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Christopher Kaelin from Chicago describes himself as an occasional lottery player what would describe him more accurately would be to say that he’s the luckiest occasional lottery player out there in 2014 kaylynn won $25,000 on a scratch off ticket Kaelin was excited by his win and went out to celebrate and ended up buying a crossword instant ticket when he stopped at the gas station after the night out that ticket too ended up being a lucky one winning him another thousand dollars that same night against all odds Kalyan got lucky one more time paying a visit to the same downtown newsstand that got him his first winning ticket Kaelin bought another one and remarkably won another $25,000 or so he had thought on his way to claim the prize Kaelin realized he had misread the ticket he had actually won $250,000 Kaelin won a total of 276 thousand from the same lotto game in less than a month Derrick Ladner is a 57 year old lottery winner whose forgetfulness doubled his prize later was one of the five winners to split a 2.4 million pound jackpot his six regular numbers came up on the midweek draw and he claimed his four hundred seventy nine thousand 142 pounds share of the sum however it turned out that Laettner’s forgetfulness got the best of him as it turns out he had actually bought another ticket after finally remembering his second purchase Laettner discovered that the second ticket had the same numbers which means that Laettner got yet another portion of the prize Laettner is the only player so far to win twice in the same draw with the lucky last minute discovery later managed to double his prize Mary Wolens is an 86 year old woman from Toronto who trusted her prophetic dream and ended up getting rich off the lottery men we dreamt of a lotto ticket and a large check in the drain revealed the winning numbers which she memorized and later played however Mary was so impressed and convinced by her dream that she decided to buy yet another ticket that one being exactly the same as the first both tickets ended up being winners woolens ended up sharing the 24 million dollar jackpot with another winner but taking 2/3 of the sum thanks to her lucky double purchase this turned Wallens into an unlikely millionaire when she claimed her 16 million dollar share Richard Lustig is a seven time lottery winner with one of his wins bringing him a vast fortune close to a million dollars although most would envy his luck Lustig claims that playing the lottery isn’t simply letting fade run its course in fact lustick has even published a book in which he mapped out his lottery winning strategies in the book he gives advice on choosing numbers to be played the frequency of playing the amount to be invested in the game as well as how one can conduct research in order to prepare him or herself for the game and maximize their chances of winning listing claims that playing the lottery demands a studied approach and his book makes it seem like a sort of art his amazing winning streak certainly gives his opinion on the matter some Authority john Ginther has won a record breaking 28 separate lotteries while some of her wins were smaller many of them have added on to her multi millionaire status the 67 year old has won a 5. 4 million Texas lotto jackpot in 1993 followed by many lucky scratch off tickets which won her two million dollars in 2006 three million dollars in 2008 and ten million dollars in 2010 whatever Ginther secret is still remains a mystery the lucky winner is not a fan of publicity and avoids the media however a clue to her success lies in the amount she has invested in buying the tickets Ginther has spent three million dollars on approximately 100,000 scratch off tickets a lucky couple from Portsmouth Calvin and Zatara Spencer had an amazing lucky streak the couple won a million dollar prize on the Powerball draw although overjoyed by the Sun they had collected the couple continued playing the very next day they bought a scratch card at a local convenience store the scratch card turned out to be their second lucky ticket it won them another million dollars winning the Powerball is against all odds concretely the odds are 1 in 5 million winning twice in two days is quite remarkable amid Torres won $100 on a California lottery scratchers ticket which made her decide to buy more tickets she claims to have been feeling lucky her feeling was right one of the tickets she had bought ended up being worth $5,000 when she visited the Santa Ana district office to claim her prizes Torres saw the photos of all the winners who claimed their prizes there and felt that something much bigger was in store for her feeling that she was on a lucky streak Torres went out to buy even more tickets buying another dozen scratchers tickets Torres proved that there is some truth in the saying that the third time is the charm her 50 times the cash scratcher turned out to be worth 1 million dollars James Wilson bought a lottery ticket but somewhere along the line he completely forgot about it the ticket was resting in his wallet unnoticed for almost six months one day Wilson decided to get rid of old receipts lying around and stumbled upon the ticket at first he thought it was nothing more than trash but luckily he gave it another look the ticket turned out to be worth 50 1232 pounds what makes Wilson particularly lucky is the fact that he had only 24 hours left to claim his prize he made it in the nick of time bill Morgan is an Australian truck driver who got into a work related accident that left him clinically dead for 14 minutes against all odds Morgan woke up from the subsequent coma in full health despite expectations of him being brain damaged he made a full recovery this was the reason behind me interest when he won a 20 $3,900 us lottery prize a television station wanted to make a story about the miracle man who was not only a survivor but also a lottery winner for the sake of theatrics they asked him to buy and scratch a ticket on camera Morgan played along and to everyone’s astonishment actually won the lottery again this time live on camera the ticket Morgan had bought turned out to be worth three hundred fifty one thousand five hundred and twenty six US dollars when we asked bill to reenact by his scratchy ticket I just won two hundred and fifty thousand since I’m not joking I just won two hundred and fifty thousand Raymond Buxton had played the lottery for about twenty years before he finally got lucky he purchased the ticket that ended up winning him the biggest jackpot in California Buxton was the sole winner of a 425 million dollar lottery making it one of the biggest wins in the history of the United States Buxton wanted to maintain his privacy and refused to reveal any personal details he did however reveal that he was working with lawyers and financial advisors in establishing a plan on how to use his money his ambitions lie in the field of charity work he established a foundation focused on the areas of pediatric health child hunger and education. .

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