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Winning the Lottery

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thank you I want to ask a question about reality and I’ve had a couple of experiences recently that made me think I was hallucinating okay I was buying some scratch tickets and a couple of times I’ve gotten $100 winners and I’d really enjoy that feeling in it and this winter I was scratching a ticket and the numbers matched and I don’t scratch the prize amount because I don’t want to see what I’m not getting I only scratch it when I’ve matched a number and I can see what I’m getting and it was $10,000 and I got this electrical feeling over me you know in the feeling and I said oh my god and and I sort of didn’t focus on the ticket and then when I look back the numbers didn’t match and I said oh i hallucinating a stake and come on well if if Esther can have the dream she had she she would like to call it hallucination when you’re inside the vortex in other words when you get tuned in you do begin to see things as you want them to be and if you see things as you want them to be vividly enough then the universe must deliver them as you want them to be in other words we’re not kidding you that when you have that sort of vision and it was people call it it religiously speaking when you have a vision is a good thing but psychologically speaking when you have a hallucination it’s a bad thing and we say when you have when when you interpret the future through vision and it sends that electricity now that electricity they went through you that was confirmation that was source energy confirmation that you were in alignment and so what if that’s not the ticket on which the alignment took place but I’m wondering could it be that the ticket actually changed because I didn’t what I like we will say definitely to you that it was not that you had one and then you were incapable of accepting it so the numbers changed right before you okay that’s not what happened what happened was you saw it as you want it to be you saw as you practiced it to be you saw it the way the source within you sees it and when the source within you sees it and you see what this is this is a really good example we’ve been talking about this vortex that is attracting all cooperative components so here you are wanting to win hoping to win and you’re actually not desperate or anything close to it you’re playing a game it’s entertainment for you of course you would like to win and of course those dollars are in your vibrational reality and so here you were on this playful edge of hopefulness and so the vortex just took you in and for a moment you saw it the way you want it to be the way it is on the inside of your vortex but it once you’re in there believing next time that happens the numbers won’t change back you see it’s just an opportunity to realize and the the visceral feeling that’s the thing that we want you to take away from this you had an experience where you felt the physical sensation of sort of being jerked into alignment with who you really are and it felt like an electrical shock I remember as a child I once touched it outlet I got this electrical shock felt like that when Esther first allowed us to flow through her in those early days she explained it feels like I’ve got my toe in a light socket because she was not up to speed with our energy and but they were summoning it and she was close enough that she could access us but she wasn’t right on the frequency and so there was a lot of convulsing her feet were kicking around she was sitting down she was holding on to the chair for dear life they have videos which you will never see all this amazing experience and it was like electrical shock only because she was not up to speed with it and even after that for a while it felt like swooning when Abraham would come and it was incredibly disorienting to Esther because of this mixture of the energy as she was getting up to speed with us to see and the longer she blends and the more she allows it then the more steady this interpretation feels to her but it’s it’s like that in the beginning and that’s not to say that you aren’t in the vortex often on other subjects but it is to say on that subject of dollars coming to you in that way you’re not really in alignment because it’s a game to you it’s chance and you know too much about the odds and so your knowledge is preventing you from being up to speed if you could forget everything you know if you were if you were someone who just said yeah you go down and you just pay how much for the ticket $2 $5 whatever just pay a little bit of money for the ticket they give you a ticket you just scratch this off and then they give you a lot of money how does this game work well you just give them a little you scratch some things and then they give you a lot of money that work really are you hearing us back there wander of the car when you focus her pure focuser the one who focuses so easily and finds that pure place when you if you could innocently innocently meaning you haven’t introduced any resistance to the equation when you innocently see when you just purely meekly ringing any bells want something it comes but when you are so smart do you know the odds of this I get stubborn and I want to make it happen and I and I went and it’s never well that making it happen is that trying to control the uncontrollable which the room but but it’s alright to be determined about being in the vortex in other words and there’s a little stubbornness in that too in other words just Esther said to Jerry I’m in the vortex and I’m not coming out I’m in the vortex and I’m not coming out don’t make me come out don’t make me