Wyoming Lottery Strategy

Our updated wyoming lottery strategy guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

The man was excited about hunting elk in Wyoming. He couldn’t wait for the season to begin. We chatted about his upcoming adventure, and I remarked that he was fortunate to have drawn a nonresident tag. He gave me a funny look and said he hadn’t purchased a tag yet. As it turned out, he believed he could buy one when he arrived for the hunt. He was unaware that nonresidents of Wyoming had to obtain elk tags in a limited-entry draw.

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Let’s say you apply for an elk tag, and you don’t draw. For example, if you’re a nonresident of Colorado and want to hunt elk there, you can simply walk into a store and buy a tag over the counter. The Wyoming Wildlife Commission realized the unfairness of this system, and after the new point system was in place for a year, it amended the procedure so that 25 percent of the go to anyone, regardless of a firm believer in limited-entry units, even in my home state of Wyoming, where I apply for a trophy elk tag each year. Think points–the more the better. The time it takes to stack the deck is time well Top Western SPECIES/ APP POINTS CONTACT UNIT Elk/ mid- 14 This unit is one of Unit 201 preference the best in the West .co.us points for big bulls on public land.

Wyoming lottery strategy

Western Tag Strategies How To Get Drawn For A Top Limited-Entry Hunt

Below is the tentative state application deadlines and the application strategy article release dates. These dates will be modified as the state releases more information. We release INSIDER Application Strategy articles two to three weeks before the state deadlines. This gives you plenty of time to check out the new regulations, unit boundary changes, herd dieoff information and tag allocation changes before you try to draw your dream tag. Another benefit to our online presence is you will have access to the latest and best information possible to help you prepare for hunts. Also, once an application strategy article is released, INSIDERs will be able to click on the date of release in the table below to view the entire application strategy


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Wyoming lottery strategy headlineWe release INSIDER Application Strategy two to three weeks before the state deadlines. year we released Draw Odds to INSIDER. I thought it was set to release John. I’m giving it a few more reads to make sure I have all the correct to the unit profiles and draw odds does the Colorado come out? The only addition, I’d like to see, are the hunt codes for each particular unit within any given state. Most other states you need to buy your points at the time of the main application.

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