Abraham Hicks 2013 – How To Win The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery

Abraham talks to a lady in the hot seat about her ‘desire’ to win the lottery. This leads to a segment about inspired action vs. forced action.
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and are you refreshed good now what hello I first want to say that I love you and I don’t know why much not right now I’ve listened to you every day I own my own business and I saw and you are playing seven hours a day um we’re sorry we’re never sorry we’re happy that you are finding some residents with who you are through that I guess my question is I need a little bit of guidance and I don’t want to start saying something and set up a grid going that as a negative one um I need a little bit of guidance on how to know if I’m being expired by filling in my grid or from forcing my grid to be filled on I kind of have a little bit I don’t I just want it to be the huge natural and it’s inspired it’s fun when you’re forcing it is hard when it’s inspired it keeps moving into a new place when you’re forcing it it kind of stays where it is when it’s inspired it feels in fast okay that’s the best way can I give you an example yes all right since I was a little girl I have always felt like something more current kilometers and now I’m just saying it’s been like a vibrational of us all right i misdoubt did you hear me just do that all right did you hear what you just did with that well don’t do that again right I have decided that I will win the lottery I am amazing at what I do so why do you want to win the lottery now we know that seems like a really silly question when you have the energy that creates worlds at your fingertips and there are endless path of least resistance that will bring you whatever you want why are you limiting the universe to bring your resources to you through such a narrow decision we really want you to think about that because not only is it a narrow decision it’s one that you understand the odds about can I tell you one thing though my advance is best friend one and I don’t know if it’s like right there like so it’s right at my grass or if I’m like the reason that we’re asking this question and it’s really important one to contemplate is if you accept that you have a vortex and that it’s full of all of the things that you want and that the universe is watching for paths of least resistance to yield to you whatever it is that you’re wanting do you need to define for the universe the path through which it will come or do you want to just leave all of the options open right I do want to leave all the options open I just I’m a very very creative person I just don’t really want to work anymore I just I want to have fun with my kids I want to travel I don’t want to ever think of money being an option and I’m really we don’t struggle but I want it to let struck but I know I’m really I know I’m right but think about what your practice in other words you’re practicing a vibration of struggle and working in other words there’s nothing that’s keeping you from spending time with your children and there’s nothing that’s keeping you from having vacations with them and as you say you’re not struggling you’re not deprived of anything and yet you’re still using that as an excuse to sort of shore up right what is what I need you to tell me to stop doing I know actively is it better than I’m aware that I’m doing that this is exactly my question how do i how do I go more general because I think I’m a very specific person well there are a number of things that we want to talk about that are more significant than what you’re just asking we’ll get to that too but the most important thing is that when you’ve defined that you want something and you acknowledge that the universe has a way of yielding it to you so then you’re just looking for every excuse you can to anticipate what it is that you’re wanting that’s all that we’re guiding you to we’re not trying to guide you away from seeing the lottery maybe as a viable means to something that you’re wanting but we’ve noticed as we’ve watched you and as we peer into your vortex that there is a lot more in there than the end result of a big pile of money descending on you there is a lot more in there than that and in fact people don’t realize it but there are things in your vortex that a big pile of money descending on you works against in other words if you’re asking for ease in your life and a big pile of money descends upon you then there’s a conflict and we know that many of you are saying well I’ll just take my chances and I’ll see and I’ll just I’ll just cope with whatever the negative repercussions of winning a few million dollars or a lot of million dollars is but if we could convince you that you have already won the lottery it’s a lottery of love and it’s a lottery of relationships and it’s a lottery of meaningful purposeful things is a lottery of abundance if the lottery of well being it’s a lottery of so many things that you want and as you just find reasons to feel that appreciative way that you are feeling even as you sat down here as you are able to hold yourself in that then the universe just keeps yielding to you in a way that you can joyously participate and accept one of our favorite analogies and it gets your attention every time that we offer it you don’t want all the food that you will ever eat in this lifetime to come to you this afternoon and the reason is because you want it to come incremental e and you want to enjoy it as it comes and that’s the way you really want your abundance to flow and your well being to flow in your relationships to flow and so by acknowledging what is working in your life if we could convince you that an attitude of appreciation for the good things that are happening if you could let that be the basis of what you are focused upon all other good things that you want would follow that it is our absolute promise to you you just can’t perfect an attitude of appreciation and not put yourself in the perfect place of receiving all of the things that are in your vortex that are on their way to you I think I do that mostly I think i’m a very appreciative person we think so too so can you accept that you have won the lottery what does winning a lottery feel like this is really worth talking about it’s sort of an unexpected amazing thing but the trouble lies in the unexpected a friend said to us just now I knew I was going to be in the haci well that’s expected when you expect something to happen it happens so do you expect to win the lottery I do good I we’re not doubting that you can win the lottery and we are not doubting that you can put yourself but we can feel and it’s true of all of you that your expectation of winning the lottery is not in your place of desire and if it were the lottery would be spread out many more of you much more than it is what do you mean it’s not in my desire what your desire is one frequency in your expectation is another your desire in your expectation are not in the same place expectation the perfect way of defining expectation is something that I want I am in belief off but a lot of people misuse the word expectation because they’re not expecting it when you expected you just feel ease about it it just feels like the next logical step this person said I just knew I was going to be there and there was no fanfare about it there was no big drama about it and from his perspective he doesn’t realize that it was the equivalent of winning the lottery he doesn’t quite yet realize that it was the precursor to a vibrational stance that will allow everything that he’s ever wanted to flow into his experience in other words better things than that don’t happen to anyone but when you put yourself in the place of knowing that good things are coming to you and you’re not trying to define the Avenue through which they come then you’re much more general and then for your much less resistance and therefore you’re much more willing to allow it to come that’s all we were getting at all right yeah I won the lottery sitting here to you sitting right behind me and I thought you pointed to me the first so I just need to try again all right thank you yeah your ship just keeps coming and coming and coming and coming and coming and coming do you believe that I do.


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