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My personal twist on the 317 method in which goes for play 3. Please backtrack this method to see if its working in your state

is it working yeah it is working okay you know my apologies because my microphone has been bugging I’m actually using my camera to speak now so how’s everybody doing what’s up with my dread heads and if you subscribe my lotto heads you know to me I’m here bringing you another tip pick fourth tip in which I’ve created myself you know to me but it wasn’t biting myself you know what I mean so first we want to start off with the three one seven method it’s like the one two three method we pick three if you play the pick three or maybe pick four one two three four like you add on one two three like as you go on right okay let’s move on I’m using the three one seven method but I’m adding a number in which let’s just close this layer a quick three one seven right here as you can see excuse me I’m using the three one seven method but I added a five and the reason why I added a five is because I’m Dylan would pick four right okay Dylan would pick four and the reason why that five is there let me explain it by three one seven that’s already in the books you can look that up two three one seven method it’s legit like it doesn’t really work here in Virginia like for pick three like whatever alright let’s move all right three and then it goes to one then it goes to seven so I’m like okay so three goes to one they gotta be minus two right so that’s how I got that fob I did three two one I got a d minus too so 7 minus two got to be what five so that’s how I got five all right moving back on moving back forward excuse me all right right here you guys can see uh do I want to do that let’s do that and as you can see I’m not I’m not in pain I’m actually in my gift program right now um GIMP is a program that I’m very familiar with um this video is probably going to be longer than my last a lot of Reve IDEO but I mean it’s all good you know to me who all here to learn and try to experience something so let’s just go ahead and get this out the way let’s see is that gonna highlight and it is gonna highlight but it’s not gonna highlight it the way I want to highlight it let’s go to like 40 46 all right all right September 25th 2014 night time our number was 11:47 that’s not working out too well the way I wanted it to well 1147 right so that was out our night number 11 47 so what 11 47 what I did was what came out the next day the next drawn was oh three five five and this is what I mean by backtracking like anybody had that has watched my my first lottery video I tell you to back test it you know the main back track it you know I know it’s going to be a lot of smart smart asses guys that or females that don’t want to contribute anything to to helping or aiding you know that means someone but they always got something smart and negative to see but point being I tell you to back test it and this right here not even want to give you a percentage you know what I mean because like I just done it I just started doing it you know to me I’m continually continuously doing it it’s like 10:30 p.m. now so our drawing is coming up and I wouldn’t know you know to me but let’s move forward that’s I mean I’m already talking too much all right 1147 that’s what we’re going to be using 1147 and oh three five five came out the next John the twenty six you can see that right there hopefully you guys can see that and there won’t be an issue so let’s go ahead and mark this let’s go ahead in alright so we’re going from here 11:47 right and oh three five five came out okay let’s move forward now of course I just took a picture this you know I mean because I wanted to decrease the time of this video but what a mile is gonna be long anyway okay 11:47 that’s what came out right so the numbers in which I explained about earlier three one seven five those are going to be a main numbers that those are the numbers in which you’re adding from you understand me so you first call them you’re just gonna go down from you’re gonna even write three one seven five right you’re gonna write you hit your last hit which was eleven forty seven so we’re gonna go three plus one equals four four plus three equals seven seven plus 3 that equals ten all my lot of heads you know you don’t write the tube you don’t write the two digits like you just write the last digits the ones place okay moving on three and ten well let’s just say three and zero let’s just start over but alright I don’t want to confuse three and ten thirteen there’s three okay but basically you start over you get you get two Jet’s three six nine each time you’re adding three twelve fifteen eighteen eight plus three is twenty one excuse me I didn’t mean the balls right there but like I’m trying to explain its the best way I can just in case you’re not familiar with the the ones place lottery like you’re not I mean I think it’s a couple of methods I said in what you do use both places but you’re only using the ones place not the tens so again you just add so the next one is one