5 People Who Died After Winning The Lottery | Seriously Strange #76 Video

Winning the Lottery

In this countdown, we examine 5 people with great…and awful luck.
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winning the lottery can be seen as the greatest possible form of luck but one thing about luck is that often it can change poor and greatly lacking while growing up Jeffrey Dampier was a man who knew the value of not taking things for granted while living in Illinois Jeffery hit it big when he won the Illinois Lottery in 1996 for a grand total of twenty million dollars he had been married at the time but the marriage soon fell apart and the two split the money 50/50 still leaving Jeffrey with more than enough Jeffrey soon found love again and a woman named crystal Jackson who he dated and eventually married two years after they were married the two moved to Tampa Bay Florida once there Jeffrey you some of his remaining money to invest in a business which sold gourmet popcorn being generous Jeffrey helped Crystal sisters with their finances while still plentifully giving gifts to numerous other members of the family specifically one of Crystal sisters Victoria Jackson but Jeffrey was living a bit of a lie he was having an affair with Victoria who had a boyfriend at the time named Nathaniel despite the fact that he was so generous to them both going so far as to buy them an apartment tragedy was still lingering just around the corner for Jeffrey one day Victoria called him up and complained about car trouble outside of her apartment so Jeffrey headed there to help her only to be taken captive by Victoria and Nathaniel his hands and feet bound with shoelaces apparently wanting to rob Jeffrey of some of his winnings things turned deadly when Nathaniel handed Victoria a shotgun and told her that if she didn’t shoot Jeffrey he would shoot her so she did what she thought she had to do she shot Jeffrey in the back of the head Victoria Jackson and Nathaniel were both arrested tried and found guilty for first degree murder armed kidnapping and armed carjacking and were sentenced to three consecutive life sentences a lot of people are displeased when they see those who have won the lottery oftentimes this is because of jealousy but in this case displeasure would be rather well placed Amanda Clayton was only 25 when she won the Michigan State Lottery in 2011 she had won a million dollars which was more than enough to pull her right out of the government assistance that she had been living with but there was one small issue Amanda never told officials that she had won the lottery and knowingly kept collecting food stamps and medical benefits Amanda was forced to repay the money she had been wrongfully given and received six to nine months of probation but this was far from her only issue neighbors of a man to claim that she very much wanted them dead and would get into a number of disputes with them they even accused Amanda of using her money to hire people to kill them Amanda wouldn’t see the end of her probation with her newfound wealth a man to easily access drugs which she used even in the presence of her one and a half year old child that child was found beside her when she had overdosed one day and died as a result it it seemed Amanda’s winnings had only acted as more fuel for a deadly and dishonest lifestyle a life she may have had time to turn around had she never won the lottery at all the case of Abraham Shakespear is a particularly sad tale considering how giving and kind hearted Abraham was in 2006 Abraham won an incredible 30 million dollar jackpot from the Florida State Lottery he had spent a great portion of it in just two years freely giving away money to just about anyone who asked in fact he gave away money so frequently that he became incredibly stressed out by it and began wishing he had never won the lottery at all but the worst person Abraham came across was a woman named Dee.Dee Moore who expressed a heavy interest in writing about Abraham’s life story Abraham willingly accepted Dee. Dee into his life but it would turn out to be a mistake that would cost him not only his fortune but his life Dee. Dee ended up swindling Abraham out of pretty much everything he owned she began a business with Abraham took control of its funds and bought herself brand new vehicles her own company even purchased Abraham’s home what she said she paid him for but there was no evidence that Dee. Dee actually paid Abraham anything and then one day Abraham disappeared after he was gone Dee. Dee continued to live in his home and even used his phone to text his friends and loved ones pretending to be him to reduce suspicion in January of 2010 Abraham’s body was found under a slab of concrete on an acquaintance’s property he had been shot in the chest with a 38 caliber pistol Dee.

Dee Moore was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole Debra Mc.Donald didn’t win much in comparison to many other lottery winners but something is better than nothing but it still seemed to bring only tragedy Debra won five thousand five hundred twenty dollars from the Ohio Lottery though it wasn’t life changing she was very pleased and promptly went out to buy wedding rings for her and her husband rings that they had been previously unable to afford but both truly wanted from there they went out for a celebratory dinner with drinks they spent a perfect evening together and then took a stroll towards home but while walking from out of nowhere a car came and collided with Deborah killing her the same day that she had collected her earnings Deborah’s husband was left in disbelief and devastated it wasn’t believed that the driver of the car had been drinking and it had truly just been an accident but that provided little relief for a family torn apart a million dollar win leads to a horrific death in 2012 a Rouge Khan won a million dollars the Mary next day he was dead originally it was ruled that a Rouge had died of natural causes but due to suspicions by those who knew him his body was retested only to reveal that a Rouge had been the victim of cyanide poisoning which had been delivered to him during his last meal a meal prepared by his wife Shabana Ansari and days after the death sivanna try cashing the lottery check for herself this didn’t sit well with other members of aru’s family specifically his siblings who believe that Shabana had more to do with the death than she was going to admit since his death o roses sister Mirage Khan was granted custody of roses daughter while she and his brother emtiaj Khan worked to get police to further consider the suspected involvement of Shabana and her own father who are both at dinner the night a Rouge was poisoned those Chicago police consider the case still open the family has been largely dissatisfied with their levels of effort complaining that whenever they talk to an investigator their call is handed off to someone else who finds a way to dismiss them off the phone while still nothing new develops a ruses family is convinced that so far a rouges Widow and her father have gotten away with murder and that’s not all they would have gotten away with if they truly did murder a Rouge the court awarded them around one third of aru’s winnings with the remaining going to his siblings it’s unknown when if ever police will conclude their investigation and the murderer or murderers will be charged thank you for watching be sure to watch one of my other videos by pressing here and of course don’t forget to subscribe to my channel by pressing above because you won’t want to miss what’s next and I’ll see you next time. .

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