3 Easy Ways To Attract Good Luck For Winning At The Lottery Video

Winning the Lottery


1. Randomly Pick Your Numbers

As discussed in yesterday’s Lotto Secret (#4), it does not matter how you pick your weekly lottery numbers.

Every major lottery in the world is a selection of randomly drawn numbers, so why bother trying to identify an inherent pattern, algorithm or some other implausible good-luck charm. By definition, you can’t predict a random event. Therefore:

* Do not seek or use lottery number “tipping” or prediction services or software. They are a scam, and will waste your time and money. The numbers are inert, the game is just a game, and nothing you can do or postulate will alter the immutable laws of lotto.

Are you looking for a simple, easy-to-use software program that will generate as many sets of random numbers as you want?

The best random-number generation software on the market is produced by winlottosystems. LotterySecret.

2. Focus On The Smaller Prizes

Approximately 99. 99% of ALL the prizes won in any major lottery in the world are earned by matching only three, four or five of the winning numbers. That’s a FACT! Coupled with the fact that (at best) only 1 in 200 games played each week will win a prize – any prize – these two FACTS require a fundamental paradigm shift in your thinking if you want to win at lotto. e.

This is the EXACT strategy used by EVERY successful and consistent lotto winner the world over!

This prize-winning strategy is the key to winning lotto prizes frequently. Together with each of the other two strategies discussed here, you WILL win lotto prizes much more often and remain unbelievably motivated to keep chasing the elusive ‘BIG’ one.
In other words, if you’re not winning a lotto prize (any prize) on a regular basis (I’d say, at least once a month), it’s because you are NOT applying this strategy. LotterySecret. net

3. Join A Syndicate

A syndicate is essentially a group of people who choose to pool their money together to afford an otherwise expensive lotto system.

It is widely reported that close to 25% of all lotto prizes are won by syndicates. Why? Because, more dollars equals greater chances of winning.

If you don’t know of any syndicates, form one! Work-mates and fellow lotto-playing friends are always good candidates to form a syndicate.

So, to give yourself the BEST chance of winning a lotto prize, you MUST do three things:

* Pick your ‘lucky’ numbers any way you like;

* Use a lotto ‘system’ that focuses on winning the small prizes; and

* Form a syndicate of like-minded people to share the costs. LotterySecret. net

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