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Example using SC numbers!.

hey everyone today I’m going to show you a new pic for strategy using the box system please remember to subscribe this example is using South Carolina’s evening numbers from their pick for draw but as always you can use this anywhere that you play pick four games so the first thing you’re going to look at is the last two draws in your state so the draw from the 15th which was yesterday in South Carolina was 8 6 8 1 and on the 14th they’re draw was 4 0 7 8 so you’re gonna convert those to the mirror numbers so the mirror number of 8 6 8 1 is 3 1 3 6 mirror number of 4:07 eight is nine five two three so once you have those you’re gonna put them into your grid and it’s just simply four boxes across four down so we have three one three six and 9 5 2 3 and you put those on the first and third rows and then for your second and fourth rows you’re gonna fill them in with the hot numbers so our hunt numbers are 3 9 4 1 and 0 8 7 5 so with this system you’re not looking at necessarily numbers diagonal horizontal vertical you’re just looking for any four numbers that are connected so oftentimes it’ll come out that they’re like a zigzag like 9 8 2 5 or 3 8 2 9 or it could be something like 3 9 2 3 anyway that those four numbers are connected so you could simply just do this method and pick some numbers to play based on that but I’m also gonna use the 3 1 7 5 run down just so we can kind of narrow down what numbers we want to play so this is using the most recent draw the 8 6 8 1 from the 15th so our date some would be 6 since you’re adding the 11 and 15 so I’ve got the 6 is highlighted and then the hit some was 23 so I’ve got the 3s highlighted and then I’ve got some numbers here that I’m seeing in both places so just for example we’ve got four eight five nine and here we’ve got the four nine five eight right here and over here we’ve got four eight five nine also three nine four one we’ve got that across the bottom here but we’ve also got it down here the nine three four one so you’re really just gonna look around your highlighted numbers and see if those four numbers are also showing up connected in your grid and if they’re showing up more than once even better but that’s a good way to kind of narrow down what your options might be to play so let me know if you have questions or if you’re not sure how to do mirror numbers or how to get your hot numbers I could try to help you but thanks for watching remember to subscribe and good luck.


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