$5 Million Jackpot Scratcher – Ca Lottery Win Caught With Gopro Video

Winning the Lottery


hey scratch or heaven here today you’re looking at a twenty dollar california lottery scratcher it is called five million dollar jackpot and there are over 13 top prizes of five million dollars looking on the website only six prizes have been claimed so far and it says there’s a prize is still available of five million dollars so I believe they do one other draw on the second chance if you submit your non winning tickets there are twenty eight chances to win on this card and three fasts spot jackpots where you can win 50 100 or 500 dollars instantly so this is card number one don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but we’ll just try it out so it’s a $20 let’s just go ahead and start with our winning numbers so the game is to match any of the field numbers to the winning numbers and you win that prize and then uncover a 10 by symbol and get 10 times the prize or a 20 by symbol and when twenty times the price and a jackpot symbol wins all 25 prizes automatically so let’s just check it out and see how we do we’ll start with our winning numbers we’ve got 8 44 17 28 31:39 14 and 37 so that’s quite a few numbers I like I like the chance of so far top row at 334 23 42 and 27 so so far no match row 2 24 30 18 12 and 15 three is 1632 twenty six forty five and forty one second to last row 36 38 13 one don’t see that very often nine and then final row not looking good guys 43 5 21 4 and finally 7 so none of my field numbers match the winning numbers so we’ll just try the fastball jackpots so I’m looking for a 50 on this one and luck would have it I just won $50 instantly if you guys could see that so uncover a 50 in the fast spot 50 jackpot win $50 instantly that’s really cool let’s check out the hundred not likely but you can win on a another one and then 500 so this was supposed to be a hundred and five hundred even to get any of those prizes but I turned my twenty dollars into fifty dollars so I’m pretty happy with that today anyhow this is a scratch or heaven subscribe comment like and favorite and I appreciate you guys watching see on the next one.


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