Abraham Hicks ~ How To Win The Lottery Jackpot Video

Winning the Lottery

“If thoughts create…then how do people attract negative events they have never thought about?” available at more information on the teachings of Abraham please visit

For a discussion on the law of attraction and/or assistance in putting the teachings of Abraham to work in your life please visit.

hi there do you feel like you were created for more than the life that you’re currently living do you long to live in a place of passion and purpose commute you don’t know how to get there because you’re too constrained by your obligations and things need and all the people that rely on you if so I want to help you because the truth is you have a specific gifting and calling that’s been addressed to you and it’s not just for you it’s not just meant to enrich your life but it’s meant to enrich and touch many lives countless lives and until you live in that place of destiny and purpose you won’t know the consummate peace and satisfaction that we were intended to know in this life don’t waste it right we’ve got one opportunity at life and worse yet if you’re a family person you’re missing out on memory making opportunities by living a life of obligation instead of living a life of purpose and passion we sort of living your life of destiny let me help you tap into your potential and then turn that potential into an online buy over business the beautiful thing about doing business online is that you’re not constrained by time and location you might not be passionate about the internet you might not be passionate about working online and that’s totally okay neither am i but you will be passionate about leveraging something that affords you the freedom of time and location to do the things that you actually love this is a lot more than just doing business this is about freedom in life to do the things that you were intended to do to be the person that you were created to be click the link on the screen it’ll take you to a simple signup form on my website it’s just your settings add your email address and I will send you the first of seven videos again these videos will introduce you to the most cutting edge principles of doing online business today check them out and then reach out to me ask me questions we can set up a free one to one side Carl whatever email me I’m here for you and I want to answer your questions life is too short to waste on the life that you were not intended to live thanks so much take care.


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