollars is a lot of money so don’t be don’t play greedy play smart so yes pulling your money together with a few people and playing is a very good thing to do so you won seven times are you playing today oh absolutely hey are you gonna use the same numbers I have a set of numbers that I play yes and they are go ahead come on we’re just we’ve got a pencil some papers ready Oh my numbers are all right now we understand Richard Lustig won the lottery a bunch of times sir thank you for joining us today from Orlando absolutely all right all right.


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