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Winning the Lottery

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and are you refreshed good you’re ready to continue yeah so tell us about winning the lottery it will feel extraordinarily good it would it would future tense and our question is going to be better this time what does it feel like to be a vibrational match to winning the lottery feel the difference what would it feel like if something that hasn’t happened would happen what does it feel like to be in a place of something happening there’s a distinction that is important so what does it feel like to be in the vibrational vicinity of winning the lottery what does that feel like what does that feel like how do how do you feel being there it feels that I’m there and I’m capable of doing anything they don’t want capable of doing anything that I want feel how this feels I’m capable of doing anything that I haven’t done before I’m capable there’s a little defiance in that can you feel it I’m capable I deserve it it’s defiant what does it feel like to be there it would feel still still feels future tense doesn’t it would feel because you see you’ve been you and everybody else just about have been facing reality so it doesn’t feel like the place you are it feels like the place that you want to be but it feels to you like you need to win the lottery and then you’ll be there but that’s that isn’t the way the law of attraction works you’ve got to vibrationally be there and then the means comes so try to describe what it feels like to be in that vibrational vicinity can you feel what we’re getting at if I need it I’m not there if I want it I might be there if I’m justifying it I’m for sure not there if I’m appreciating it I’m there if I expect it I’m there if I need it to compensate for something I’m not there in other words you have to find a way of working the kinks out of your own vibration you have to vibrationally be there most people say Abraham I want to be over there and we say well tell us what it’s like to be over there and they say I can’t I’m over here which is just about what just happened well but what would it like to be over there well I don’t know give me the jackpot and I’ll tell you later you have to stop doing the thing you do that keeps you from being there and that thing that you do that keeps you from being there is a practice thing how do you feel about people who are magnificently well it’s just a different word how do you feel about people who are excessively wealthy as powerful as living the life that is capable of living their life that they want really good answers how how do you feel about really really rich people it’s important because you’re telling us you want to be one sure if you want to be one then you gotta really appreciate those who are that and most people don’t most people say we’ll all be different when I’m rich I’ll be rich but I’ll be nice but they’re rich and not so nice and we say there’s a vibrational discord going on in there isn’t there some some kinks that have to be worked out in other words you can’t need and and be in a place of desire at the same time there are different frequencies you can’t ask a question and have an answer at the same time they’re different frequencies you can’t be aware of not enough money and be in a place of receiving plenty of money they’re different frequencies so you have to practice the frequency and then the winning lottery ticket comes into your experience you see so what does it feel like to be in the vibrational place of large amounts of money flowing through your creative experience what’s that like feels great it feels like a great relief from a lot of burdens all right now see there it is now you’re right but burden is the operative word in other words burdens what’s active you’re trying to overcome a burden and we started there today you can’t overcome a burden because the burden gets bigger when you look at the burden so you have to not do that at all so we’re just gonna keep harassing you so are you gonna get it in lump sum absolutely all right now now we want to talk about this because if you are ready what do you do with that kind of money is there a bank you could put it in certainly really sure and how much do they insure your money for in that bank two hundred fifty thousand that is correct but there are other investment vehicles that I could certainly like real estate bonds equities derivatives there’s a plethora of investment vehicles that I could invest in I’m very well capable of handling that type of money we believe you we believe you and so do you don’t you the nothing protest as he spoke that to you was he in the vortex or out so just in this short conversation you went from someone who was not a vibrational match because it’s something that you feel that you deserve or that you need and it would relieve burden to someone who owns it who feels it who knows what to do with it just that much conversation shifted the vibration of your being significantly now you’re inside the vortex the the money is yours and we want to say to you it is we are not kidding you even a little bit the work is done the work is done now what you must do in order to have the manifestation of it is you got to get in the vortex and hang around there for a while but you don’t have to stay long in order to get the feeling of it and this is the peace that we so want you to hear if we have convinced you of the reality of this vortex and if we have convinced you of the rightness of what you’ve put there and the claim that you have laid on it because it would not exist if it were not for you and if you have not put it there in other words it’s there and it’s real if we’ve convinced you of that then just knowing that has to give you ease just knowing it has to make you proud just knowing that has to make you strong and sure just knowing that has to make you feel more alive just knowing what you’ve done because we know what you have done and we are conveying what you’ve done if you can know what you’ve put there and if you can know what you have done and you can lay emotional claim to it by feeling the exhilaration that you can see and you can feel that we feel we’re not kidding you about this can you feel the realness of what we know about what you’ve done we’re not just making this up we are reflecting back to you the realness of what you have done and when you know it even to the slightest degree that we know it now it must manifest for you but we don’t want you to get in the vortex to make it manifest we want you to get into the vortex because we want you to feel like this so people say how you do and you say I got my vortex what does that mean means plenty means everything it means everything it’s life it’s Who I am it’s why I’m here it’s what I’m about don’t just go flapping off to other people about it who don’t get it because they’ll just think you’re crazy but when you know it when you know it as you know it now and you get in there and whatever way you can so you’re having a good moment Jerry and Esther we’re driving they stopped at a rest stop in the monster bus and as they were pulling out a man was getting out of one of the 18 wheelers who was stopped and as Esther looked at him she smiled broadly at him and he gave her both thumbs up both thumbs up in appreciation of that beautiful monster bus both thumbs up and Esther she could not smile a big enough smile back at him and she wanted to turn on the loudspeaker that she doesn’t have what she wants take the CB and say to him this too shall be yours in other words anytime anytime you give two thumbs up to anything and you feel that way in that moment you’re in the vortex you are lined up with what you’ve put there you see we have enjoyed this immensely there is great love here for you and as always we remain blissfully and eternally in the vortex.


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