Abraham: Winning The Lottery? Pt. 1 Of 2 – Esther & Jerry Hicks Video

Winning the Lottery

Part 2 is at: – Source Energy translated by Esther Hicks – responds to a question from a man who wants to know how to win the Lottery by giving a step-by-step guide to focusing and refining your thoughts in order to attract financial abundance.

This 2-part 21-minute presentation tells you just how to allow large amounts of money to come to you, not only in in the form of a winning lottery ticket, but also through any avenue where your expectation has raised your set point so that you are a match to what you want.

Recorded in the 5/15/10 Vortex of Attraction Workshop in Atlanta, Georgia.

Esther & Jerry Hicks have been creating and distributing the Abraham material for nearly 25 years, and are the of numerous audio recordings, videos, and books based on the Teachings of Abraham. Their books routinely make the New York Times bestseller list, and their latest book – entitled “The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships” – is also available in CD and DVD forms.

Esther explains that Abraham (no relation to the Biblical figure) is analogous to her “Inner Being” or “Soul”, and that she has learned to translate impulses from this Non-Physical energy using her own vocabulary. Esther doesn’t prefer to use the word “channeling” to describe her process, but understands if others do.

For more information, please view our YouTube video entitled “Ask And It Is Given”, or go to our YouTube channel main and watch any of the dozens of videos there. Or, you go to our Abraham-Hicks at and listen to the audio entitled “Introduction To Abraham”, or browse the wealth of other information also available there.

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Abraham Hicks Presents.Abraham:

Winning the Lottery?Part 1 of 2Feels good to know what you knowdoesn’t it?Can’t you the resonanceof all of that?Can’t you feelthe fullness of who you are?Don’t you loveletting them all off the hook?Don’t you like lettingyourself off the hook?Thank you. I feel exceptionally privilegedto be sitting here. It’s a good conversationabout to happen. Many years ago. I had a dream that. I would win the lottery.

You just did.I feel that. And I would definitely like to do soimmediately today. The jackpot is uh 93 million dollars todayand I would like to have that happen. Today. The thing about that isyou can’t get there from there. You can’twant something that you don’t haveand be a vibrational match to it.

You have to be what you wantand then you can have it.In other wordsyou have to feelprosperityequivalent to your request. So. . . First of alljackpot?What an interesting word. It impliesbig 93 million is.

It It impliesrare.It impliesunlikely. Doesn’t usually feel like the next logical

step. The bigness of itgives you away. In other wordsif you said. Universe I could sure use more moneythere’s very little discordin that vibration and if you offeredthat sentiment oftenuntil you came to expect itso that your words naturally morphed to. Universe I certainly could use more money.

I certainly expect more moneyto flow to me In that soft non resistant expectationmore money would begin flowing to you.But when you say. Universe. I know that there’s thisincredibly largeunderstood by almost no onepile of money sitting over thereand I would like it to come into my pilethe vibrational discord is so hugethat you can tell by the way you feelwhen you talk about itthat while you might occasionallycome into the arena of hopefulnessthat mostly you don’t expect thateven as you offer the words. And we’ve never known anyonewho could hype their words up enoughto make that vibrational jump. Universe you could make it up to me. You could give me this jackpotand you could make it all right.

And we sayit doesn’t work that way.You’ve got to bechronically over herein the vibration of Well Beingand when you arethe Universe will say. Well here’s a way, well here’s a waywell here’s a way, well here’s a way. When you’re in the Vortex This idea, this ideathis idea, this idea And it is not inconceivablein fact it is completely conceivablethat when you hang around in the Vortexand you’re feelingtuned in, tapped in, turned onyou could be inspiredto stop at the Seven Elevenand inspired to the timing of the ticketand inspired to buying the ticketthat is the winning of the lottery. But you’ve got to be in the Vortexto do thatand you don’t do thatjust all of a sudden. You’ve got to get in the Vortex. The Vortex has to be familiar to youand the thing that’s so interestingabout that isyou tune yourselfto the frequency of the Vortexand you’re not saying.

I want to win the jackpotyou’re sayingmoney is flowing to me in abundanceit comes in as fast as it can go out.I have no need for moneymoney is flowing in. It’s like air. I breathe it in and I breathe it outand I breathe it in and I breathe it outand I breathe it in and I breathe it out. In and out. In and out. In and out.

It just comes to me naturally you see.You’ve got to get into the Vortexand then the Vortex gives youeverything that you needto figure it out as you go. So. . . Do you believe in thevalidity of this Vortex?Absolutely. Do you believe thatyou were and are Source Energyeven thoughyou are in this physical body?I do.

