Virginia Lottery Scratch Offs

Our updated virginia lottery scratch offs guide. Remember that a winning lottery strategy is about finding an edge not magically predicting the next draws numbers. It’s all about the math.

Last summer, Hoover got a tip from a friend that, based on information on the state lottery’s Web site, his odds of winning the $75,000 grand prize for the “Beginners Luck” scratch-off game had improved. Data showed there were still lots of available grand prizes, even though a fair number of tickets had been sold.

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But he didn’t just toss the ticket. After sending public information requests to the Virginia Lottery, Hoover said he crunched the numbers and got his answer: zero. On Monday, he filed a claim against the Virginia Lottery, alleging it has collected tens of millions of dollars in revenue from people who bought scratch-off tickets that had no chance of winning the top prize. Essentially, he says, the lottery misled the public into believing that the grand prizes could still be won. Fishwick Jr. , Hoover’s attorney, said in a statement.

virginia lottery scratch offs

Third And Won / Cold Cash

Ticket Responsibility

In the event a dispute between the Lottery and the ticket bearer occurs as to whether the ticket is a winning ticket, and if the ticket prize is not paid, the Director may, solely at his/her option, replace the disputed ticket with an unplayed ticket of equivalent sales price from any current Lottery game. This shall be the sole and exclusive remedy of the bearer of the ticket (except as otherwise may be provided by law, rules or regulations). Additionally, the Director may refrain from making payment of the prize pending a final determination by the West Virginia Lottery Commission or by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Governing Law
In purchasing a ticket, the customer agrees to comply with and abide by the West Virginia Law, all Game Rules and final decisions of the Lottery, and all procedures and instructions established by the Lottery or the Director for the conduct of the game.

Purchase and Prize Restrictions
No Instant Game ticket may be purchased by, and no prize shall be paid to an officer or employee of the Lottery, or of any contractor or subcontractor who is involved in the production of Instant Game tickets for this game, or any member of their immediate household.

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hey everybody’s animal scratcher in this video I want to be playing the new tickets that came out this May in Virginia I want to thank you guys so much for all the love and support and positivity you guys sent me I appreciate you guys when I was in London with my sister my husband surprised me and got my sister and I tickets to go see Anthony Robbins and also we had a few days before the seminar started to go around London and see some of the sights were so amazing and I actually cried when he gave me the surprise and this was several months ago and Anthony Robbins he’s a self help guy and most of the books I read or self help and positive books and kind of improving your life and seeing things in the best way that you can and gratitude books I’ve been a fan of Anthony Robbins for over 15 years and I never thought that I would get to go to one of his seminars and so for me this was such dream come true and it was so amazing such a wonderful uplifting experience and I’m going to take with me for the rest of my life and it was fifty plus hours being there with him and his team and actually the first day we were there was a four day seminar called unleash the pack end and the very first day about 10:30 at night on London time we all walked across 12 feet of 2,000 degree coals and we kind of had to pump ourselves up for that and it was mind over matter and I had a little bit of heat on my foot afterwards on just one little spot and that was fine it didn’t blister or anything and it was such an amazing experience and the energy was so amazing you just feel it everywhere and everyone was cheering and everyone is there for each other feeling like a better person and I try to be as positive as I can and of course in everyday life you know we all have things that get us ourselves down and we can be negative about ourselves with certain things and I always try to turn that around in my life and find the gratitude and everything that I do be something that you can be grateful for and every day and it was just a wonderful experience my sister and I had a great time and we’re back now and we actually just got back from a birthday party with my kiddos it was a four year old birthday par and it was in Baltimore the National Harbor and it was right on the water there was a carousel a playground and it just started pouring down rain and I looked around everyone there was still having a great time and we’re still celebrating it was cold real had our umbrellas we’re still eating pizza and having cupcakes the kids are still having fun and it’s just great because no matter what comes at you in life your attitude can determine your experience and it was just so amazing looking around everyone was still happy and smiling and still embracing the event and the birthday party which is great and so we’ve had fun and so down back and I wanted to do these tickets because my boys are napping and I also won’t let you go guys no with this channel I’ve been doing videos probably one I was doing them for the first eight months one for videos sometimes a day and I am going to drop that back and I’m probably going to do maybe two to three videos a week now no we’re going to be really busy this summer with the kiddos and I’m sure all you guys going to have some things going on in the summer as well so I just want to kind of set the expectation that I won’t be doing videos as often but I love this channel and I love you guys and I’m still I’m going to be scratching I’m so excited to be scratching these tickets and I have not scratched these yet these are the new tickets that came out this May they’re the pick three so I got a three of these very cute and these triple super triple 7 tickets these two dollar tickets and the tripling crossword and two $5 takes to 250,000 a double play ticket and the pirate’s loot ticket and I’m going to go ahead I’m going to start with the pick three tickets with these match any of your numbers to the winning number when prize shown reveal a three went $33 instantly went up to five times okay so our winning number is it to looking for the number two oh and a two and I think you guys might saw that that’s three what’s great we will take that when right oh my goodness another two very exciting so two wins on this ticket Oh three wins on this ticket so we’ll come back to this one our number is 18 number 1818 oh great on our last pick three ticket number 11 all right well two out of three of the pick three that’s great now these we’re looking to reveal a seven in any game when price shone reveal two sevens in the same game when double the price shown reveal three sevens in the same game when triple the prize shown so we’re looking for some sevens oh and there’s 1:7 oh that’s great so we have one win on these these new tickets are showing us the love a love it will come back to this one and the tripling crossword ticket on the back it says for the prize key three words if we can match three words we get three dollars four words ten dollars five words twenty six words fifty and it goes upwards to possibly fifty thousand dollars for this ticket look how gorgeous this is I love all these colors and I was kind of going through these and I saw right here I just decided to look for the dug coal lettering Indy is one of the deco lettering so this is not a winning ticket but I was kind of going through these normally I might do it with a sharpie that might be easier but I don’t have one upstairs so I just kind of want to show you what one of these look like and this is really cute and I’ll be entering it in for the extra chance drawing and on the legend if we can get two anchors when five dollars rolled will of cash we win ten dollars where you find three and so on for all the prizes in the legend and we went five dollars for each on treasure chest open treasure chests that’s revealed this is a cute ticket Oh three gems so we have three more 150 dollars that would be amazing for gems them this will kind of count some of these is he one two or three coins we needed five five gems we needed six one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven I see 11 ships needed 12 the bills I see one two three bills we needed four and for the rolled up cash a/c 193 just check the code lettering here at the bottom that always helps me especially in games like this would be easy to miss something B and that is one of the dud letter codes for the state of Virginia and on this one match any of your numbers to any of the winning numbers when price young for that number unless three like prize amounts win that amount so we’re going to be scratching up this entire area so there are a couple ways to play the double play and I’m not seeing I’m looking at all the prize amount like don’t be three that match let’s look at the numbers looking for the number 11 17:38 number is a nine I don’t see that I’m going to check those dead code letters and there’s an extra chance here so I can always enter it in for the extra chance and P is one of the dead letter codes so let’s go back to some of our winning tickets we’ll go back to our first winning pick three ticket and there’s a three dollar win right here another $3 win this might be three dollars as well for nine dollars that’s great on I won two this one we found a matching 18 and we got a dollar back free chance of the chair $2.00 ticket there’s it seven that we’re looking for and we got our money back on this ticket so that’s great scratches back together again I want to send them love this is sign language for I love you and I want to send you guys at home love and thank you guys so much for coming back to the channel and spending some time with me and I wish you guys a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye guys love you guys. .

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