Best Lottery Ticket Ever! (Always A Winner) Scratch Off Saturday #6 Video

Winning the Lottery

Hitting big again on my favorite ticket! for tuning in for another week of scratch off saturday! we’re on our 6th week im hoping you’re all enjoying my videos! play responsible and stay.

what’s going on guys no scratches b15 here and today it is scratch off Saturday number six so I went out and I got a holiday Millionaire it’s a $10 ticket it’s a holiday one number 24 then we got 500,000 in grants of $5 ticket number 66 and then we got a Wheel of Fortune $5 ticket number 24 all right we’re going to start with two five our first winning number is going to be a six all right then we got a one a nine 23 14 and 20 hope you guys see that all right our first winning number is 11850 sorry three two 29 17 last row 27:30 13 16 18 and the last number is 7 all right some look that over really quick believe that’s a loser all right moving on to the 500,000 and grants our first week number 17 21 8 18 and 23 first winning number is 24 8 all right we have a winner 8 and 8 almost right next to each other all right 19 we’ll come back to that 8 in a second 23 all right we have two winners nice all right so that’s gonna pay for the Wheel of Fortune 21 that’s three winners guys all right I gotta say something this ticket I’ve never hit so much like I have been on this ticket this ticket is amazing actually every time I buy this I’ve been winning really big on it 1 9 7 13 2 14 and 4 we’re going to save this and come back so we can end on a good note hopefully it’s a good win we’re going go to the holiday Millionaire our first winning number is going to be 1337 12 38:17 1139 all right first winning number is going to be 33 hopefully this is a winner so everything will just be profit that’d be really nice 2299 30 second row 24 16 2 331 736 14 21 and then the last number 40 all right just checking it over really quick making sure I don’t miss out on anything with last time all right I believe it’s a loser if it’s not we’ll come back to it all right moving on to this ticket we got a number 8 right here a 23 a 21 and I think that is it Arwen start with 8 it is 5 bucks so I’m thinking it’s gonna be a $15.00 winner oh I am wrong it’s going to be a $20 winner $25 winner so guys once again this ticket has saved my life I can’t tell you how many times I have won $25 on this ticket I really can’t this ticket is amazing honestly I’ve never hit so much on ticket like I have been on this one at least eight out of ten times I buy this ticket I win guys you don’t have to play responsibly but definitely play this ticket and I got a toss up right here thank God I noticed it I scratch it off it is a gold bar I saw she loses be a guys so I spent 20 and I made tool I made five bucks but on this ticket man I swear just this thing is amazing last time in my last video I 125 on this so I mean they were in there so guys have a good weekend happy scratch off saturdays got a nice fi dollar ticket i’ll see you guys next time peace. .

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