4 Digit Lottery Payout in 2018

Our updated 4 digit lottery payout guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

There are many ways to play Big 4, one of the PA Lottery games you can play every day. You can play Big 4 mid-day and Big 4 evening. Check out the chart below for details on Lottery payouts and Big 4 Lottery prizes, and check out the official Lottery rules for Big 4.

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You can play Big 4 mid-day and Big 4 evening. 50 bet for that day’s Lottery drawing. It’s a fast chance to give yourself another way to win. That means PA Lottery players can be picking Lottery numbers up to seven times (one week) in advance. For more details, see how to claim a Lottery prize. The official winning numbers are those selected in the respective drawings and recorded under the observation of an independent accounting firm. “The trademark ‘Cash For Life’ and ‘Cash 4 Life’, reg.

4 digit lottery payout

How To Claim A Big 4 Lottery Prize

If no type of play is selected on the playslip, a Straight play will be generated by default. Decide how much you want to wager:

*If no wager amount is selected on the playslip, a 50-cent play will be generated by default. You can play your four-digit number for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 14 consecutive drawings by marking the appropriate box on the playslip for NUMBER OF DRAWINGS or ask the retailer for any number of consecutive drawings, up to 14.

Play for any future day through the next six days by marking the appropriate box for ADVANCE PLAYS. Separate playslips must be completed for nonconsecutive advance plays.
Mark your choices on a Pick 4 playslip or tell your retailer what you want to play. Be sure to check your ticket before leaving the store!

Pick 4 drawings are held daily except for Christmas Day and Easter Sunday. Make sure you buy your tickets for each Pick 4 drawing by 9:30 p. on the day of the drawing. Tickets purchased after 9:30 p. on drawing nights will be valid for the next drawing(s).

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4 digit lottery payout mainYou can play your four-digit number for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 14 consecutive drawings by marking the appropriate box on the playslip for NUMBER OF DRAWINGS or ask the retailer for any number of consecutive drawings, up to 14. Make sure you buy your tickets for each Pick 4 drawing by 9:30 p. m. on the day of the drawing. Tickets purchased after 9:30 p. m. on drawing nights will be valid for the next drawing(s). Drawing games are conducted using random number generation. There are no Louisiana-based drawings on Christmas Day or Easter. Drawings for the multistate games, Powerball and Mega Millions, will be conducted should Christmas fall on a draw day.

what’s good is good should Juan Antonio got another class this again pick three and four so what you do try to type T Tic Tac toes oh I’ll do this is our this year January meeting I got a six one one eight six five count up to three four five six seven you come over here and make another tic tac toe 360 six one six two seven three eight four nine five zero so three is eight 8 is a to the three six there’s a woman oh why there’s a seat cut out sever any now to a live twill and then eat it all right 0 8 5 come it I got anything out do you wanna eat something in accommodation 0 90 do another one January 6 midday eight on that zero count up here I’ll live 12 13 14 15 so 8 is a 3 0 here’s a 5 are you doing this add 5 a 9 so 4 count up five six seven eight nine ten and evening and guys you get three four and get it over here C 1 3 4 all right T 4 I’m gonna do today well ever yeah 7 8 3 2 plus minus plus minus 8 9 10 11 8 minus 2 X 7 6 5 4 plus 4 5 6 7 1 0 8 beiieve it I got 0 6 eight zero six eight character zero five six eight and you gotta write here zero five six eight three times yesterday jr.living me dang I got seven eight three two evening I got zero five six eight three times zero five six eight another carefully 3:05 plus minus plus minus 3 4 5 6 10 and a 10 6 1 2 3 4 4 3 2 1 okay Andy I got classic six five five seven six five there you go miss you works. .

