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Use this Pick 3 Strategy to increase your odds of winning!.

hey everyone today I’m going to show you a pic 3 strategy please remember to subscribe this is a new strategy that is based on a pic for strategy that I did about a month ago so if you saw that video this is gonna look familiar I’m just gonna show you how you can apply it to the pic 3 games so it is working in a number of states I’m going to show you 3 different states numbers but if you are not in one of these states and I’m featuring please backtrack and look in your own state because it could be working there too I just haven’t checked in every single state so the first example is from North Carolina’s evening draw on November 20th their draw with 6 5 0 so you set up your 6 5 0 in each column you’re gonna have a plus minus plus so the first column you’re adding one down four rows the second column you’re subtracting one down four rows and the last you’re adding one and once you have those numbers set up you’re simply looking for three numbers that are touching as numbers to play and the nice thing about this is you don’t have as many numbers as you would with a 1 2 3 run down or 3 1 7 so it kind of helps to not have so many possibilities but the draw of two days later after this xx draw was for 8 1 and right here you can see the 4 8 1 and then on the 23rd it was 8 9 3 and here’s the 8 9 3 right there so I went ahead and did this for this coming week in North Carolina their draw from last evening was 3 0 8 so again we set it up with the plus minus plus column and then I’ve also included the hot numbers right now because if you’re not sure how to pick numbers that can help you kind of narrow down which numbers you might want to pick so for example 6 5 8 I think would be a good one to play you see 6 5 8 right there 5 4 8 right here or 4 8 0 right there but again you can pick and choose any numbers of three numbers that are there just depending on how often you play but those would be good for the whole week so that’s North Carolina I also have Oklahoma and they only have one pick three draw day so they’re draw on the 18th was 8 1 0 so I did that with the plus minus plus and then that week they had these three drawers that all came from this little workout so I did their numbers for the coming week their draw from yesterday was for eight two and then I’ve also included their hot numbers and some numbers here that I think would be good to play in Oklahoma this coming week and then lastly I have George’s cash three their mid day draw on the 19th or draw was four three five and set that up and then these two draws came directly from that that following week so I’ve got their draw from today the twenty fifth was five five seven did the rundown also included their hot numbers and then some suggested numbers that might be good to play so let me know if this was helpful be sure to share it like it and subscribe and thanks for watching.


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