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Winning the Lottery

These are the five fastest bikes we’d buy if money was no object. Do you agree with our choices? Tell us which fast bikes you’d buy if you won the lottery in the below.

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Yamaha r1m the high effect r1 with Olins electronic greetings diffusion with dynamic adjustment base are one instead has fully adjustable KYB shocks and an upside down fork like the old one the old one end is compact with aggressive geometry which is crescents to the track and fast road riders the steering is like and responsive at first glance in the similar to the base r1 but then you notice carbon fairings the brushed aluminum tanks which shark this especial it’s also got lighter magnesium wheels but the defining difference is that suspension which automatically adjust damping to riding conditions it’s lighter narrower and shorter than previous r1 the K Y V brakes are shot and powerful and the bike has huge easy to use color like the old one it has Moto.GP derive electronics package including riding modes traction control slide control launch control really rate of lift control very very little you would want or need to add one dose given the fire blitz was proper update since 2008 really because the first time they’ve dropped lots and lots of mass off is a bit later and they taking the engine added a lot of grunt perhaps the most important thing that I’ve added a few beams rate the wide engine management system and that’s useful in lots lots of ways the first thing it does is at Westham add as a next generation of traction control the canard on one of bosses IMU inertial measurement units the stock based conventional sure suspension big person default balance free Shaw and air toxic or brakes and the suspension supple in control usually when you’re on the breeze you know they get a good fuel for photos that we must do it or how you enter that nor the time like the normal SP looks pretty amazing indeed you know just remember the slicks on their HRC paint what the gold wheels brambles you know standard bait just over 15 grand and the SP almost 20 grand you know I mean wander forever in the space I’ve just got back from riding the new BMW a thousand RR the updated model has already been texted at the multi Blanco circuit in Spain at the official launch that was extremely fast on track now there are two versions of the 2015 model there’s a basic variant with three riding modes race ABS and traction control which cost 13,700 but for just over a grand you can get the Sport Edition which is what we wrote and comes with electronic suspension a quick shifter heated grips a seat cow and LED indicators it’s got a narrow tank which doesn’t spout your legs and there’s no protruding fairing getting in the way either it all feels really compact like a modern super sport bikes there’s a little head shake or movement on the power it just drives and track the new exhaust sounds amazing if I was going to fork out 13,700 for the basic version a big foreign feels fun caster for the sport it will be easier to flog if you ever decide yourself and the electronics eventually gear shifters Pro are more than worth the extra money welcome survive them I’ve literally just got back from testing to Cathy’s brand new 1209 phanagoria now the new bike may look similar to the 1109 but it has some noticeable visual tweaks like a new wider front fairing with more aggressively styled air intakes and you tell unit a larger screen and the new seats however perhaps the law interest is in your engine which is an even more over square version of the last Super four generally found in the 1199 so the bore size has been increased from 112 to 115 mils which gives the engine that larger 1285 CC capacity do Cathy claim 205 horsepower and 106 foot panel sorts that’s 10 horsepower more than the 1199 and an extra 10% of talk to the new bike despite the noticeable increase in power is far more user friendly it no longer punishes rider error and that change in field comes from a slightly sharp of steering angle and a lower swing arm pivot point now you’ve probably already gathered that I’m seriously impressed with a new 1209 you know the gearbox was slick the electronic package feels perfectly integrated into bike and like the 1199 I think it’s absolutely stunning the standard panigale and the earth models are expected arrive in the UK a March priced at sixteen six nine five and twenty seven nine five respectively Kawasaki Ninja h2 and the h2 I’ll have to be two of the most intimidating motorcycles I’ve seen in a long time they’re sharp and aggressive there’s oodles of carbon fibre drifting off the R version and each is finished in a unique mirrored paint mixed with a layer of pure silver both have 998 CC engines made to a walking great big supercharger and as if that wasn’t enough the track only h2 is aerodynamic winglet keep it on the ground at high speed it’s really nice to know there’s a counterbalance out there in the form of a 240 mile an hour production motorcycles capable of physically taking off into it give the h2 feels compliant and forgiving even when you don’t know where the next corner is much of that is thanks to that prophet bling candy green trellis frame and the fully adjustable KYB suspension that seamlessly intertwines composure comfort and confidence at any speed and h2 devour its sister equip me as much work to speed it up ship near the 14,000 RPM redline the supercharger comfortably breaks the speed of sound six times over as its impeller whines to 140 thousand rpm sucking in over 200 litres of air at second and then forcefully ramming it into the h2 400 Kawasaki extra is the ultimate drill having tasted the mammoth 320 horsepower supercharged unit I genuinely feel sad about not knowing when I will again the ninja a child probably remain my sensational motorcycle I’ve ever ridden. .

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