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Winning the Lottery

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hi we are I want to talk want to talk about money i think i just love money there’s a lot of things i want to do and i just really excited about life and wanting to go places and there’s just that little money part that I think I’m close to the vortex but somehow I thought maybe if I try for a lottery but that might be the way to go but then there’s the resistance part of being in all the time and seeing the lottery change all the time and not know into to go and buy a ticket well you’re making it more complicated than it needs to be because all day every day you put your request in to your vortex no the only thing that is keeping you from having the money that you requested is your awareness that it isn’t there yet so it’s so so you have to find a way of distracting yourself from what isn’t working in other words you have to find a way of distracting yourself from your awareness as the money isn’t there now as you can you can’t vibrate on the not enough money into the stick and be enough money into the stick at the same time in other words you and so do you realize that you have through life you put many requests into your vortex do you realize that we hope so and so and you realize that every time you feel discouraged or every time you feel afraid or every time you feel annoyed every time you you every time you have a conversation that there isn’t enough that you are actually practicing a vibration of not enough do you know about affirmations yes do you know that you’re not different from most people that you are offering more affirmations about not enough money than you are about enough I kind of trying not to think of the the reality than people call and say you need to give me money but but hear what we’re saying members you have to you have to practice your vibration and in other words e to say I want more money but I don’t have enough but I want more money but I don’t have enough but I want more money but I really have more money but there isn’t enough I’d like then you just keep going back and forth and you don’t you don’t practice any vibration that makes for any difference in your experience so one of the things that’s really interesting that is going on is that as you’re exploring life and you’re putting your requests for more dollars over here into your vibrational escrow as your vibrational escrow which includes more dollars and more of all of the things you want as it becomes more your responsibility to remain or become and remain a vibrational match to it becomes more intense are you getting when we’re talking about in other words if if you if if life keeps causing the money part of your request to expand and you keep beating the drum about the way it is that’s why you begin to feel more and more discord about because and if the subject that we would like you to understand it’s not the subject of the money it’s a subject of you not keeping up with the more expanded version of you which includes more money let’s start in another place do you understand is everything all right with you do you understand that what you’re creating is you you know do you understand that so so you’re creating a more prosperous shoe you’re not creating money you’re creating a more prosperous you you’re creating a more abundant view you’re creating a you with greater ease you’re creating a you with greater opportunity you’re creating a you with more opportunity for more fun it’s it’s you you are the expand review you are the creator of you you see so when we say that this vibrational reality exists it is a reality that exists and it’s not just a reality that exists it’s a vivid reality that exists it’s the larger part of you that exists in it and you really owe it to you to keep up with it so but then humans say no I need to look at my reality as far as it is manifested and we say that past tense as far as we are concerned if you can just accept that this vibrational reality is what is present tense and in this powerful now if you don’t keep up with the present pens of your now reality if you’re looking at the pet and people say but know this is really recent Abraham I just checked my bank account just now and we say when you’re talking about what’s manifested it’s really past tense present tense is what’s over here and that’s what you want to turn your undivided attention toward so as you turn your undivided attention toward it then what you begin doing you begin affirming now this is so important you begin affirming what’s in your vibrational reality which is the leading edge most present tense that there is that who you really are that other stuff that’s old news so once you get into your vortex something like there are many many different things money and the law of attraction cards now these were put together as affirmations so and a lot of people will fit outside the vortex and look at those cards as a means to try to get into the vortex it’s not the way we would use them at all we’d get in the vortex and then we’d look at the cards we get in the vortex and then we would look at the cards we would practice the vibration of being in the vortex once you’re in the vortex you see what we’re getting at if you’re not in the vortex and you’re upset that you’re not in the vortex does it make you go on the vortex if you beat up on yourself for not being in the vortex because if you have to get in the vortex if somebody says you’re not in the vortex does that help this and I told you you should be in the vortex is that you have not sent you just have to find a way and so you see a rainbow you’re in the vortex your cat rubs on your legs you’re in the vortex at baby smiled at your burps on you well maybe not that but you’re in the vortex so so now you’re in the vortex now now when you realize that you’re in the vortex now do something about practicing