Bam!! Winning On Last Lottery Ticket Scratch Of 2017!! Video

Winning the Lottery

I decided to do one last lottery ticket scratch off session for 2017. Went to the store to get some supplies for our New Year’s Eve celebration, so I picked up a few lottery tickets also. In this video I scratch off a ticket, a ticket and a lottery ticket. I was trying to end the year with a BIG everyone for a great year, and I hope the best for you and your family in 2018!!

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mm 18 glasses novelty glasses put them on might make me see a little straighter after a few cocktails on New Year’s Eve but what’s going on everybody hey I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and watching my videos I hope 2018 is gonna be a great year for each and every one of you hopefully 2017 was a good year for years and if it wasn’t you know that hang in there things will get better also want to personally thank my family for supporting me doing this dis adventure that were on my wife my son my daughters I appreciate their support and like I said happy new years to everybody so we’ll get into the regular shenanigans here so you might be asking yourself jigsaw Jeff what’s all these party favors doing next to these lottery tickets well went down to the store did the shop and stopped by a dollar store picks up some you know some party favors for the festivities New Year’s Eve get some 2018 glasses novelty glasses put them on might make me see a little straighter after a few cocktails some New Year’s Eve you know what I’m saying we got some of the usuals blowing things here and some some of them other things for the kids to put on or go to our festivities so we also picked up some lottery tickets on the way so let’s let’s get to it we’ll get these these party favors out of the way we’re doing a what we got 20 a twenty seven dollar session here why 27 dollars each so Jeff why not let’s get to let’s get to it let’s ring in the New Year with some big wins correct okay look at these glasses I can’t wait to try nose on those are cool all right here we go we got three tickets here let me open up this because we gotta strap the special drats and tool here we’re going to be using today we use one of these things one of those things here we go okay you get you get the point alright like I said thanks everybody for watching this past year I really do appreciate it and I do hope you have a great new year happy new year we got a $2.00 money bag multiplier from the Indiana Hoosier Lottery matching your numbers to the winning number to win that price shown also got a multiplier here multiplied if the winning winning amount so let’s get going on that ticket 65 I hope 2018 is a good year too ok the highs are 14. 5 6 so let’s get to going on this thing here will scratch off our winning numbers with the with the noisemaker thing here we got a 13 and we got a 8 okay here we go let’s look for some winning numbers that’s in the year right here with some wind 7 17 nothing 13 our 821 a 9 12:22 everybody be careful if you go out celebrate please 18 nothing for and we got a 15 nothing there let’s see what those multiplies with oh that’s pretty in that cool look at that 2020 excerpt that’s neat okay too bad it wasn’t a winner alright on to the next ticket ticket the five dollar Ruby mine 9 excerpt ya get three like symbols in a row get to Xer order 9 x ur gonna win accordingly i also collect the diamond or the rubies throughout the game ticket number 6 in the eyes eyes are gonna be good if we win correct but the ticket says one in 3. 85 so let’s get to going here we’re looking for three three like symbols in a row or the 9xr or the two extra let’s go jig so I’ll just get your hand out of the way you don’t want to see it we’ve got a wishbone a wishbone I wish phone okay here we go there’s what we’ve been looking for look at this okay this is good this is good we got a wallet pearl necklace and a crown okay I thought I was gonna be a winner but that’s alright we got a gift a seven and an armored car we got a son an armored car and an igloo or something like that we got a ladybug ladybug another igloo let’s get some more in a row here nothing there on to the next row maybe my tripod skills will get better in 2018 hopefully all right we got pearl necklace armored car there’s one Ruby okay like I said we collect rubies we win them with some money there let’s get to going here got that igloo the moon and the 7 nothing got a star now rainbow horseshoe pot of gold firecracker nope wallet wallet nope seven ring and a crown clover coin key coin firework and a gift nothing that we do got that so look at that okay so we’ll get back to that in a quick second and on to the big dog here we’ve got the $20 $150 150 million dollar extravaganza from the Indiana who’s your lottery match the win game matching your numbers win that prize get that old 2x or 2 times 5x cert which I think we’re going to get on this ticket I got a good feeling five times the money bag so it’s $100 or the stack of cash that’s $200 automatically so we’ll get to going on that and then I know it’s ticket number ticket number lucky 7 the odds I was in 1 and 3 points 1 2 so let’s get to going on this one okay oh my gosh all right winning numbers 56:43 1821 I like these numbers so far 22 okay 59 let’s see I’d like to see a 14 or 16 and a 52 no okay that’s alright that’s pretty good numbers pretty good array of numbers no single digits but we’ll take it all right here we go let’s go that’s in that that’s in the year with the big win 34 nothing a number 50 ten nope seven twenty twenty and twenty one nothing there thirty three fifty one one offer I tell you if we live it we got paid for everyone offer would be good shape eight eight nine come on five x 2x money bag something 35 nothing Oh Jeff Gordon happening 14 there we go see I’m told you’ve done 14 is lucky 14 for me nothing there a number 6 a 31 no nothing happening a 30 all right let’s get this let’s get this going here 25 no single one nothing come on now 38 nope gyah gamblers number 11 go check him out good stuff like I always say 16 no last rope one last call catch my drift 55 27 come on now 47 32 can we get saved by the last last row here 36 oh no we got 56 and gosh darn it alright let’s get back to this thing here we got three wishbones that’s unconcealed ‘is this big prize here hopefully probably not but who knows okay we got $10 so there you go that’s a $10 win twenty twenty twenty seven dollars session we got $10 back so anyways like I said Happy New Year everybody thanks for watching hope you and your family have a great new year and talk to you in 2018 thanks again for watching. .

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