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Winning the Lottery

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hyeri’s welcome to February 2018 Mars your ruling planet is in Sagittarius and for some of you you may be thinking about your future you may be you know planning for your future and it is time to think ahead and make plans about where you want to be in six months from now or a year from now for some of you you may be feeling ready for fun and adventure that you are making a plan to travel to a far off place and that would be feeding your soul which would be very positive having Mars and Sagittarius is very beneficial for you because Sagittarius is your sister sine and Mars here is in positive energy flow with your Sun in Aries your Moon in Aries your rising Aries or any planets you have in areas and being your ruling planet it’s very uplifting and inspiring so you may be feeling very inspired about your future and the plans that you’re making for some of you it can be about an online business that you’re growing or education that you are investing yourself in whether you are the student or the teacher you can be finding yourself very much focused in higher education higher consciousness long distance travel business building that is using the Internet to bring your products and services far and wide and this is exciting now we are in Eclipse season here the leo lunar eclipse happened on January 31st and that was in the area of true love and romance and you may be very much focused on love and romance this month as well the following Eclipse on the 15th is in Aquarius bringing the action to lovers and friends or friends that can become lovers and the groups you belong to where you hang out your hopes and wishes and these are the fun parts of your chart these areas the leo aquarius and so this can be very exciting time for you where you’re finding yourself perhaps meeting someone new for some of you that are single you could be meeting someone new you could be meeting them through a group you could be meeting them through a friend you could be meeting them online or they could be at a distance and this is very positive and exciting eclipses complete things and open new doorways they open new pathways they are the Downloads from the universe so from your higher self and higher consciousness the universe downloads into you new visions new ideas upliftment and as well as completions so for some of you you know you may be cleaning house and releasing you know anyone that is holding you back from your future you know February is a month about your future your ruling planet is in the area of your future your future vision and so if you’re having people in your life that are not on Team Aries not supporting you not empowering you eclipses are saying let go so that you can create the space for the new love the new friendship the new business relationships to enter your life and move your and so don’t be afraid to let anyone or anything go in February that isn’t part of your future because you are very much focused on your future areas and you want to be focused on that future and you don’t want to be carrying baggage into the future just because you’ve known someone a long time or they’re familiar or they’re a family member or you know a colleague whatever you know if they’re not part of the future then you know the universe is saying let go and move on and move forward now there’s this lucky lottery ticket thing going on with you here between the fourth and the sixth so buy a lotto ticket because you could win the jackpot and you don’t if I have to buy a hundred tickets you only need one and so if it’s your destiny to win you’ll win so you know consider that that you are very lucky in here in February especially around the 4th through the 6th you could find that you you win the jackpot and that it is exciting and fun so be aware of all the good in here for you this month and you can make your dreams come true now the Aquarius solar eclipse is really interesting because it does have Uranus sextile it which is opportunity and it can be brilliant opportunities it can be breakthroughs it can be stunning and exciting and liberating and you could find yourself moving up in what you’re doing you could be increasing your prosperity through the work you do this is money you make from the business you own or money you make from the company you work for so you could be seen an increase in prosperity and it comes to how you know you’re being innovative using your genius tapping into your genius using that energy to create what you want there could also be some surprising news at this time for you in regards to work or in regards to a group you belong to or a friend where you know you get some surprising news and it doesn’t necessarily have to be negative but it could be just surprising you know Uranus loves to surprise and this this could be surprising news now Jupiter is challenging the Aquarius solar eclipse Jupiter in Scorpio is challenging this eclipse on the 15th and with Jupiter you know it feels great it’s a really feel good energy you know but you can be going over the top you can be you know we can be too excited about something or overextending ourselves or overreaching or overdoing so just be aware of that that if you find yourself overdoing things and that that’s causing problems you know is is uh take it down a little bit you know slow down a little bit promise less that way you can deliver more and if you do find that there’s any stumbling blocks this month for you that’s the universe protecting you from you because Aries you are a fire signing you the first fire sign and you love to get there first you love to start new things you love to blaze ahead and that’s awesome we also have to consider the timing of the world of other people that were involved with and we want that timing to be perfect for everyone divine timing for everyone and so the universe might put some mumbling blocks in your way to slow you down to keep you very present and so that you’re focusing on the day to day and not missing things because you’re so excited about the synergy and what’s happening anyway and you have a lot to be excited about here in February it’s a good month for you there’s a lot of positive energy happening with you and of course Valentine’s Day is the day before the Aquarius solar eclipse on the 15th and you know that ties into this month of love and and you know what’s happening with you and your love houses are on fire so you know for many of you you could be you know meeting someone new you could be involved with someone new for those of you that are single for those of you that are attached you know this is a wonderful time to do something new with your partner do something fun and unusual that you don’t normally do and you it could turn out really well now there is other energies going on in here at the time of the Aquarius solar eclipse as well as we have this Pisces strong effect going on with Neptune in Pisces Venus entered Pisces on the 10th and Mars is in Sagittarius and Mars and Venus are being squared or challenging each other at the time of the Eclipse and for the second part of February and Neptune is involved with this energy and so you know with Neptune challenging both Venus and Mars and it will go exact on Mars on the 17th be careful on that day because that can be you know a very strange energy you could be feeling very tired that day or you could be feeling very confused or you know not sure what’s going on that’s the Neptune effect and you know that can create discord as well as you know there’s this theme in here of perhaps betrayal for some where you know you know with Neptune challenging Venus and Mars the divine lovers you know Neptune is illusion and delusion deception when it challenges like this and so there could be you know some of this energy going on where someone’s not being forthright with you someone is not being completely