the vibration why am I in the vortex what is it about this moment in time Jerry and Esther doing this all the time what is it about this moment in time that feels so good what what is it is it the conversation we were having the deserve thought that we were having is it something that we’re observing what is it about this moment that feels so good milk and stay there define it hold yourself in the vibrational pattern of it repeats read that reads of the affirmations from inside the vortex take your favorite music into the vortex in other words practice the vibration of being in the vortex and then when the bill comes or the concern comes or the can’t I can’t do that feeling comes and you realize that the vortexes fit you out for a moment now it’s much easier for you to get back into the vortex it’s just everything is vibrational and everything that is vibration is mental and everything that is mental is thought and everything that’s thought is energy and everything that is energy is thought and everything that’s energy is words and everything that is words is thought and everything that’s thought is vibration other words it doesn’t matter what way you used to define it you are vibrational beings and you just have to practice the feeling of prosperity so you imagine going somewhere just because you want to honor them and you imagine being there and exploring it and getting to do whatever you want you find the feeling place of it when you find the emotion of it you have nailed the vibration of it so you just get there and practice it and get there and practice it so then so then let’s say you’ve been there you’ve been you’ve been some say fantasizing well what is fantasizing by fantasizing or imagining what we mean by that is focusing upon the now reality of the vibrational vortex of creation there is you’re focusing upon the leading edge of thought yes it may not have manifested but everything that you see that is manifested is first a vibration and it’s a vibrational pattern that is strong enough that it begins then to bring to it all of the necessary components you say so when we tell you your vortex of cray is now reality and you begin looking at it as now realities and you train your vibration now the manifestations have to catch up with it it is law you see so whatever your living is always an indication of vibration whatever your living so unless you have the money in your bank the way your body looks and feel everything that everything that you’re living is an indication of vibration so money is the vibration say again would money be does it have a vibration everything has vibration there is nothing that does not have vibration but do you really want piles of money it’s quite a lot of trouble what I want to be able to do is just do what I want and why are we terrible then why are we talking about money to to get to places but when we are getting at so do you believe that so let’s say you haven’t been able to travel and you really want to do you believe that travel is in your vortex of creation oh it is I love trying so what we want to know is why do we have to talk about money why can’t we just talk about travel right I could be ready to go and half an hour but then really so you know packed and ready to go because but the thing that always fun is that I just love that fun and I want to keep doing that on a baby the thing that we want you to hear from us is that when you take a subject like money that without meaning to you’ve practiced quite a bit of lack for vibration so then when you say okay I’m going to bring a subject that I have practiced a lot of lakhs or vibration about and I’m going to clean up my vibration about it and we say why and you say because I need money to have travel and we say no you don’t you just need to not have a resistance that keeps you from the travel that you want and money is taking you to resistance but the the subject of money is almost a sure path to resist to activating resistance have you ever been in a department store after remembers it vividly found the most beautiful blouse she had ever seen and when she saw the price tag she said a very bad word you would have edited it from the day she was angry angry that that they would deprive her of this blouse by putting that kind of a price tag on it and so so her her belief that she needed the money for the blouse was a much more resistant path than if she could have just found a way to appreciate the fabric and appreciate the blouse and appreciate the people who made it and appreciate the people who distribute it and appreciate the person who had the idea of it and appreciate the store that put it there where she could see it and appreciate the idea that that she could wear it in other words you you make it harder for yourselves when you have to when you think you have to figure out how and where and when and who if you could just take the vibrational reality and its fullness if you could just step that fly we just want to get you in the vortex where you’ll have full view of everything that you’ve put there you see so it’s an interesting thing you could have ten subjects in your life nine of them that are pretty worrisome and one that’s really positive and you could focus upon the one that’s positive and use it as your reason to be in the vortex and the other nine would solve themselves because all of those problems put requests for all of those solutions we’re not kidding you do you believe do you understand law of attraction do you understand the co operative components that law of attraction is always gathering do you first of all do you accept that you are vibrational beings you accept that your emotion is your indicator of your relationship with your vortex so can you see how worry or concern or discomfort about anything is an indication that you’re not in the vortex so there’s no subject to have other than how I can get into the vortex we could write thousands of