Arizona Mathematician Talks Odds Winning The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery

Winning the lottery is a dream to most, but how do the odds really stack up?.

and with that we all still have a chance right I think we have to winning no I’ll go ahead and show you just in case you wanted to see if your favorite numbers were there okay oh behind me I’m sorry I was waiting on to pop up on the screen there they are right thank Chris so that yeah okay I was gonna say the Mega Ball number one oh I was gonna say so since no one won now the jackpot is up to three hundred and nine million dollars most if I could do with that don’t get too excited though we brought in mathematician to tell us our real chances of winning Scott Adamson from chandler gilbert Community College here thanks for being with us this morning yeah so what are the real chances of winning not very good well let me try to describe please so imagine you were to fill out one of the forms yeah we’re presenting each of the possible six number combinations that you could choose okay and then you took those forms and you stack them up yeah there’s over almost 259 million of these forms you’d have to have my gosh so that stack would be about 12 miles tall my mount everest tall so now imagine that you know and you’re gonna just blindly reach in and grab one of the cards that’s the chances of you winning if your card gets picked up that 12 mile stack hey my producers telling me something about laying them side by now pay those same forms and then pile them on the ground Ronald 250 almost two hundred nine million oh I gotta get out the way again so it would cover an area of almost two square miles and then again blindly reach in and grab one of those forms that’s the chances that you’re gonna win okay what are the chances of one of us winning if we buy a ticket versus not purchasing a ticket I like to say your chances of winning are the same whether you buy a ticket or not because if you don’t buy a ticket your chances are zero you’re not gonna win you sure you don’t can’t win if you don’t play that’s exactly but if you buy one ticket your chances of winning are point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero three eight six still just about zero I don’t even know how many zeroes did you just say that’s at eight zero eight zero six so very very good but no small diamonds is it on my my calculator do you play turns out I do not play no no well so when as it increases more people are playing does that increase my odds of winner at all not at all no it does increase the your likely your payout increases the larger the the payment so so if the lottery jackpot was about two million two hundred million dollars yeah then it would be about a wash your $1 that you invested you get about a dollar back on average Oh but with 309 million right actually in the long run on average it’s actually a good in but even a mathematician can dream right well be right Oh somebody’s got to win somebody’s gotta win you gotta win yeah oh you’re fun you’re good thanks for the good advice there.


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