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Winning the Lottery

Abraham Hicks – Esther Explains How To Win The Lottery

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something more I have a question but I don’t know if that’s if that’s even real how do I win the jackpot well you see we love this conversation so much it’s harder to win the jackpot when you want to win the jackpot for this reason now of course you can win the jackpot but what makes it more difficult when you have your eye upon the jackpot is that you have an awareness of not winning the jackpot that has your momentum going that way at the same time that you have desire to win the jackpot in other words the importance of the conversation that you just gave to us is that since you had no intention that was muddied by belief there were only engines going this way and that’s why things kept up folding in such a positive way for you so now having a good time with people around the table getting to know them having a wonderful time momentum momentum momentum nothing going this way momentum momentum momentum so much so that without any conversation even you all ended up at the same place momentum momentum momentum so much so that you managed to have such good timing that when you walked through and received those tickets they were the winning tickets the results of momentum momentum momentum now let’s take the same conversation relative to the jackpot feeling really good feeling really good want to win the jackpot what to win the jackpot why do they call it a jackpot because it’s hard it’s the big win you see what we’re getting at and so can you feel how in this conversation even about yourself that when you want something that you have beliefs about we know it must seem odd what we want to say is just let everything wonderful surprise and delight you just know that it’s in the vortex and just live happily ever after and let the jackpot surprise you that doesn’t have to be that way but you all try too hard are and says I’m really trying I’ve put a lot of effort in to thinking positive thoughts but the thing is when you’re thinking about a subject that you have momentum going the other way about when you activate it’s like the stick that has two ends on it wanted and unwanted when you activate that subject you activate it where it is and so how can I win the hard to win jackpot how can i clarify my unclear mind and win the unwinnable jackpot engines piling up going in two directions but I’m living happily ever after things are really going my way I’m really enjoying myself I’m meeting lots of lovely people I’m following my bliss engines engines engines engines all going that way that way that way that way jackpot so maybe yeah for sure what we want to say to you is let’s get clear about what the real jackpot is the real jackpot is alignment consistent alignment and then other meaningful things will appear or be realized by you that make sense to you so you find not focusing anything I want it’s just let it unfold it out and playful well let’s be clear about this you through life focused your vortex into being and by wanting to feel good focused yourself into alignment so there is focus but the idea of really thinking about what you want the rule of thumb is if there’s some doubt involved the more thinking about it you do the more engines of doubt you add on to the Train Law of Attraction is so annoying but it is that way and so if you think about the things that you already feel good about then the momentum is there the momentum is there the momentum is there the momentum is there and then you receive the idea so your timing is good because jackpot is all about timing it’s all about timing it’s all about timing and timing is all about alignment it’s not about struggle it’s all about timing and alignment all about timing which is about alignment so let’s take this opportunity to really help you all understand what we just said because it seems counterintuitive to you since you have been physically focused for a while an action oriented for a while it seems that if you don’t try nothing happens it seems that effort makes things happen but in the vibrational world that is really the dominant world that you live in effort in and of itself implies resistance so anytime effort feels required you can be certain that there is some resistance in the mix now if you’re talking about pulling the heavy object from one place to another and you’re working in a physical example where you want to drag that heavy microphone over to another place especially since it’s all taped down then the more effort that you apply to it the more likelihood you would have of dragging the microphone across the stage to another place but we’re not talking about physical manifestation we’re talking about the movement of energy and when effort is required there is always an indication that there is resistance in the mix and so your work is to release the resistance not to apply more effort does that make sense to you now of course you can apply more effort but then you get all stressed out then you sleep and when you sleep you release resistance and momentum stops so we’re just showing you a much easier way don’t let this practice you have of efforting translate into energy because it just doesn’t work that way it really is for most people a train that way a train that way a train that way a train toward desire a train toward doubt a train to ward desire a train to ward out till you’ve got this tug of war going on within you and if you could just release those thoughts just release the resistant thoughts then your desire would carry you swiftly so when you think about what we just said to you in this example and then you superimpose it over that night at dinner there wasn’t any effort in going on there was no struggle there was no trying to convince anyone of anything there was no work on changing beliefs it was just little blissful blissful blissful blissful no resistance in the mix and look what happened so it’s the same isn’t it nice to have an experience like that that is so vivid and so obvious and that you understand so well and doesn’t it seem easy to replicate it again and again and again and again so we have some questions for you do you believe that your jackpot and other wonderful things are in your vortex yes and do you believe that your inner being knows where everything is and the best timing