books there are real tons of people that are reading so much information about about how to do things differently and we say get in the vortex and then act get in the vortex and then think getting the vortex and then speak get in the vortex get in the vortex get in the vortex so let’s get in the vortex so do we have to talk about money to get you in the vortex no no no and in fact it would be easier to get you in the vortex talking about almost anything else oh yes mm hmm so so what what is the subject this is what I wanted to know then I thought I must be messing up somewhere with the money part because I can be in the vortex often and it’s a lot of fun being in the board chair but what happens is you get in the vortex and then you think about money to which you have resistance and the vortex spits you out so do I have our system vote money clearly otherwise you wouldn’t be talking about it with us okay you may have so that’s is what I’m yeah this is what I wanted to talk to you about so I have do have resistance about money then so because I feel so happy most of the time it’s like everything’s wonderful and most things are going well yeah but but what area of your life are things not going as well money well it’s just I I don’t like it success money but when you get back to Esther an herb lounge would you suggest you go and visit the blouse you know you go she wanted to get this loud and felt that it was very valuable and so she’s really appreciating it and everything then would she go and visit the blog often well now that’s a really good question and and and the answer is if seeing the blouse makes her feel better it’s a good idea if thinking about the blouse makes her feel better it’s a good idea if it enrages her then it’s not a good idea if it reminds it if it amplifies her feeling of shortage of money then it’s not a good idea if it amplifies her feeling of abundance is a good idea this is why we say here to sort of work your way into the vortex work your way in and whatever way you can get in there and then sort of sure sure it up so here’s the way we would have played that with Esther if if we had been teaching about the vortex that was long before Esther was receiving us in this way but let’s let’s make this a now experience so there’s a process that we offer called the focus wheel that we believe is the best process that we offer for getting into the vortex and the reason that it’s a particularly good process is because the process itself mimics the focus wheel and the focus will mimic the vortex itself they’re both circular it’s about energy moving and so envision a big circle on a big piece of paper which represents being in the vortex and outside of this circle let’s make the statement and we would encourage you to write it write the statement which sticks you’re out of the vortex sentiment in the moment now since we understand that every subject is two subjects what is wanted and lack of it if something in your life is particularly pointing your awareness to the absence of something you want on the other end of that is the equal the equally powerful desire that’s the way the contrast of this universe works when you know what you don’t want you know what you do want to be sorted what you don’t want you sort of know what you do want if you really know what you don’t want you really know what you do want is all this focusing process so outside the vortex we would encourage Esther in this example to written I think it is and poke around we’re at it with a stick because it’s helpful you can get power out of your awareness of what you do not want I think it is outrageous that these people think that this article of clothing should cost this much that’s what she would have written so that’s the way she was feeling so she would write that at in that outside box now let’s poke at it a little more let’s see if we can find any deeper vibration within it it it it’s just not right that anyone would ask this much for this with the sentiment well it’s deeper than that I am furious that I do not have the money to buy this blouse let’s take it deeper it’s just awful but my employer doesn’t give me enough money that I can’t even live well enough to have the things that I want in other words there’s a there’s a lot a lot of layers in vibration isn’t there and so but the bottom line is I’m just I am outraged I’m so mad at myself that I’m not in a position to have this thing that I want well there that pop that was popped into place for her at that time I’m so mad at myself that I that there are so many things like this blouse that I want that I cannot just have right now so mind a rung a few bells now whenever you know what you don’t want on the other side of it is an equivalent what I do want so and in other words they’re in this vortex of creation is a true desire that has been launched and source holding it intending it waiting for Esther in this case to catch up with so in the center of this big circle that you’ve drawn in the center you want to write that opposite into that stick in other words what looking at what i want through the eyes of source what is the purest in the vortex way of stating I know what I don’t want I am so mad at myself that I cannot afford the things I want what’s the other side of it I’m so pleased in my capability of being the creator of a reality that’s pleasing to me pretty good huh i’m very pleased at my capability of creating my reality as i wanted to be so you write that in the center circle now beginning this process if Esther were stabbing in that place that we’ve described do you think it’s more likely that she’s still outside in her vibrational attitude or inside what do you think she’s she if she’s like most of you she would still really be outside because she knows what she doesn’t want which means she knows what she doesn’t does want but that’s the vibration that is really the most active and how do you know that she’s ornery