come out she’s being playful about it and when she comes out no one’s happy everyone everywhere want bester to stay in the vortex everyone who knows her wants her to stay in there I had another experience it’s like this and I tried to get back to that and I can’t get make myself get back to it but um well say it say it differently we know that this is conversation for clarification but say it differently I am looking forward to getting back to it is much less resistant and I can’t get back to it I can’t get back to it it’s just nailing your feet to the floor I can’t get back to it I want to but I can’t I want to but I can’t get back to it and and words don’t matter but they are descriptive of how you feel so if you say I can’t get back to it then that’s how you feel got to change that feeling and isn’t there a difference in the feeling I can’t get back to it I can’t do it and I want to yes I’m looking forward to it or it’s going to be kind of fun when it happens and I don’t exactly know how it’s going to come when it’s going to come where it’s going to come from who’s going to help it but I like the idea of it coming feel feel how much less resistant that is and when I let go these things when you let go it comes yeah I had the sensation of laughing when I was thinking going by a supermarket and I thought of a scratch ticket scratch tickets in my life I thought of a scratch ticket a type of one and I and I I wasn’t going to the supermarket and I was thinking but it started me laughing when I thought about it so I pulled in want to follow I’m trying to do the Abraham thing fall at one end and there’s the tickets and I buy four or five of them they’re losers and the sixth one was $500 and and I stopped and I said that’s that’s what I realized so what so what’s that tell you so laughing was your indication of alignment yes laughing was your indication of being in the vortex the idea that was occurring to you in the middle of all of that was an impulse that you were wise enough to follow now you because I was laughing is the reason I followed the impulse and we would say it’s really hard to sort all of that out in other words you had an impulse in other words the laughing is is alignment in other words when you’re feeling like that it’s alignment so now you take that away and you say next time I have that jovial uplifted free no no risk light hearted feeling it means I’m on the track of something anytime see that when we talk so you went in now this is this is wonderful this is a perfect opportunity to talk about the two ways you know about your guidance one is when it manifests and we said we call that post manifestation allah wareness the other is by the way it felt in this situation you’ve got both of them right there in other words you have the post manifestation awareness of something that you wanted that happened and you had the pre manifestation of awareness of something that was laughing and felt good yay yes isn’t that a wonderful thing to know so never again now you’ve got that hold that feeling hold that feeling and now what were those words that you said earlier something about I don’t know how to get there focus you do know you do know don’t you you just have to focus I know I knew that so I know everything I knew that so I know everything that was the perfect example which is milking it for you that was a perfect example you say that was a perfect example of me having something in my vortex the source within me knew the past knew exactly how to cause the rendezvous because creation is rendezvous I rendezvous with that grocery store at that time for those purchases knew exactly how many tickets I needed to purchase in that moment it was a sixth one you bought six and it was number six you know exactly how many tickets you need to purchase in order to in order to have it if if somebody else had beat you there first you might have only needed to purchase one or if you’ve gotten there earlier you might have had to purchase twenty or thirty you have the info you knew exactly how many you needed to purchase because the vortex was calling you and when you’re in the vortex you just know you just know no one was speaking even your ear you didn’t look and the number six appeared on the palm of your hand in blood it’s not anything drought that dramatic is just you just you just knew you just follow the light good feeling trail it’s always a light good feeling trail that leads you to the love of your life to the winning ticket to whatever it’s always a light good feeling feeling it’s never ah turn that not right you’ll die if you go right it’s never like that in other words it’s always a light good feeling feeling I have another positive light good feeling feeling about something but again it’s about reality is it and I’ve had dreams about it and not daydreams of flying like being able to levitate to help and do things and I’m thinking that’s like so outside reality they said you know they block my help of I told these but here this you see that say that’s a vibrational manifestation it’s a dream manifestation that is an indication of how you’re feeling in other words that dream is not telling you that you’re going to fly that dream is telling you that you feel free yes say and then when you feel free you fly in your dreams you see and if you are flying around in your body you wouldn’t like it because first of all you’d be a freak and people would be looking at you some would be trying to shoot you down your life would not be what you want it to be and all of that attention would ground you anyway you see you want to fly in your dreams I really do thank you very much thank you you.


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