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10 Stupid Lottery Winners Crazy Things Money Can Actually Buy now and again, well turn on the tv or surf through the internet and come across some news story about how a certain lottery somewhere has reached an absolutely ridiculous jackpot size. Tens of millions, hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars lottery jackpots can get pretty big and have millions of people snapping up tickets for a chance at a new life. Imagine what you would do with such vast sums of money. Most of us would probably buy a new house, a few cars and go on a lot of vacations. Yes, we would likely spend a good sized chunk of the winnings simply because we could. Our friends, family and charities would likely also see some of the money once we were done doing our best Hollywood A-lister impersonations of course.
Despite the benefits of winning a massive lottery jackpot, there are more than a few disturbing examples that show its not all happiness and champagne. Sure, a ton of money gives you a lot of but it also raises new problems and requires a little responsibility to manage. Even with all the money, its wise to invest and save a portion so you dont go broke. Its also important to have boundaries on what you spend and what you give away, especially when you find out you have a lot more friends than you knew you had before you won. As these examples in the video show, things can get stressful for winners. Extravagant lifestyles, greedy people and just plain old criminals can all take their toll on lottery winners and even lead to a shocking death.

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for a lot of people winning the lottery sure would solve a lot of problems just think how your life would change suddenly with a bank account full of millions of dollars for many who do win life is made a lot easier as debt is erased and they are free to do almost anything for others however the saying more money more problems takes on a whole new meaning and in these extreme cases may even result in death craigory Burch jr.when you win a lot of money it unfortunately puts a big target on your back for the greedy and dangerous people looking to make a quick buck craigory Burks jr. found this out in January 2016 the Georgia resident had won nearly half a million dollars in the November 2015 lottery in addition to making Christmas a little brighter for his own family Burch had also spent some of the money on gifts for the less fortunate this didn’t sway robbers who invaded his house in January demanding the money when the robbers couldn’t find the winnings they shot Burch dead Jeffrey Dampier when Jeffrey Dampier won the Illinois Lottery for twenty million dollars life looked pretty good Dampier opened his own business and shared the money with family members making sure everyone’s finances were taken care of one of those two benefit was Victoria Jackson Dampier sister in law unfortunately she and her boyfriend were greedy and wanted a bigger share of the lottery winnings they kidnapped Dampier robbed him of a sizable amount of cash and then murdered him they were both now serving life sentences in prison Keith go the story of Keith Co proves that money can buy short term happiness but have long term consequences if not managed carefully go won a large fifteen million dollar jackpot in 2005 with money to spare he indulge in gambling alcohol and spent a lot of money on luxury box seats at sporting events perhaps trying to be smart he invested over a million in business deals which all fell apart in the end his lifestyle forced his wife to leave the stress took its toll on gos health declined until he suffered a heart attack and died David Lee Edwards Kentucky native David Lee Edwards was on easy street after winning 27 million dollars in just the first year after winning the lottery Edwards had spent 12 million on mansion’s cars and even a private jet within 5 years edwardses lifestyle had bankrupted him and he was now a hepatitis and to drug user who was broke and living in a storage unit his health steadily declines and he died in a hospice penniless and actually owing thousands of dollars to friends and family Deborah Mc. Donald Ohio resident Deborah Mc. Donald may have only won $5,500 but her story is nonetheless tragic the 47 year old won the money on a lottery television game show on the day she picked up her check Mc. Donald purchased two wedding rings for her and her husband and treated friends and family to a celebratory dinner at a local restaurant while walking home a car struck and killed her giving her just one day over which to enjoy her lottery winnings brian Mc.

Kechnie in 2013 Ryan Mc.Kechnie won nearly $60,000 in the Irish lottery for the 31 year old father and former drug addict the money promised a new and better life unfortunately the death of his mother sent him back into drugs and the lottery winnings attracted a lot of macaques friends the situation drained the lottery winnings quickly but also led to a murder after not being seen or heard from for days police went to Mc. Kechnie house and discovered he had been murdered Mack Metcalf and Virginia Meredith Mac Metcalf and is a strange wife Virginia mérida we’re living in poverty when a thirty four million dollar lotto jackpot turned things around in 2000 the two said about spending their winnings Metcalf bought a mansion complete with horses and cars Merida also bought her own mansion and a Mercedes Benz despite the financial stability each started down a dark path mat cab with alcohol and Merida with drug use three years after striking it rich both were dead as a result of their addictions Doris Marie it is often true that winning the lottery can change people for better or worse in the case of Doris Marie winning five million dollars didn’t see extravagant lifestyle changes instead the Georgia native stayed under the radar and continue to live modestly unfortunately her boyfriend Derrick Stanley wasn’t into that lifestyle according to family and friends fueled by greed and the possibility he might not get any money Stanley stabbed Marie to death when she tried to break up with him Gerald ma swag n’ just because you win Millions doesn’t mean you’re safe from going broke a lot of winners find this out the hard way and realized too late that they should have saved and invested some of their winning Canadian Gerald my swag in was one such person when he won ten million dollars life looked pretty good form us Fagin he said about spending the money on cars and televisions for him and his friends he bought a house to party in and spent a lot on drugs and alcohol with no one suggesting he saved some of the money must I can spend every penny depressed and broke the former millionaire committed suicide Abraham Shakespear when you win millions you can become a bit of a celebrity Abraham Shakespeare’s life was changing for the better when he won thirty million dollars the seventeen million dollar lump sum payment allowed him to share with friends and family and set up a trust fund for his child when Dee. Dee Moore approached and offered to write his story he accepted more in actuality was nothing more than a crook looking to take Shakespeare’s money after murdering Shakespeare she buried the body under a concrete slab in her backyard fortunately she was caught and handed a 25 year sentence well there you go kids that’s why you don’t win the lottery we hope you enjoyed this video here’s a couple other videos that we think you might be into and while you’re here please don’t forget to click like and subscribe thanks. .

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