you’re adding one to the hit and so forth and at the end as you can see you’re going to end up with that same number that you started out with 1147 sold one plus one is two two plus one is three three plus one is four four plus one is five and so forth all the way down so you get that that one that number that you know you coming back all right now you moved on to 7 7 + 4 is 11 11 I mean excuse me 1 in 7 is 8 8 + 7 is 15 5 5 seven is 12 to 2 and 7 is 9 and so forth you’re just adding on numbers and here if you know anything about vice versa numbers or mirror numbers I pick this when I did it I say okay that’s pretty neat you know nanine so so 5 & 7 equals 2 right 2 & 5 equals 7 all right 7 + 5 equals 2 right it just mirror on that’s why that last column of numbers that I have they look so bold you know to me because it’s like basically 7 the mirror of 7 is 2 the mirror of 2 is 7 and you just go on like once you find out what that mirror is you just keep going 7 2 7 2 7 2 7 2 until you get to that last number bump BAM okay now our back tested this you know what I mean so 11:47 came out let’s pull up the picture again it came out September 25th nighttime the night drawing the last drawing for that day in Virginia I’m in Virginia so of course everybody is in other states I mean a couple of people come in and said is really working for them to pick 3 method I mean it hasn’t been really working here in Virginia so I’m glad it is helping you guys in other states and this is my this is my reasoning of uploading these videos you know to me and because maybe this right here maybe this may be hitting like 6 days out of the week you know what I mean this this method right here you know to me that’s a good piece of change if you’re doing it correctly so let’s just move forward let’s just move for all right I mean I’m height you know what I mean because I mean I love numbers all right let’s move on September 25th evening it was 11 47 right that’s what we was just using now we I seen that the 0 3 5 5 fill the next day the next drawing right all right so now what we’re going to do is we’re going to do this we’re going to look at it and you can see the O 35 I got to highlight it but what I did was I always looked at the last number you get what I’m saying the last number in the previous hit was 11 47 the last number was 7 so I’ll go to the first column and I find 7 the first 7 the first 7 you with me still with me the first seven and look what’s beneath it you got a zero you got three you got five and you got five notice that pattern that pattern in which is highlighted the way I got it came zero three five five and this scenario is not always going to happen but this actually came to way hit like it actually came zero three five five this is Virginia right here that’s why I’m asking you to your back test it before you leave your negativity comments and if you don’t have anything productive to say the like if you haven’t watched the video and actually listened to it like don’t comment like don’t bring your negativity in my way you know to me I’m a big man on meditation and positive positive energy and everything so please don’t bring your negativity to me because like I’m far from them you know what I mean so if I have to check you I will check you you know what I mean so I mean either or let’s get back on topic my apologies people like I mean it’s just a lot of stuff been going on zero three five five that was the hit right all right let’s go back to the scratchy well scratch out whatever that mean it I just call the several things the zero three five five right now we can go back and we can even look at the next wrong which was remind you I did play these drawings but like pick four I’ve really been trying to find a way to really find a way to hit him you know the mean consistently and I haven’t really been hitting them so I don’t really put too much emphasis on pick four until I know I have a strategy that’s going to hit you know to me nine times out of ten not even nine times out of ten five times out of ten fifteen percent you know that mean like that’s why I say this is my personal method you know the mean you don’t have to use it you don’t even have to try it and back test the run experiment you don’t have to do any of that this is me putting this out there for anyone who wishes to try it inhale like I said you may win what is that 12 drawings you may win 12 drawings you know the man here if you get exact head it’s like $5,000 $4 you know what I mean so that’s that’s some good money you know to me but moving on all right the next hit was 975 for right 975 for now remember what I told you now this is still going from 1147 in which I should have took a picture because I did do a scratch off for a zero twenty five five and then nine seven five four was there but if we still going from the previous night drawn 1147 remember seven is the last number right there seven is the last number we’re going to see that 7s right there and we’re going to see the pattern which is four five I didn’t mean the dot that seven nine that’s that’s the number that came out right at