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Use the 3175 rundown to get winning combinations of numbers! You can also use your state’s hot numbers in conjunction with this strategy!!.

hey everyone today I’m going to show you a new pic for strategy please be sure to subscribe this is a 3 1 75 rundown and this is one of the more popular run downs for the pic 4 so you’re gonna use the previous day’s draw and I’m using an example from North Carolina’s midday on September 23rd there hit that day was 4 6 0 4 so you set that up below your 3 175 simply add the columns all the way down until you get back to your hit just like you would with the 3 1 7 for the pic 3 and then you’re going to look for your hit some and your date some so your date some is the 9 + 23 added together that’d be 22 so you’re gonna look for all the twos and your run down and then your hit some is the 4 + 6 + 4 which is 14 so you’re gonna look for all the fours this one has a lot of fours and then once you’ve identified your hit and date sums you’re gonna look for any combination of four numbers touching within the rundown now if that seems overwhelming that that’s a lot of numbers to choose from or narrow down you can also look at the hot numbers for your state and compare to see what hot numbers are showing up around your hit and date sums as well if you want to narrow it down that way and then here at the bottom I’ve got the hits that showed up in this week after the 23rd that came directly from this rundown so that you can see it is working in North Carolina but like I said you can always backtrack and look in your own state to see how this rundown works for you let me know if you have any questions good luck and be sure to subscribe.


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