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There’s 600 million up for grabs, you want to spend 5 dollars and win it all I’m on board. GOOD LUCK

hello good afternoon and welcome to my channel Illinois lotteries winning strategies pick fan tips and today I got a great strategy for you plus it’s a great tip also and that don’t get shut out it makes no sense as you can see these numbers in front of you here okay the actual number is 38 69 now I had a hunch about that number this was last weekend so I wanted to make sure if it came in because see this hunch was born from a strategy and I wanted to get it in and as you can see I did and right now where I am it’s a storm brewing it’s a terrible snowstorm blowing and now I don’t have to worry about going out trying to get it in see never get shut out it’s no excuse for that you say you want to win five six seven hundred million you want to spend five dollars I have no problem with that I’m on board I wish you the best of luck karma may be calling on you to do just that but the first thing you have to do is get your numbers in and as you can see this ticket says I played my hunch for one week exactly seven days twelve nine thirteen two twelve fifteen thirteen so see it’s no excuse for getting shut out at the window now the next Mega Million drawing is Tuesday what are you waiting for it’s gonna be 600 million dollars up for grabs if somebody could win it with one dollar well so what are you waiting for don’t procrastinate don’t get shut out at the window get your numbers in it makes no sense now with that said I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I want to wish you the best of luck and I hope we split the 600 million that’s right you and I I hope we split the 600 bill so uh good luck that’s the tip don’t procrastinate thank you have a great day.


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