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The first and actually the only statistical number picker developed specifically for the Thai Lottery.

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residents of Thailand and everyone who plays the national lottery I would like to introduce you to the Thai lottery lucky numbers generator the first and only statistical number generator developed specifically for the Thai lottery this is a complete application to generate Thai lottery numbers on the basis of statistical data and calculations when you launch the application the intro section appears from here you can choose between the English and Thai languages at the bottom left of the page you will see the rules and tips buttons each will open a dot PDF file the first describing the rules of the Thai lottery and the second listing some tips to follow to increase your odds of winning in the archives section you will see an overview of the past draws this list is automatically updated from the internet and can be printed if you are looking for specific past draw dates you can select it in the related box and get the full principal sheet for that date to get the numbers to play for the next draw we’ll need to go back to the intro page from here insert the next draw dates in the related box and click on next if you simply want to see how the software works and select try me and the draw date box and click Next we are now in the settings section first of all be sure that the numbers related to the last draw are properly displayed if the displayed numbers do not match those of the last draw you can edit them manually the calculation versus luck feature allows the user to decide a percentage between statistical calculation and pure luck by setting the percentage at 100% pure luck all numbers will be randomly generated by setting the percentage at 100% statistical calculation all numbers will be statistically generated on the basis of previous draws and a game like the lottery statistics are not everything and can sometimes be disproved we suggest to set the statistical engine between 60 and 90 percents to give a chance even to luck the user can exclude up to four two digit numbers if he or she feels that one or more specific numbers for some reason will not be drawn we are now in the most important section of the application where the numbers are generated for the next draw dates by clicking on the generate button the software begins to pick numbers according to the settings the user chose before this whole procedure takes less than 30 seconds the following numbers are generated for numbers related to the first prize ten related to the winning three digit numbers 12 related to the winning two digit number and two suggestions called Jolley number in the form of two digit numbers these last two numbers have a higher chance than the above suggestions to be drawn up to 42% but the software does not tell you in which section it is up to you to buy these jolly numbers to play for the first prize number the three digit numbers in which case the suggestion is only related to the last two digits or the two digit number now the user is allowed to save or print the sheet with the generated numbers and the settings used by closing the page the exit section appears before closing the application the user is allowed to open the folder in which the saved dot JPEG files are stored or check for the applications updates at its web page the page also provides the developers email address and website you.


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