for all of it they do that I would like to be notified you know when to go so you just said to us I do believe that they know I believe that they know but I would like to be in the receptive mode so that when they’re telling me something I hear it so we want you to know we’re always notifying you the question is are you in the receptive mode and are you picking up on the notification if you’re in a non remove you’re not if you’re worried about something you’re not if you’re feeling like things aren’t working things are impossible then you’re not but if you’re blissful and playful and open and happy then the impulse calls you just like it did to that table and then from that table to another place you see the notification is always being sent to you the question is are you receiving it and sometimes the notification is not quite yet not quite yet not quite yet look over there instead look over there instead come over here instead come over here instead come now look boom helpful very helpful if Esther will ever want to translate anything into Chinese I’ll be available seven or eight books already there are you aware of them yes do they make sense yes it would be helpful if you would read them and let her know if those books say what she thinks they say yeah and it’s transmitting or receiving vibrations from you and all these people so and is it true that you see everybody’s vibration and understand who they are because of their vibrations do you see me as a vortex type of thing in your we see you through Esther’s eyes as you see Esther standing here but we also see the energy that surrounds you with any of you that’s the way we choose you from the art in other words if you’ve got a strong desire you have a tendency to light up if you’ve got a strong desire with not much resistance then you really light up if you have a strong desire and strong resistance we see you but we know it’s going to be trouble when you get here sorry okay uncle Oh before you go we want to chew on this just a little bit because you’re bringing up some really important things because you are the creator of your own reality which means you are a vibrational offer which means you are a vibrational offer and Law of Attraction is responding to your vibrational output if you are a deliberate creator then you are deliberate about what you output if you are creating by default then you’re sloppy in your output if you are deliberate creator you look where you mean to look if you are sloppy or creator by default then you look sort of everywhere and you become accustomed to a lot of different vibrations so you ask a really important question a moment ago when you said do I bring those people into my life in order to put more into my vortex and we said yes you do but we also want to say you bring people into your vicinity often not meaning to by your awareness or your observation of them and so that’s why when we said you’ve got let’s say you have this intentionality going on you have this desire going on and then someone comes into your experience that sort of breaks the flow of that well the reason they came into your experience is more often because you’ve been sloppy in your thinking then because they’re going to help you to do this of course they’re going to help you do this because every bit of contrast helps you to launch more but we wanted to demonstrate by this train analogy that it’s time for you all to start cleaning up your vibration of course contrast is of value but it’s getting a little old to say well I guess I needed that you don’t need as much contrast as you are bringing to your experience you have your nose in too many places that you don’t really mean for it to be and so let it be the happiness level that lets you know how you’re doing you see because when you’re really going and blowing when you’re really flowing we want to turn your attention to this turning these thoughts to things when the idea comes to you and it feels exhilaration you got the idea and you know it’s a good one and then you turn around and you have an impulse to do something to go somewhere to say something to be somewhere and as you follow that and things are popping popping popping very often under those conditions that’s when a contrasting experience will come and those are the contrasting experiences that you have attracted in order to bring further clarity did you follow that those are the contrasting experiences when you’re really storing and then something comes and those are the ones that don’t feel like Oh what has happened to me those feel like oh clarification oh something to think about they don’t feel like some devastating thing you’re following us so we want this gathering the whole time that we are together if it is to be of its greatest advantage to you we want it to be about focus and momentum mostly because you can’t get it wrong you are surrounded by enough that your vortex is full enough to keep you busy for twenty or thirty years in other words you really don’t need any life changing new things added to your vortex you’re just fine tuning you see and so at this stage of your evolution both your physical expansion in this body and your evolution in terms of understanding of this law of attraction information it’s time for you to put all of your attention upon step 3 upon tuning and tapping in turning on on the way you feel emotional awareness emotional awareness attitudinal awareness that’s what you want to be thinking about you want to be thinking about how you feel how do I feel when I say that how do I feel when I hear that how do I feel how do I feel as I move through life experience how am I feeling how am I feeling how am I feeling how am i feeling how am I feeling how am i feeling how am I feeling how am I feeling the only thing that matters is how am I feeling narcissist how am I feeling how am I feeling how am I feeling how am i feeling how am I feeling that’s the only thing that matters is how you’re feeling because how you’re feeling is everything about your relationship with the vortex and your relationship with your vortex is everything about whether you’re living happily ever after or not we really want you to understand that you don’t have to go out looking for contrast in order to launch rockets of desire you’re launching them all over the place plenty of rockets of desire time to line up with them.


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