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Another pick 4 method in which I use to establish hits in the lottery.

all right how’s it going everybody should Boyd redhead once again here I’ve came a little bit more organized than the last lottery video but this video here is a pic for strategy and this right here this video right here I think it should be exceptional well for other states not Virginia but other states states that have the pick for play in which you can win pairs I think this is a big great method for you you know to me not saying every state but some states if you get the hang of this right here it may be great for you as far as pairs but in general again is just another stretch out in which that I dude you guys as for tips and strategies you know to me and this in my head I did this on my head last night and it just so happened that the number that I scratched out hit I didn’t play anything you know what I mean like I said I don’t fell back on the pick three I fell back on the pick four you know to me I ain’t even play cash five night I play Mega Ball Mega Million last night and I got the metal ball you know what I mean so I mean but let’s just get into this pick for you know to me I I like this method first and foremost what I should do okay first and foremost let’s go ahead and do this let’s stay organized let’s go ahead and mention this right now okay January night 2015 as you can see 2015 January 9th came 2677 don’t date time yesterday and then it came 59 66 at night so what we want to do the strategy right here is going to exemplify the number which fell to date which is a mate day January the 10th 2015 so we’re going to use 59 66 of course okay stay with me just keep that in mind alright we’re gonna go ahead and blink that like that like that like that is that what am i doing what am i doing I urged them I merge the lens down shit yo damn I thought this is gone our daddies haha my bad y’all alright now this right here I got it I got it I got a yacht alright let’s try it these are let me let me put a box around them right here on the left hand side these are methods in which are the same as the method in which I’m about to show you guys like the three one seven method I just put up are the three 175 for the pick for like I love that method I do that’s the only method I really be using when it comes to pick four but these are methods in which are in the books you can look them up along with one two three four like I don’t like I don’t usually use one two three four but you know to be moving on like uh let’s see this cursor let’s see this right here what do you want to do let’s just let’s just use a a pen right quick pink brush let’s use purple Nona me like like I said I’m trying to be more organized I know that video it was like thirty minutes last time so we’re gonna move through this one swiftly okay fifty nine sixty six as you can see this is the hit our Lord we don’t want to do that this is the hit right here and that fifty nine sixty six uh I got I got a notebook in which I got all these methods listed like the fourteen twelve one four one two right that’s the same number like it’s not the same number what is the same number is a double and it’s two numbers two different numbers instead I’m saying like the one one and four to two different numbers and two of the same numbers so that’s why I use that debt method whenever I get a number like 59 66 or 72 33 I will use the fourteen twelve method in order me I would try to use that method now moving on the four sevens in which you can use four sixes like you could probably use for anything for Israel like just try it out like these right here this is just a list of pick four methods and which are they’re basically the same thing but I’m gonna show you guys the fourteen twelve method that’s what this is right here this video I’m going to show you guys that method because that meant to actually hit today you know what I mean but all of these methods in which you can use all of them and the four 7s movie going the four sevens you can use any number with that like I would use any number with it’s a 1234 came out one two three four I would try to do my scratch out or my rundown with the four sevens and you’re gonna come back out with one two three four excuse me and then just pick up what you know and uh pick up what I what I showed you guys or whatever like how do you want to find out or look back and see a pattern with either either one of these methods and you meant you know let me just keep it pushing so that’s the four seven the same goes for twelve twelve as you can see I say twelve twelve equals four four seven seven in no way uh does it actually equal four four so 7 7 scuse me but you get just what I’m saying you got 11 22 and you got 44 77 you got double doubles there so been that that’s a double double I would use twelve twelve for that notice that the twelve twelve is it now this is how these our methods are listed in the books twelve twelve isn’t listed 11 22 you should I’m saying so if I got the number 44 77 it just came I’m gonna play twelve twelve I’m gonna play with twelve twelve to try to find my next hit if you get what I’m saying because twelve twelve is a double double 44 77 is a double double alright hopefully you guys are still with me and last but not least the 6412 method is it’s just like two or three one seven five method it is a six way method you know to me if that makes any sense to you you know what I mean six way method you can do the one two three four method that’s the same