welcome back to the lottery detectives I meant to do this video on Saturday the 22nd but unfortunately I’ve been very busy I have a sick child that needs our attention at the moment so it gets very difficult at times our natural elements are going to calendars when videos will look like this over the next few months we have our calendar days which is the tenth month in black we also have our natural elements in bloom basically what I find the information and that’s the way I record it the other information in green are your states that actually drew the calendar dates so the calendar days like for instant Tennessee you have 10:28 the red dots indicate that that number were was drawn so I put a red dot there of course other states drew it also by only indicated some of the dates that actually were drawn in the States some things I skipped over because I want to make this a quick video we have the state listed above it in green and the days underneath him because I didn’t have any space but for instance you would look at 10:11 you’ll find North Carolina and West Virginia both had the 106 and the 106 1 0 6 2 1 0 when he had two points one add two zeros which are mates also again on the 19th we had this word I didn’t put a indicating red dot but on the one eight one zero and the one one eight zero Maryland actually was this date here so if you want to take a moment and look over the chart you were fine I don’t have to show anybody any tickets I buy or any winning this is proof that you do get calendar days in your state all you have to do is go ahead and look at your history and basically look at your main three digit detroy in it that’s taking place that week or that day and make your best selection from there made me pay attention to your three digits and adding your fourth and normally if you gonna play five I mean four digit numbers you at least need to play on an average about five numbers because in your four digit numbers you’re fine here like for instance your 106 which are one and your 106 with a zero you may want to turn your numbers around several different ways but this is the new look for natural elements over the next few months and if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section and thank you so much for watching.

today on the law degree detective we are going to be doing our four digit workout I’m going to start from the beginning because we have a lot of new people that view this channel on a daily basis so for the people that I have seen the video and explain the one one one one formula with the one two three one formula for four digit lottery okay let’s get started North Carolina had at drew yesterday on Thursday January 21st 6 9 6 9 were midday and your evening was eight four two zero was their evening okay let’s just start it with this formula the one one one one formula and the one two three one formula is no different than the one point one and A one two three formula for three digit as I shown on a video a couple of weeks before now we call this Egyptian mathematics the older lottery players are familiar with that learn let’s go you can start from left to right right to left you just do not carry and you do not borrow so one minus six we are going to get five one from nine you’re going to get eight and one minus one minus six is you’re going to get another five and one minus the nine is side eight we are going to get double family member numbers all the way down because this is two family members in one the six nine six and the nine six nine of both family members I needed to explain that but you want to do it again and you want to continue to subtract until you get to your tenth number and the tenth number should be the number you started out with one minus eight you’re going to have seven 1 5 we’re going to get better for one minus 8 you get a seven and one minus five you’re going to get a four you’re going to continue all the way down this is your halfway point here five numbers down this they are all family members they are all family member the one can be converted into a six by using five make matrix formula the four can be converted into a 9 1 into a 6 4 into a 9 now the 1 2 3 1 if we go all the way down to time we should return back to our drawing okay this formula is adding 1 plus the 9 is going to give us a 0 not a team we do not need the 1 so we only go right to the 0 3 + 6 9 2 + 9 you have one again but we don’t need the other one 1 plus 6 is 7 we’re going to do this all the way down ten times until until we return to your drawing now the other thing that we deal with a three digit what would use the 5 matrix in order to come up with additional number without using your Kyah and that’s what I did with the plus column 7 is equivalent using your 5 matrix to your two also with your one can be converted into a 6 using your 5 matrix you’re now you can be converted into a for using a 5 matrix and also the 0 converter till 5 using your five nature are we doing is adding five and subtracting five from the number subtracted if we subtract the five we’re going to get it too if we add a six I mean a five to this we’re going to get a six so that’s all it is go back and see the video I forget what number it was but I believe it could be 128 or 127 okay let’s move on we have our eight four two zero for our evening drawing we’re using that one one one formula subtracting we go down ten times we will return to our head if you are getting something different you’re adding or subtraction is off now the new thing I want to introduce and to matrix and connecting numbers is this the one one one using a plus long as you can maintain balance when you’re doing a run down anywhere that you use any numbers because there are more numbers you can use to come up with a formula besides this and this and this went to voice it returns you back to your drawing that’s the kind of connection I like to work with but we did the one one one plus and we’re going to do our adding and we get out of 1 1 plus 0 is 1 in our 1 plus 2 we’re going to have a 3 1 plus 4 we’re going to get our 5 and 1 plus that 8 we’re going to get our 9 and you continue to do this all the way down the only thing about the 1 1 1 adding formula you get the same two numbers at the halfway point your mates you can convert these into matrix like here one for one for even your join but it’s already here in your rundown word for one for your gallium but that’s all I’m going to see today this is just a start for people that are trying to get familiar and with their four digit lottery but it will take some time I recommend you not a familiar with four digit lottery practice learn some some some of the formulas and because four digit numbers and a lot of other types of lottery does not have a lot of reference out there for you to immediately learn or have instructions to gather in order to make a proper selection but practice makes perfect I thank you so much for watching.

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