honest with you and it could come out in a surprising way you find out in a surprising way because we’ve got this Aquarius Uranus energy as well and so you know just be aware of that it does go exact Venus does go exact with Neptune on the 21st now on the one hand that could be divine love that can be you know where you know you just feel like you’re you’ve met this twin flame or soulmate spiritual person in your life spiritual partner and absolutely can be that on the other hand it can also be where we’re being fooled Neptune can fool us and where we’re not seeing something and you know and so so for those of you that are attached to make sure you know because Venus is in that area of secret love affairs so be aware that if any of you are attached don’t get tempted to go off with someone else even if it feels you know really exciting and fun because you know that could come back to haunt you later and you don’t want that now another thing that’s happening here in February is it is the Chinese Lunar New Year on the 16th so the Aquarius solar eclipse also marks the beginning of the Chinese Lunar New Year and 2018 is the year of the dog that’s me I’m the dog and so you can google that and then you can figure out by your birthday the year you’re born what animal you are and what kind of year it will be for you based on the animal that you are it’s fun I think it’s fun to do and so that’s something that you could do and have fun with and you know just just a interesting month that we have going on here strong month for you Aries and there’s a lot of energy around creativity creative self expression working with others having fun with others and a powerful day for you too will be when Mars sextiles pluto at the end of the month so there is this energy in here with the Neptune and the Venus and the Mars which can be challenging and you know that’s going to be on you know the 4th through the 17th we got to watch it you know with these over the top things if something seems too good to be true do your homework and and don’t invest unless you know for sure that it’s right for you whether it’s your time your energy your heart your money and so on and the most favorable time of energy comes in here at the end of the month the 27th but it lasts through March 17th because we move out of this challenging Neptune what’s truth what’s a lie who’s telling the truth who’s who’s not you know what’s real what’s phony kind of energy they’ve got to navigate it you know but for you you know Mars is in that beautiful sister sign of yours and he’s sextiles pluto on the 20th which will give you incredible insight into anything that’s been going on all month so if there’s anything you’re trying to figure out you will know by the end of the month what’s really going on and what is best for you to invest and you know what’s going on with others you’ll absolutely know by the end of the month because it does get clearer see mercury has to clear Neptune and mercury is coupled with Neptune on the 25th and so Venus is coupled with Neptune on the 21st the Sun enters Pisces on the 18th and mercury enters Pisces on the 17th at the same time Mars is squared by Neptune on the 17th and that’s what I’m saying like it can get a little tricky in here especially because you’re so excited about all the good things happening for you in February and they are and you’re using this very positive Aquarius lunar solar eclipse which is all about new beginnings and that’s in the area of your goals that’s in the area of your hopes and wishes that’s in the area of your friends the money you make from the business you own or the money you make from the company work for and so you’ve got a lot going on you’re really focused on your future you’re all jazzed up we’re still in the new part of the new year rolling in the number two month and so you’re really excited about things and you have a lot to be excited about but there are some things that you have to navigate this month because of Neptune challenging our very personal planets especially Mars your ruling planet which can you know be confusing at times and you know that’s why if a roadblock comes up with you or a stumbling block that’s the universe protecting you from making a foolish choice or a foolish investment you know sometimes not getting what we want is a blessing in disguise because had we gone down that path could have blown up but if we’re still here because we can’t move we’re waiting for the opening and then the opening comes and then we go down that path and then you get something better than you could have possibly imagined because you waited right patience always pays off for fire signs I mean a patient pays off for everyone but especially fire signs because fire signs are the most impatient and so for single Ares this could be a month where it’s love at first sight instant traction and it could be amazing you could meet someone who’s at a distance from you you could meet someone who is a friend that becomes a lover who you’ve known but now you know something’s happening where you’re incredibly attracted to this person for those of you that are coupled you know have some serious fun together make sure that you are you know doing something unusual trying something out of the ordinary and scheduling fun together money is moving up for you money is increasing for you this month for some of you you could win the lottery for others of you there could be something exciting happening at the work front whether it’s the business you own or the company you’re working for or you get some very positive news about a bonus or a promotion or some sort of increase that happens for you here in February and it’s exciting you know with with Saturn you know in that area of career and destiny in the world and profession in the world you know if you’re working at it and diligently you know putting in the time to grow your business or improve the company you’re working for you will see positive results from your efforts especially by the end of the month when’s the Sun sextile Saturn that could be a breakthrough time for you on the 25th or the 28th or into the March timeframe you could find that you’re actually starting to make headway with the higher ups recognizing you and your talent and your abilities as well as if you own your own business finding that your attracting you know really good clients or patients or customers and you know with Saturn it’s always about improving our foundation improving our skills improving our techniques improving what we’re doing and that’s what brings us to a better place that’s what brings us to a promotion and to where you want to go so use that Saturn energy to you know blaze a new trail and you know move up in what you’re doing you know for some of you it could be about getting married this month for some of you you may be tying the knot and that’s exciting too that’s a change of status and that is quite possible this month you know with these energies the way they are and being in Eclipse season spiritually you know your soul is calling you to commune with source get out nature plan a fun vacation plan some sort of adventure make time for play and meditation and Recreation recreating yourself and when you do that you’re going to find that you’re creating that beautiful balance in your life where you’re focused on your prosperity and abundance but you’re also focused on living a great life and having love having well being and having fun and adventure so thank you for listening thank you for watching thank you for liking favoring sharing and Google+ in my videos Ares you’re rocking awesome thank you for subscribing you totally Rock and if you haven’t subscribed yet please do and if you would like to work with me those links are below in the show more section they’re also up in the cards so until next time Aries Wow it’s a month for you it is an amazing month trust your instincts.


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