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where offer a brilliant start already when I tell you I do it for my dork I got a channel on it’s what I tell you all three of those have been hit we got three hits already oh no let’s find out we got one two three matches for matches five matches six matches seven matches eight matches nine matches ten matches it’s probably going to be it means I got ten numbers that are gonna pay well we got what I tell you a hundred dollars hahaha hundred under each that would be nice beauty beauty beauty beauty everywhere I was just sitting here talking to her and she said how do you pick tickets and I said well I look at what’s been hit over there and if you keep track of what’s been hit you’ll know that it’s probably not a good deck to play on get on one two three four five six seven eight nine forty four or two bazinga 16 another winner I was just explaining to her that we hit the hundred here yesterday and one hundred on this one was hit right before I walked in both of those were ticket number nine and ticket out of five was over there and the claim things with a hundred I winter ninety nine percent of the books that’s gonna be your big winner and that’s the only one that was not hit that’s the second one I bought and we just hit it alright y’all y’all be good good luck today and I’ll see you later peace.


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