right here in this moment she’s still angry how else do you know it she can’t afford the blouse exactly in other words the manifestation the manifestation is the indication also we think it’s lovely that manifestations are your indicator of what you’re doing vibrationally every single time every single time so now the focus will work begins now we must find ester would find ice statement that she already believes that matches the center statement so just to find something that gets around the wheel you know the merry go rounds and the playground they’re going really really fast and you try to get on and they just blow you off in the bushes but if they would slow it down enough that you could get on then you could get on and then speed it up well that’s what this focus will is like you try to find something that matches this center statement that you already believe so Esther could say something like I can have anything I want often the bushes because she doesn’t believe that she would like to believe it but she didn’t it in this example doesn’t believe it it just sucks that they’re charging so much for this blouse well now you’re not even trying my wife works for me in many ways sort of doesn’t sound like it’s about the blouse but at least it gets her on the real i am a capable person many things are working out for me the way I want them to even better still on the wheel I like knowing that i’m the creator of my own reality even better still on the wheel I like knowing that life helps me to ask for things and that eventually whatever I want comes still on the wheel it feels good to know that I am the creator of my own reality and I like knowing that with focus that things will improve still on the wheel I like it that there are things for me to see that inspire me I like seeing this beautiful garment I like knowing that beautiful things like that exist still on the wheel I so appreciate the people that design them and and make them and distribute them and sell them it is such a wonderful cycle of distribution that we have in this world that bring things to me that are nice for me to have I like that still on the wheel I so look forward to purchasing whatever i’m wanting whenever I’m wanting I love knowing that all of this stuff is queued up for me and that when i get myself into the right vibrational place things will ease up I can feel the ease already still on the wheel you see what we’re getting in in other words just find some way of talking the struggle down some way of bringing the soothing into a stronger place and then practicing the vibration of the soothing now that’s what we remaining once you get in there that’s a good time to look through a deck of prosperity cards or or read something that you’ve read before that makes you feel more prosperous or get into a rampage of appreciation or start making a list of positive aspects about the wonderful things in your I look at where I’m living look at what I’m driving isn’t it nice that I live in this environment isn’t it nice what I have available to me look at the comfort of my life look at the comfort of my bed look at the comfort of my vehicle look at the comfort of the clothing that i have is it and you can rampage with your list of positive aspects and your and your rampages of appreciation until you practice the vibration of that and now this whole thing would only take two or three or four five or ten minutes and now when you’re finished here’s the thing that most people don’t understand that we so want to impart to you in a way that you get it a focus will process like that shift your vibration to a new place and now your point of attraction has changed and now everything in the universe is responding to you in a different way because you’re in a different vibrational place you see how it works so now it doesn’t take much like that to be in the vortex and now inside the vortex vibrationally speaking now now you have access to things that you didn’t have access to before now the situation’s begin to occur promotions are offered to you even the impulse to purchase the lottery ticket that will give you some some cash back instead of only cash out in other words that the impulse to to eat here even though it’s not a place that you’re usually frequent and sit here and and suddenly meet that person or over here this conversation all things are working for you and when you take the time to get into the vortex and here’s the most important thing that we want to say to you or to our ester in the example that we’ve been offering here we want you in the vortex not to get you the money we want you in the vortex not to get you the blouse we want you in the vortex because that’s where you belong in terms of the security that you’re wanting to find in other words the only reason that anybody wants anything whether it’s a material object or a pile of money or a circumstance or an event everything that you want is because you think you will feel better in the having and the feeling better is always in the vortex so if we can convince you to do you’re getting in the vortex work just because just because you owe it to you because you have expanded and if you don’t keep up with you you won’t feel good if we can convince you to get in there just because it feels good and being there oh then when you get in there that’s where the clarity is that’s where the vitality is that for your stamina and balances that’s where the good ideas are that’s where you rendezvous with others that’s where what those not in the vortex call the magic that’s where the magic is its where the culmination of all circumstances and events are it’s who you are and it’s what you deserve and anything less is just not acceptable we don’t want you in the vortex because you can buy a blouse or because you can go on a vacation we want you in the vortex because the larger part of you is already taking that vacation and you’re not going doesn’t feel good