$1M Question: What Happens When You Win The Lottery? Video

Winning the Lottery

OLGC spokesperson Tony Bitonti explains what happens after someone wins the lottery and what the process is to claim the prize. to CTV News to watch more videos: with CTV News:
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the winner of the largest lottery jackpot in Canadian history remains unidentified the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation is still trying to find out who has the 64 million dollar winning ticket from its draw two weeks ago the unclaimed reward has led many to wonder about just how the process works when you’ve won money joining us this morning the man with the answers if LG spokesperson Tony Visconti it’s great to see you wonderful see you I’m gonna put it out right there world colleagues we are old coffee used to work right here’s where you took over this this is old home wait for me it’s wonderful to see okay so let’s talk about this jackpot and what could be happening in this scenario where there is 64 million dollars out there someone’s got the ticket and they haven’t shown up yet let me say we are very excited this is like the holidays for us when we have the biggest Canadian and largest jackpot in history sold here in Ontario one ticket in Mississauga and we’re waiting for that winner the ticket holder or holders it could be that’s change it be multiple people holding that ticket to come forward and it really isn’t unusual for people to wait so what do they may be doing well a lot of them like to get their ducks in order they want to talk to financial advisers they want to talk to lawyers to family members because it is sixty four million dollars is life changing or maybe they don’t know they have a ticket well we don’t know that either because now the way we know if they know they have the ticket is if they go and validate at one of our retail location and that hasn’t happened that hasn’t happened yet again not unusual sometimes it happens right after the draw sometimes it happens 24 hours 24 days a couple of months so it’s we’re not panicking yet but we’re really really excited we want to pay this money out at 64 million dollars much money this story had our office okay really and people had all sorts of questions and and one of them being what happens when you have a winning ticket so you go into said store and you go in and you win a certain amount of money it at what amount does the whole thing shut down lock down and people come and went so again what when you come to our one of our retail locations and you put the ticket in so if it’s a free play to 64 million dollars the bells and whistles go off which is good and he’ll tell you exactly how much you’ve won right if it’s over $5,000 the terminal shuts down it really does freeze you can’t do anything more the computer contacts our support center the support center within about 30 seconds to a minute calls the store talks to the retailer we want to talk to the retailer and we also want to talk to the customer so the big sign says customer remain in the store what are you talking about what we get from them first of all we get some information from them you know who they are when they bought the ticket some little bit of information and then we give them some information as well on the next steps claiming this money and really that validation really ties you to the ticket so if in case it ever gets lost or something happens to it god forbid at least there is that connection so the most important thing our best advice is come to the store or even our price Center in downtown Toronto to come and validate and then once the validation happens then you come to our prize center and anything over 250,000 dollars you have to come to our prize Center there’s other ways collecting and then you go through a price claiming review process because our motto is we want to pay the right price the right person so are you the right person that holds and owns that ticket and if everything goes well a couple of hours later you could be walking out of there with up to sixty four million dollars someone out there is whole yeah get many people one one ticket sold in Mississauga so again could be one ticket holder or a group especially when it’s big prizes like 64 million we get a lot of group play so sign your ticket check your tickets and then come down to the prize center and Kyle and collect your money Tony good to see you absolutely wonderful being here.


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