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Our Winnie Sun featured on KABC regarding this week’s PowerBall Lotto Lottery Winner Financial Planning Tips and Strategies. Interviewed by ABC Reporter Greg Lee. Southern California.

live from ABC 7 this is Eyewitness News Dreams of billionaire bliss as people buy up all the Powerball tickets they can the jackpot already in the history books today it climbed to a staggering 1.4 billion dollars and the drawing isn’t until Wednesday hello and thank you for joining us I’m Colleen Sullivan in for David owner and I’m Ellen Leyva this is Eyewitness News at four o’clock and you can feel the Laurie fever buying a Powerball ticket is now the champs I’ll be very slim to win more than a billion dollars still a chance though Atlanta and the jackpots expected to grow even more of ticket sales stay at their intense pace Orange County reporter Greg Lee has a look at how people are preparing for Wednesday’s drawing and the largest lottery in the world with the Powerball jackpot climbing to the world’s largest lottery payout ever people are flocking to stores like this 7 eleven for their chance to become a billionaire but what should they do if they win we spoke to an expert Powerball tickets getting snatched up by the handfuls at this 7 eleven in Orange everyone hoping to take home a jackpot that’s even too big for in store displays to show because I went one point whatever billion dollars the jackpot for Wednesday’s drawing is estimated at 1. 4 billion dollars but that could still grow California lottery officials say they sold roughly fifteen million dollars in tickets between 5:00 p. m. and 6:00 p.

m.Saturday night odds of winning one in 292 million but don’t tell this guy this is actually my first you know Powerball ticket I’ve ever bought so who knows I mean there’s a chance for everyone if you do hit all six numbers and win the jackpot experts say you’ll want to make sure you have a team in place to manage the money I would say take a step back and meet with a tax professional we have a financial advisor systems myself and meet with people that you trust financial advisor Winnie son is the managing director at son group wealth partners she says after you sign your ticket you’ll have to decide if you want your prize paid over 30 years or the lump sum of about 868 million dollars still not shabby amount of money but understand it’s that’s her mouth plus as soon as you get that lump sum the whole amount is taxable even with the odds everyone we spoke to knew exactly how they would spend their future winnings help my family of course finish school and travel travel travel charity church but before the winter starts divvying up the cash son says it’s important to wait and come up with a plan take six months off of spending think about where you are your life and make sure you have a clear direction of how you’re gonna spend that first check henry Arenas came to pick up the tickets for his office pool and even though his boss is part of the group he says a win on Wednesday would mean he’s staying home on Thursday there’s no reason to be sitting there in an office when you have millions of dollars in the bank you know it doesn’t make sense don’t quit your job yet don’t go buy that house in the mountains yet think about where you want to be you have until 7 p. m. the day of the drawing that’s Wednesday to buy your ticket reporting in Orange Greg Lee ABC 7 Eyewitness News. .

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