you say good still okay so I just I guess I’m just having resistance about money I love being in vortex I can find lots of ways to get there alright so i was just so I not feeling me to a focus wheel let’s go focus well because we’re just going over the same round ground over and over again right so let’s do a focus wheel so so you’ve described pretty well what you’re feeling so when you know what you don’t want what is your statement of what you don’t want what is it that you just want to say about what you don’t want let’s let’s fill that little box outside the outside the vortex what is it that you want to say I want to do what I want to do say I want to do oh I don’t want to be impeded by what I want to do I want to be able to do what i want to do whenever I now make it make it more real don’t Bluff over it don’t don’t try to do it with a smile on your face I am so tired of being deprived of the things that I want to do that are we making are we making too much of the cases yes it is because I do have a really good life so it’s not done but you see here here’s the thing here’s the thing that’s tripping you up you do have a good life but you are not anywhere near up to speed with the good life that you deserve and in for whatever reason you’re not allowing yourself to go there because you must think that that you want too much do you want too much can you want too much do you feel guilty about wanting more than you have hmm you don’t think so so make your statement as clear as you can make it in other words does it feel to you like she has a problem with money does it feel to you that she knows that she has a problem with money well she has a prop she know she has a problem with money but how much money do you want well I played the prosperity game at my 53 million so so I had spent 53 million in a Cell good so how much money you want in this moment in other words when when you raise your hand and wanted to come here what is what would be a what is it that you want what is it that you want that you don’t have okay I want to be able to just now hear this we’re having a good conversation here aren’t we what what is it that you want that you don’t have because this is that this is the thing that we want to get across to you and we’re going to get across to you because you’re right on the brink of getting this and and and we want all of you to hear this life causes you to constantly expand and it is that keeping up with the expansion that is the releasing of the resistance that we’re talking about here so you acknowledge that your desire has gone further than your ability to allow you acknowledge that yes so so because that’s key to this discussion and and it is something that we keep feeling you pulling back from my life has caused me to walk further than I figured out how to allow yes but I’m almost afraid to admit that I want it because it will inflame my awareness that i don’t have it and that’s what’s stuck in so many of your vibrational cross when if you can accept that that it is natural and in fact you will never get away from it that life is going to cause you to keep expanding and that you have no choice if you are to be happy than to keep up with your expansion did you get that does that ease your guilt a little bit about having mmm yes seems like we need to make that point one more time we really really want you to hear this when when life causes you to reach for something more than you have allowed to manifest you’ve expanded to a place but the reason that you feel uncomfortable is not because it hasn’t manifested it’s because you’re vibrationally not allowing yourself to be a match to what you’ve asked for it’s not the absence of the money that is the reason for this discussion it’s the absence of the alignment you see so that’s why we’re trying to guide the discussion into one of alignment and take it away from the subject of money if you can take money out of the equation it would serve you and be easier for you to get into the vortex around it so so make your statement of what you don’t want just to start this process what I don’t want is to be held back I don’t want to be hindered by the absence of enough money to do the things I really want to do so now make let’s try to make the statement from inside the vortex how do you think the source within you sees the flip side of that what what have you already put here it’s easy for us to see it because you’ve been putting it there for a long time so I so adore my freedom to create because of the fluidity of resources flowing into my experience and like that feels really good as I so adore the freedom to be and do and a half because of the fluidity of abundance that moves in and out of my experience so pretty good opposite statements aren’t so now give us a statement that gets you on the wheel something that you already believe that in that agrees with this a duration of this abundant fluidity that you’ve got going something that you’re already doing something that you already believe make a statement and will write it on this on this focus kill you already said it to us have I have a very nice life and when you say that you mean it don’t you I have a very nice life so you’re on the wheel what else I’m enthusiastic boot this means I wanted to see more of it all right now often the bushes because because because it was it it went right to what you’re asking for but we weren’t we weren’t on the wheel in us our own anyway so so then step step back to what you know I really have a good life and now some could you feel that could you feel that so something else okay greatly now now keep going back and it’s helpful this focus will energy we’re focusing energy so you know what you don’t want you know what you do want let those two ends of the stick help you to focus I know I don’t want to be hindered I know that i adore the freedom to choose so let that help you focus so what so what do you already know