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Winning Pick 2 Strategy!! Examples using Florida and Ontario’s numbers!.

hey everyone today I want to show you a strategy for the pic 2 games please remember to subscribe I haven’t done a pic 2 video in the past just because not as many states have picked but I had a request so I wanted to show you this method because it seems to be working well I’m gonna be showing you Ontario and Florida numbers so the first example is Ontario’s evening draw this is from October 30th their draw was to 3 and I’m using a 3 6 rundown it’s just like any of the pick 3 your pick for rundowns you’re simply adding the numbers all the way down so you get back to your hit number it’s just in this case you’re using the numbers three six and then of course I’m highlighted the date sums and hit sums and then when I went back to test it over the week following the 30th these were all the hits that came directly from this rundown just I won’t go through all of them but for example 7 for hit on November 1st here you’ve got 7 for this way or this way and again on the 8th for 7 hit and then two days in a row 14 hit so you’ve got the one for there and also that way 85 hit and you’ve got 85 right there and so on so and then gone ahead and done Ontario’s numbers from last evening straw which was for 7 and highlighted the nines and the ones for hit and date sums I’ve also included the hot numbers if you want to consider that when looking for combinations of two numbers in your rundown and then I’ve listed some numbers that I think would be good numbers to play this week in Ontario for their evening draw so I also did Florida’s evening draw for pick two their hit last night was 2 5 so I did the rundown highlighted the sevens and 9s also included the hot numbers right now for Florida’s pick two and then listed some numbers that I think would be good to play for the evening draw in Florida so if you have questions let me know but remember to subscribe and thanks for watching.


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