About Winning The Lottery (Please Read The Note In The Description Box) – Tapping With Brad Yates Video

Winning the Lottery

A note about this video…

So, this be my most controversial video. You can read through the and see that people tend to love it or hate it. Some find it empowering and and some say it made them feel bad. I’m sorry they have that reaction, but this is why I say “take full responsibility for your own well-being.” Tapping doesn’t create negative feelings, but it often allows us to see stuff that is already in there but that we have been or ignoring. If something bothers us while watching a video, it’s not so much what is in the video as what is in us. That doesn’t mean there is something wrong or bad about us – just that we have some ideas/beliefs that are causing us pain, and we want to clear that pain. For some, this video triggered some stuff, but wasn’t long enough to tap down the discomfort. If this happens for you, keep tapping – watch another video or two – lather, rinse, repeat. Clear that stuff and set yourself I wouldn’t be surprised if, after more tapping and clearing of some limiting beliefs, you could watch this again and find it empowering. 🙂

I’ve even been encouraged to remove this, but if I deleted every video that at least one person didn’t like, I’d have few if any online. 😉

Holding good thoughts for you. 🙂

Get your success guide here: visit: me Beyond Belief you are new to tapping, please watch this video so you understand what it is about: that I can make these videos available, I need to state that you must take responsibility for your own well-being if you choose to tap along. While I’m confident that tapping along with this video can provide great benefits, I make no claims as to what, if any, benefits you will receive. While EFT has yielded results in treating physical and psychological issues, not everyone will benefit in the same way. I am not a and the information presented here is not intended to replace appropriate treatment by a physician or mental health professional. EFT is still in the experimental stage and, while a growing number of PhD’s and MD’s are adopting it, we cannot claim that it is risk I am unaware of anyone experiencing negative side effects from using these videos, but different people require different care, and depending on a number of variables, it is possible you could uncover deeper issues within the process that this video is not able to address. It is recommended that you consult a qualified health practitioner prior to using this technique.

That being said, I hope you will enjoy this video and find it beneficial, and that you will share it with others.

This is certainly not intended to be a comprehensive handling of the subject — I can only cover so much in 5-10 minutes…! I’m also not working with you personally to address specific individual issues. Hopefully, though, it will help you address the issue enough that you can experience greater to live the life you really desire and deserve. For further support, I encourage you to check out the other offerings available from myself and other EFT practitioners, including workshops and private sessions. For more information about tapping, as well as a ton of great to help you live your best life possible, please visit: is only my way of using the process, rather than what might be called official EFT.

If you enjoyed this video, please to my videos and share them with others. I hope you will also sign up for my monthly “Success Beyond Belief” – only one issue a month, filled with good stuff for your body, mind and spirit. Please here: (and there are gifts when you sign up!)

Want to change the life of a child – and the world – by introducing them to the magic of tapping…? Of course you do! 😉
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Brad the lottery

Help us caption & translate this.

What’s in this bottle?I say, love.You see in Somaliland living is hard. And opportunities are scarce,

especially for our daughters. But do. TERRA saw our devotion

to frankincense trees.

Trees that we’ve

harvested for generations.We’ve formed a partnership,and since then everything has changed. My husband no longer

fears corrupt middlemen,or poor harvests,because do. TERRA guarantees

a fair market price,as well as pre payments. I no longer dread being

harassed while sortingthe frankincense resin,

because do.

TERRA ensuresa safe working environment.But most beautiful of all,

my little girl is no longerforced to work next to mebecause do. TERRA has built

school houses to empowerall of our children. This journey of love doesn’t end here. Once I’ve sorted the purest resin,it’s shipped to do.


distillery in Bulgaria,which responsibly employs

dozens of local artisans.Unlike other companies,

do. TERRA uses organic methodsof harvesting and distillation

to gently preservethe frankincense’ therapeutic properties. Then the oil makes its way to

do. TERRA’s state of the art labwhere scientists apply

the most advanced tests,to ensure the oil’s purity and potency.

do.TERRA has even partnered

with over 100 research,university, and medical

facilities to find the bestapplications of essential oils. Ultimately do. TERRA does

all this because it caresabout your family as much

as it cares about mine. What’s in this bottle? I say, love.


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