what are you already living that you could state that would get you on the wheel or in the vortex it’s the same thing I’m allowing more and more more and more fun in my life pretty good what else I enjoy the activities that i do right now pretty good sort of blah blah blah battle yeah they’re not it’s not the right if not throwing you off so that’s all right turn well I have great imagination of where I want to go well that’s a little off in the bushes because that that’s more in flaming what I want that I can’t quite figure out remember what you’re wanting to do is if you’re wanting to stake your claim inside this vortex with this statement so it’s just a matter of your gonna juxtaposition to sort of focus your way in I’m a pretty good creator I’m pretty good with my mind I can focus quite well when I I’m like a dog with a bone when I get on something I really stay on something people who know me call me stubborn and I take that as a compliment because when I focus on something I really focus on something and it served me well I usually get what I want I’m pretty good at getting what I want I like knowing that the universe is cooperating with me I like knowing that there are universal forces backing me up I like knowing that I’ve put into my vortex of creation all kinds of things that I want things that money will enhance but all kinds of experiences and things that I want and I love knowing that vibrationally speaking that that is already and now reality I like the present tense of that vibrational reality I’m looking forward to watching the way the universe will yield to me in vivid fashion all kinds of things that I want it’s going to be really fun to watch the unfolding of all of this I love feeling the prosperity of my being and I love watching the abundance comes and I know that the abundance comes to me in lots of ways it comes to me in ways of clarity it comes to me in ways of stamina it comes to me in ways of good ideas it comes to me and stimulating conversations I love the abundance of this planet i love the visual beauty that is around me i love all of the things that i am living in this physical time space reality i love knowing that abundance is flowing to me and threw me in all ways i love seeing how far I’ve come I love imagining how far I will go I love knowing that I am a creator and I am really good at it I’m so appreciative of life that I’m living and I know that it’s just getting better and better now in the vortex in the vortex that’s really really really good work you see your vibration shifts with a conversation no more significant than that it’s just talking yourself out of resistance and which is the same thing as saying talking yourself into alignment or into allowing or into the vortex in the vibrational frequency of the abundance abundance that you deserve for now so now you’re feeling pretty good and then you hear of someone going somewhere that you’d like to go and and it soothes you it feels good to you it excites you you know you’re in the vortex but if it if it makes you feel lack if it makes you feel Envy if it makes you feel annoyed then you no you’re then you know that the vortexes spits you out there’s more work to do you getting the hang of this oh yeah very good is when I want to go somewhere I’m just so excited or somebody’s going is really see here’s the difference between what you’re talking about it in other words if if we were to say to you we know you want to go and here’s a ticket and you’d say oh yes thank you it’s very good and we would say you’re just doing what everybody else is doing and what doesn’t work for any of you you’re responding to a condition so you’re out there saying give me the ticket and then I’ll be excited make the way for me then I’ll be excited show me the specific way and then I’ll be excited and we say you’ve got to find a way to stop the negative emotion before the manifestation comes you have to find a way to get into the vortex before the manifestation comes and then it comes it’s easy to be excited once the manifestation has come but we want you to show yourself that you have the ability to shift your vibration without circumstances changing that’s what unconditional love is it’s always so easy to love Kate Kate is seven and she is so lovable Jerry nesters granddaughter she is so loveable you’d have to be a maniac not to love Kate she is so easy to love and when Esther is with her love just pours through her like nothing that you’ve ever seen and then Esther frankly is quite annoyed that the rest of you don’t evoke the same feeling for her because it is so easy to love kate is a and we want to say that’s a very conditional love in other words we want you to love because it’s natural to you to love not because someone is performing lovable behavior we want you to feel prosperous because you practice the vibration of prosperity not because somebody’s handed you a pile of money and if you can reach the place where you can find the vibration of it that’s what faith is they is finding the vibrational frequency before the evidence is shown to me and that’s what creation is because what is is and as all you’re doing is looking at what is you cannot move beyond so out of what is your asking for more but then you’ve got to turn your undivided attention to the more that you’re asking for and then it will become manifested you see how it works conditional love says change the condition and then I’ll feel better when I look at it unconditional love is I’ll feel good regardless of the condition because I have the ability to focus myself into a vibration that feels good I have the ability to feel myself in the vibrational alignment with a source within me and when I find my way in the vibrational alignment with source within me guess what else I meet up with everything that I’ve ever asked for and all that I have already become very good no dad.


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