the zero three five five it came nine seven five four you think I’m lying to you it came nine seven five four you should I’m saying and I’m gonna tell you something about that right there this right here like I tried it like the next day well the next are the next I tried it the next day in that evening and like I don’t like that right there but I mean like I said it’s a pattern so are you doing this looking for the pattern maybe it might work for that day maybe it might work for the next two days I mean just just look at you setup all right so you see those hit there right alright so what I did excuse me so what I did I took this nine seven five four right nine seven five four that’s the that’s the hit I’m feeling confident now I’m like okay okay nine seven five four all right so now we’re gonna move on to the next sheet 975 four right here I did the same thing I did the same thing he said I’m saying the same thing as far as adding numbers on but now our last number is four ah I got a highlight this layer last number is four as you can see four so we’re gonna go to the first column and we want to find out for the first form which is here 4 and according to we’re going to click back over according to method here our pattern here once we found that first 7 we went down 1 and there’s your first number so that’s what I did here this is what I did here I had to get the list great it’s what I did here the first number down is the number that we want and then uh let’s just go back I hope hopefully I’m not confusing you guys but just recognize the pattern it went it went down one from the last number in which we found in the first column which was 7 in this case in this case it is for just so I’m not losing you guys the last number on the previous hit okay first column for there’s the for now here it it went down it went down one to the zero then with down one more to the three you know when to is right and didn’t went to the upper right as you can see that yellow highlighted because I have to highlight it and you can see it zero three five five so using that pattern using that pattern because remember 11:47 fell during the evening and Oh twenty five five came during the day and mind you that this nine seven five four 11:47 is evening nighttime and 975 four is nighttime so why not use the same method you know me the same pattern that’s how I think you know so let’s move on let’s go here so we found the four which was our last digit and is in the first column now so we got four we’re gonna go down wine that we’re gonna have a seven we want to go down we’re gonna have a zero we want to have a four we’re gonna have a seven and I played it just like that I played it just like that and believe it or not I wouldn’t be bringing this video if I was giving you some or some BS no so not even gonna go any further you know to me this video I know it’s pretty long it’s probably long as I don’t know what but moral of the story is I think this method is is it’s worth sharing with you guys so without any further ado that number right there 704 seven here it is right here it’s cut off right here you can see the 27 27 right there four seven seven zero and if you’re not convinced about that we’re going to show you this right here there it is plane is date during the day time it came for 7up I got the wrong thing highlight it came for seven seven zero voila and of course I took the picture of my winnings I was on a posting on Instagram but like I’m getting I’m not going to post everything you know I guess so I’ll post some kind of a hits on there but I’m not gonna post all of them but this one right here I didn’t post you know the mean cuz I said okay I need you to try to perfect this method you know what I mean so I mean I’ve gotten to a point now that I’m feeling comfortable that I can share with you guys so you guys can try to get States whether he’s Georgia South Carolina New York New Jersey whatever you know to mean Pennsylvania try it I mean but in a nutshell I got it for 50 cent 50 cent in the order because like I said I was back testing me you know to mean 50 cent in the other so this ended up being a $200 hit 200 dollar hit and I did a seven seven zero four there it is right there so I mean my apologies for the long duration of the video but this method right here if you have any questions just comment below do you have a subscribe subscribed mine because I’m getting a lot of good feedback on these lottery videos and what I know I feel that it’s no problem for me to share with you guys you know what I mean so if you’re diggin it and you’re liking what I’m doing right now subscribe to me man like comment negative people leave a dislike and just keep moving you know what I mean we don’t need you coming in messing up out our good vibe with your negativity you know what I mean so I mean and my dress is if you guys did watch this video keep a lot men and everybody I mean everybody be blessing remember this lottery is a game of chance man don’t lose more money than you win you understand all right everybody be blessed. .

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