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Lotto Strategies

To learn how to win the lotto over and over again this secret finally anyone can win the lottery, this simple technique can help you win millions and you might not just win once you could win over and over again. Secret to winning the lottery in any state, just a simple technique.

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I got shot in the foot after winning the big lotto price three times in a row hi my name is Larry Blair I’m a math professor in Oklahoma everything happened so quickly I was walking out in the parking lot of the mall when suddenly I was attacked by two masked guys it’s a very strange sensation to know that you have a gun at your head at first I didn’t know what they wanted from me I told him to search my pockets and to take all the money but they wanted something else they wanted the secret that made me win the lottery three times in a row and a few times before that I even have a sketch of one of the aggressors it’s the same picture that was presented to the police the criminals were never apprehended they kept asking me how the heck did you do it what’s your secret for winning the lottery tell us or we’ll kill you what in the world should I tell them how can I tell them how I win the lottery with a gun pointed at my head I cracked and I swear to God that I acted purely on instinct I stumbled and told them that I needed at least a half an hour a pen and a sheet of paper and some silence so I could teach them how to win the lottery consistently in that moment they decided to put me into their car and kidnap me God does exist and exactly at that moment an ambulance came into the parking lot with its lights flashing the bandits thought it was the police and wanted a hide and that’s when I ran and I ran fast even though I’m 42 years old bang a firearm sounded in my ears I felt the bullet in my left foot but I was still able to run I finally managed to get in the street and ask for help the rest is history although cracking the lottery code has changed my life nothing else matters when you have a gun pointed to your head and you realize that in the next minute you might be dead all you think about is your wife and children I decided to thank God for saving me by donating a lot of money to charity after this experience I realized that life is by far the most precious thing we have and money should never be the top priority although it is good to have it when this happened and that was about two years ago I had already won around three and a half million dollars total all this money was made by winning the lottery five times in two short months the last three times I won in a row and I was on the front page of all the local newspapers this is the fame that almost got me killed I donated 1 million dollars to a foundation that finances libraries in third world countries since I’m a professor I know how important it is to have a proper education this way those people of least will have hope I swore in front of God and I kept my promise can anyone win the lottery or how did I manage to kill the lottery five out of ten times well if I would have been asked this question ten years ago I would have said no it’s impossible to win so often but after I spent eight years developing a system that is guaranteed to win five out of ten times now my answer will be yes anyone can win the lottery if they know how to play you see I’m a mathematics professor and I’ve been passionate about figures since I was young I admit I also like to have money tons of it because I was raised in a poor family and never got the chance to drive a sporty car or live in a fancy house until I won the lottery these two characteristics combined and loving money and mathematics have transformed me into an addicted lotto player after playing for years without any luck I was so intrigued with the probability process that I started to study the archive of numbers extracted from every lottery I could find it was a gigantic task and at that time the internet wasn’t as advanced they didn’t have many websites or search engines and I had to search through physical files manually without any tools I was searching for a lotto pattern this huge job took about eight years it didn’t matter too much to me I had the time of my life because I was playing with numbers after countless failed revelations and endless testing on a beautiful day in April I decided to give my latest discovery another shot and I played a simple ticket that cost me five dollars bang the next weekend hit me with the best news of my life I want $200,000 in cold cash I hit all six numbers there just wasn’t a lot of money in the game that week from that point on it was a piece of cake the lotto pattern had been discovered I knew I would never need to worry about money again my secret was making me money like crazy after another two weeks bang another $125,000 prize one as you can see I didn’t win every single time but it didn’t matter I had enough money in time to perfect my formula even more I already had the winners platform and it was only a matter of time until I hit the big jackpot I finally won a 1 million dollar jackpot in May of 2007 and for the next three weeks I was the only person who won the big prize it wasn’t possible to be accused of something because everyone knew that it’s impossible to cheat the lottery I was on the front page of the local newspapers and the money was floating into my accounts how does the lottery black book system work step 1 get yourself a notebook only for the lottery establish the lotto game that you want to play and track down the winning numbers exactly how I teach you in my book step 2 after you have all the winning numbers apply this simple formula and you’ll find it in my book that gives you the forty eight point seven percent chance of winning every time you.


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