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GA lottery and Pyramid method , how to win the lottery.

hello everyone thank you guys for tuning in today on how to win the lottery and I had some requests from out of Georgia could I make a video for Georgia and showing that the pyramids version does work and this is what I have I’ll compile for you guys okay right here we have the last 10 draws from out of Georgia okay and right here I have each number came out how many times each number came out for these last draws right here I got you guys a money number okay even the eight right here if you look came out four times so y’all guys can stick that eight in there somewhere and play on Daddy’s wheel okay but I’m gonna show you guys George a lot of numbers period method it does work okay today’s date came out Oh 425 okay here we got Oh four five okay oh four five okay come from talk this way down and across Bob just way across all right okay 86 35 excuse me 86 34 so you see right here six three eight four this way okay six three eight four nine six 81 okay we got 96 rather do it from right here 6 9 81 got 6 9 81 okay this five one five eight it doesn’t work out or appear to me even if I take it and make it zero six zero three Missy 6:03 here we go right there see guys this is your flip number here from that five one excuse me got my pants are drying up alright five one five right here guys five one five eight when you flip that number you’re gonna have zero six zero three that’s the flippin number and yes we do have zero six zero three here okay right here so you guys do get your numbers okay we’re gonna go ahead on the four five one seven did we have yes we do right here see this way go up because that seven is the two you can still use the two and go this way as well or right up in here anyway okay 1835 yes one 385 right here 1385 alright six two four three six two three four this way is Weald okay we are in Georgia all right five four zero nine we have it right here twice 5 4 0 9 5 4 0 9 okay 7 3 2 9 7 3 2 now we don’t have a yes we do 7 3 2 9 ok guys this is of Georgia and the pyramid does work in Georgia I just verify this with you guys get your numbers your last one we have this that are 3 6 6 5 there will be 8 8 1 0 but we don’t have our connector in ace ok so you guys I hope you liked my video in Georgia this is it guys get your numbers I hope you enjoy thank you.


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