thing sit like four or five eight nine like four five eight nine went ahead and use your six for twelve 641 to method to find the next hit I mean Bravo to you you know I mean basically these are these are for scratch downs that I use to run downs that I use in order to narrow down my pick four hits or you know the mean try to get a pick for here if I play pick four so I mean this is just me bringing you what I do and the methods in which I use so moving on until we can get this back normal get this back right uh uh huh all right we’re gonna want that all right I think we’re good right there right there we’re gonna enhance this again let’s look at this right here alright fifty nine sixty six just a recap oh god we don’t want to move that we don’t want to move that okay January the 9th was yesterday 2677 third don’t add a time we don’t care they’re 59 66 fell in the evening time this is Virginia in which I’m using moving on all right so here’s I scratch out I’ll run down whatever you want to call it we’re using 1412 highlighted in red and we’re just adding just like we do any other method we three one seven method three one seven five method the one two three four method you just basically uh whatever number like the number that you’re using the method in which you use you just add that to each number 4 plus 9 is 13 well 3 3 + 4 7 and so forth like ah 1 plus 5 is 6 6 plus 1 is 7 and so forth you get the gist alright let’s move it on all right now um let’s click that now right here as you can see one 10 15 so date sum equals 11 and I know a lot of you guys know that but if you haven’t like that’s what I’m using like normally in the 3 175 metalic at 6 and again I would even check the last number so 6 our high like 6 and look at all the numbers around look at that 7 7 8 alright let’s get off course but ah the date sum equals 11 so of course we want to use that ones place we’re going to use the ones place in which is a 1 so and with that being said we want to have like the one you know to me and just like the blue 175 meant a always looked at the first column you know what I mean so that’s how I did it last night you know me so like what I did I looked at it and it was like right here we’re gonna highlight the that method right there not that method but we’re gonna highlight that one and as you can see that one is there and gathering that one was there every number around it I was like okay what’s good like I see numbers around it you know to me so with that being said I was like okay there’s another one right there even though I don’t know how like that at the beginning but there’s another one right there in the second column let’s go to highlight it now another one right there select none what does that shift ctrl a now I just go together do it okay and uh you’re once and then there’s also one right here you’re onto me we’re not gonna highlight that because I didn’t really do anything with that but the two numbers that I got from this workout last night I’m go ahead and show you guys right now I got uh I want to use that let’s use another color something similar to let’s see what green looks like cuz I got that home I got this mixed up in this oh no no no that’s the wrong thing okay let’s just do that let’s um the first number in which I thought out that I played that I thought was coming out with 0 9 3 2 in which I thought that was falling you and me I thought that was falling and it didn’t fall today so that’s I mean you see why I picked it because it’s right there next to that one those ones like it’s right in between it so it was a great number in my eyes so moving on the next number the last number in which I had written down was you see the one I actually used this one excuse me a silly weekend to actually use this one this to this 7 and this one so basically I went from that one to this one because I mean they’re right there close to each other so right here all of these numbers right right here and which older that doesn’t look too distracting to you guys but it was a one two seven one in which I played it that if I would have played I didn’t play it but if I were to play the other played in 1721 you know to me if I want to play it I’ll just play the dollar in the order and then it as a double that’s a double so that would have been two hundred dollars for a dollar in the order if I’m not mistaken 50 cent it would have been four hundred don’t get don’t quote me on that like you guys know how much it is but I mean with that being said I’m seeing it giving away the conclusion but um I’ll hold up let’s go back so you guys can see that right there and the actual hit was today it actually came his video is but it’s gonna be pretty long but still the actual are hit today was 1721 you know what I mean so again here’s that here’s another method in which uh I use I have not I did not play anything why am I not backing out of this what’s up there we go I have not own actually played anything but this is just heads up I know I put out that I picked three methods grata G miles well going to show you guys is picked format because I still look at the numbers like I still look at the drawers when they come out and I’m still trying to find a great way or a more consistent way to hit these numbers you know to me so with that being said man I hope you guys enjoyed this video man like subscribe let me know in the comment section how you doing with it do you guys have a method you know to me or do you want any more methods like more methods.


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