Amazing $1,000,000 Winning Reaction – Winnings.Com Video

Winning the Lottery

How would you react if you won You can see how this couple reacted – especially the cute guy!.. We wish him all the best and good luck with his Winnings.. the team.

all right welcome back everybody you guys made friends during the break make friends of course you know if you’re within a thousand dollars of the attribute to prechew showcase you win the million dollars and whoever’s closest wins their showcase oh yeah win the million and both showcases so Erica you had the hybrid SUV you’ve been and all the Apple gear and everything but forty two thousand seven hundred dollars actual retail price Wow forty five thousand five hundred fifty four difference of two thousand eight hundred and fifty four dollars Adam you had the Cadillac convertible eighty three thousand four hundred seventy five dollars is what you bid actual retail price eighty four thousand three hundred fifty five a difference of a million bucks buddy right thank you what this is honey honey don’t forget to get the pets spayed and neutered it’s very important see you next time on The Price is Right bye bye.


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