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Secret lottery formula.

lachchi larger secret society where retirement is closer than you think logic logic is a business that made billions early wouldn’t you agree and no business can survive without profits that’s why we have decided to expose one of our dividend formula course 1 unit 1 or a dividend formula no a attention keenly 3 1 2 was a last row followed by 7 1 6 no oh did we get 3 7 1 6 from G 1 2 if you pay attention you will see that between G 1 2 & 7 1 6 the only similarity is 1 know what our computer did was to use the last numbers from the last row 3 1 2 created the computer then created a first column and the second column and count in order your question that you may be asking is why am i using the big tree farmer to explain this because it is simpler to understand and easy to apply to any game ok so 3 1 2 or does the computer generate 7 1 6 from 3 1 2 it comes in order without repeating any number so from 3 1 2 you will be counting but remember that zero is always equivalent to 10 so anyway you see zero it’s equal to 10 or 10 is equal to 0 so 3 1 2 so we will count in other 4 5 6 seven eight nine no what we want to find here is from tree one two seven one six was drawn so three one two we can clearly see seven one six right here so 71 62 women is was the wind lad was the last row which was the winning number no in future lesson we will be teaching you today how to decrypt any logic game with various formulas so in future videos we will be exposing the big secret logic formula where each element is closer than you think you decide subscribe.


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