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you see I think it’s crazy most people are still living a working way of life that evolved thousands of years ago even though the world has completely changed in the past 40 years of course the jobs themselves have changed they’ve evolved they’ve become more modern but the way that people trade their time for money hasn’t progressed at all for the few people rehab move at the times their lives have been completely revolutionized by having the time and financial freedom to do the things they love because they let the computers do the hard work for them there are now 3 point 7 billion people on the internet yet less than 100 the 1% of them earn an income online this is the fastest the most fundamental shift in the history of mankind yet hardly anyone seems to be paying attention and very few people are adapting to this change technological automation is a major factor in this change many of the mundane jobs are our parents and grandparents we have done already starting to be replaced by automation everything from financial advisors to retail workers and even taxi drivers in our starting to lose their jobs you can even go on to a website now put in a few details and get fully legal contract drawn up with just a few clicks how many paralegals have been proud of work by that website but by the same token you can go onto the internet and get a website built with a bit of hard work and that website can start selling products for you online as an affiliate earning an income for you 24 hours a day seven days a week even while you’re asleep it’s just about knowing what to do and where to go there was a major study published recently they predicted that 30 percent of all jobs are under threat from automation in only the next 15 years which when you think about it really isn’t it very long time what will you do to provide for your family if your job is made obsolete and for the lucky few whose jobs aren’t replaced there’s many things to consider populations are increasing salaries are decreasing versus inflation standards of living a falling cost of living arising just sitting still or plotting along is no longer the safe option but fortunately there is a better way what automation can be a bad thing it can also be a very good thing when it comes to generating an income in a traditional working lifestyle that most people live you do some work and then you get paid for that work and if you want to earn more money you either need to do more work or get a promotion but even with the promotion you’re only ever going to get a very small increase if you want to earn two or three times as much money you need to duplicate yourself two or three times which of course just is impossible in this digital age copy and paste is a well known thing we will do it every day and so the secret to earning a scalable income is to generate an automated process that earns an income that you can duplicate now that all sounds quite complicated but it’s actually a relatively straightforward process to set up when you know what to do anyone can learn how to do it it doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve got or how good you are computers or how old you are it just takes a bit of hard work and determination I myself found out about this for an I was watching a video on and the dreaded video ad popped up and I reached to skip the video ad but I stopped because this video was of a guy walking on a beach in Thailand and he was talking about how he had set up an online business selling other people’s products as an affiliate earning high ticket commissions for every cell that he made and now he was able to work from anywhere in the world as long as he had a laptop and an internet connection and this really struck a chord with me so I click the link in his advert and it took me through to his website were entered some details and then I got sent a 7 day video series and I’m really glad I did because those videos changed my life forever the videos tell me all about the six figure mentors which were an online training academy specifically set up to help people to transition into the digital economy they’re great set up and they have some brilliant people behind it and even give me the products to sell so you can earn only learn but to obviously the I found it wasn’t really about the money in the end it was more about the amazing community and the friends you make and the personal development that you experienced as you go through the training and when I tell people about this they immediately have a million different doubts about it being a scam or that they wouldn’t be able to do it for a number of different reasons like they don’t know how to do online marketing don’t know how to build a website that they’re too old or it’s just not the sort of thing they would normally do that kind of thing and you know what I get it it’s quite a mind blowing thing to get your head around when you first find out about it it’s quite a big jump for people to make and I think that is why a lot of people don’t end up doing it but for those people who do those doubts become very easy to overcome especially when you start to understand the community of the sfm and how they can help you to overcome those issues and to develop the business and to become the person you want to become you just need to choose to do it to make a change in your life and to to go for that better lifestyle so I often say to people once I’ve explained all of this that this is your alternate reality moment are you going to take the proverbial blue pill and go back to daily grind trading your time for money and forget all of this ever happened or are you going to take the red pill and open your eyes to what’s really possible out there and to realize your true potential so if anyone watching this video would like to learn how they can set up an online business and earn a scalable income click the link somewhere in this video and that will take you through to my website where you can put in some details and I will send you the very same seven part video series that I was sent that changed my life forever and I really hope it could do the same for you too I look forward to welcoming everyone on the other side thank you.


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