Do you believe thatas you have been living this lifethat you have made a very powerful claimto a veritable fortune?I do.And do you believethat it’s queued up for you?That it’s there with your name on it?That it’s already assignedto your bank account?That it’s there for youand no one can get it away from you?I do. Do you believethat there is no risk at allin this moneythat has been amassed for you?DO you believethat it is there risk free?I do. And do you understandwhat the requirement isfor you to make claim on your fortune?No. Well you’re nearly therebecause everything that you said yes tomeans you’re making claim to it. In other wordsyou know that you put it thereand you know that it’s there for youand you knowthat the Source within you is tending itand you knowthat it is a vibrational Universeand you knowthat you are a vibrational beingand you knowthat you can find the vibration of itand you knowthat Law of Attraction never gets squirrely. You knowthat Law of Attraction will give youexactly what you’re asking forand you know that it’s queued up for youand you know that you’ve got to bea cooperative component to that.

In other wordsall you’ve got to dois get in the Vortex.That’s the requirement. You’ve got to get in thereknow that you’re in thereand frequent that place often. You’ve got topractice the feeling of prosperityeven though the dollarsthat are in your current bank accountmay not reflect the 94 millionthat’s on its way to you. You have to takethe emotional journey thereeven before you’ve takenthe financial journey. And that’s the thingthat most peoplehave a very difficult time doingbecause most peoplelet their vibrationbe completely in response tothe life that they are observingand that’s the part thatyou have to work on. Exactly.

That’s the part that’s tricky.So. You just begin changing your dialogue. You make friends with where you are. You make friendswith the life that you’ve livedthat gave you the wherewithalto want that kind of money. In other wordsyou’ve lived a lot of life. You’ve lived a lot of contrast.

You’ve been asking and asking and asking.And we’re not kidding youand you’re not kidding us eitherwhen you saythat you are wanting to lay claimto this fortune that you’ve put there. We’re all in complete agreementabout that. The only thingthat we’re not in agreement with yetis that we know that it’s yoursand we know you can findaccess to itand you don’t know that yetbecause you haven’t practiced it enoughto know itbecauseyou’re still human being that you are you’re lettingthe evidence that manifestsbe the criteria that makes you believe. We’re letting what’s in your Vortexbe the criteria that makes us believeyou see. Oh I believe it. I know that there is a gapand somewhere in between that gapis precisely is a practice This is good dialogue.

I believe that it’s there.I believethat there’s a gap in my expectation. I believe that there’s a gapin my expectation. I believe that I can close the gapin my expectation. I believe that my emotions are my keyto closing the gap in my expectation. I believe that hopefulis in the vicinity of the Vortex. I believe that believingis inside the Vortex.

I believe that knowingis in the Vortexin a chronic consistent enough way.I believethat I have access to these dollars. I believe that these dollarsare there for me. I believe that there’s a path to themthat will be an easy path for me. I believe that the pathis through the Vortex. I believe the pathis through my emotions. I believe the path is throughthe alignment with Source Energythat is really the larger part of me.

I believe that my emotionstell me truly.I believe that when I’m frustrated. I’m not there. I believe that when I’m hopeful. I’m closer. I believe that when I’m happy I’m there. I believe that when I appreciate.

I’m there.I believethat when I make peace with what is. I’m there. I believe that when I appreciatethe process of my lifethat caused me to put this solution therethat I’m there. I love every struggle that I’ve livedbecause that’s been the fodderthat put this there. I believethat the Well Being that I’ve livedand the Well Beingthat hasn’t felt so much like Well Beinghas put it there for me. I know that I’m the creatorof my own reality.

I know that these things are true.I know that I get to livethe manifestational versionof all of that. I believe that I can livethe manifestational versionof that. I think there’s evidenceall over this planetof people who stoodright where I’m standingin terms of financeswho had a Vortex just like I dothat was all queued up for themand they just found the way in. And I don’t have to findthe identical way in. I don’t have to run aroundand look for peopleand say How did you get your money?

How did you get your money?How did you get your money?because it’s different for every one of usbut one thing is a common denominatorabout anyonewho has succeeded in anythingthat they have been reaching for They found a way to bea vibrational matchto what they were asking for. And that’s all I’ve got to do.

That’s the piece I’m looking for.When you come backfrom segment of refreshmentwe’ll talk more about thisbecause there isan active vibration in the room Everyone is wanting to figure outhow to finda vibration of more abundanceand we want to show youhow the abundancethat you have put into your Vortex Talk about a jackpot. Talkabout a jackpot. If you could seethe veritable fortunethat you have gatheredthat is vibrationally queued up for youthat you have immediate access to But it’s not through actionit’s through the emotional journeyand once you train yourselfinto vibrational alignmentwith the energy of your Vortexuntil it feels more normalto expect good thingsthan to expect bad thingsuntil it feels more normalto feel prosperous than to feel shortage. It feels normal. You’ve got to practicethe feeling of normalcy. And the tricky thing ishow can I feel somethingthat I don’t have evidence to support?And that really will be the subjectof this afternoon’s discussion.

How can I train my vibrationapart from the realitythat I’m observingto comply with the realitythat I’m creating.That is deliberate creatingat its best. Good time for segment of lunch. . .

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