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Something different to my channel. Same concept though, me trying to help anyway I can. Back track this method to be sure its hitting at least 50 % of the time. for watching and let me know how you came out.

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hello people are it’s your boy dread man keep it locked man all day every day but now this right here the little switch up my like I’m pretty good with the lotto like at least I think I am you know what I mean so I feel the need to go ahead and give you guys some tips and tricks on how I do it now I’m in Virginia so Oh with mine you gotta go where hit and miss like whatever is working for you at that time may not work then next week or may not work that next month in this case it’s the third and I’ve hit several times already but um let’s get into it all right now what I’m going to start with I’m going to start with the first August the first 2014 I’m gonna I’m gonna start with that night drawing and and this is what I’m out to break it down so I’m gonna put my drawings and I’m gonna put it in blue and I’m using paint so bear with the handwriting and the drawing and doodling and everything so just bear with me so first what you want to do you want to take that night tea or maybe that days it I haven’t quite figured out gay as I want to but nights like I’m pretty good I’m pretty decent with it like at least for now anyway because it’s early in the month but let’s get started the hit was zero five eight so we’re gonna do want to put zero zero five eight in the first box and label get your boxes like I have much the first box is going to be minus the second is going to be plus next is going to be plus five minus three at the bottom it’s gonna be plus five minus two at the bottom of the legs box so let’s continue the second box is going to be the same as the first you’re gonna put a zero again excuse the handwriting will mouth writing oh five eight that’s going to be and there we go perfect eight ha but look this right here may work for your state so I mean I just say give it a try you know hit or miss whatever is all a gamble but give it a try all right now oh one five right now and these two boxes you’re gonna go straight across so that’s gonna be zero five eight this is why I hit the night before which is how we’re writing this out zero five whoa what’s that we’re going on with that right there zero five ah man and this is for a pick three cash straight however your our game is labeled this is what it is all right so that’s my head this is my head so now what we’re gonna do is wanna pick a color let’s just you do want to use orange let’s use green I use green that’s money all right so Oh eight all right so we want to stop this first box we got our head in our hit was oh five eight last night let’s say last night so tonight we’re gonna find out hit for tonight possibly a good hit alright so from this side from eight you’re gonna start from the bottom corner from eight you want to go down eight seven six five four three ah all right now on the next box you’re going to go up of course nine ten and of course if you’re playing lotto or you’re just starting out you don’t use one and zero you use zero it’s all a big cycle so nine ten eleven would be a 1 12 would be a 2 13 will be a 3 that’s a 3 okay and 414 will be a 4 all right now that’s that that’s your first box these two boxes right here and they’re pretty deep we’re gonna get to that we’re gonna get to that all right now on this box you take your hit which we can start from this from a zero or from the eight whichever whichever floats your boat we want to add five that’s what’s going to end up in the top box so 5 + 0 5 or 5 + 10 15 same number five five plus five is 10 which you’re going to leave over 0 5 + 8 is 13 which is going to leave us with a 3 and we can go to get put the same number in this other box is the same method same rules that apply 503 5:03 alright now coming back to the third box what you want to do you’re going to minus 3 you’re going to subtract 3 so that’ll be 10 subtract 3 which gives you 7 5 subtract 3 will give you 2 8 subtract 3 will give you 5 and now on this side you want to minus 2 you want to subtract 2 so 10 minus 2 is 8 5 minus 2 is 3 8 minus 2 is 6 all right now we’re going to change our color from red now if you look at these boxes if you look at these boxes ah and it tell you in which a 5/8 Oh 5/8 right now that’s the hit that came out last night now the night before the night before let’s use what do we want to use let’s use I gotta use my see purple the night before it came 2 3 4 that’s the night before and it came 2 3 4 that’s the night before oh five eight eight hits TV okay so alright that’s there so like it’s possible that it couldn’t repeat so if you want to you could put it back in you know what I mean but what I did when I seen that 2 3 4 there I went to this up to this next box of the oh 58 right here these boxes right here with the plus 5 I went to the next box which red and what I did I play the corners like 2 3 4 I play o 3 8 0 3 8 and lastly but not least what I did was I just looked at it like a course is going to be the same number there that’s why I say hit and miss you want to be the same number 503 is gonna be there 503 is gonna be in this box but as you can see o 3 8 is in that corner o 3 is in this corner same as you Cooper forwards in this corner and that’s the hit that came that night before so in a lot of world I’m just like ok a 2 3 4 hit and oh five eight years alright so what are we looking at now five six seven no they’re not going to Center five six seven why would they do that you know or one zero nine maybe zero seven two maybe zero eight three and again like zero eight three is right there zero eight three so basically uh what I please I play zero eight three I play zero eight three along with some other message that I use but like this was the one that dad nailed it zero eight three so I had in zero eight three and I don’t know how you got a lot of a setup but I played it 5050 50 cent exact 50 cent in the order so that night the number fell the number fill I kid you not like you look it up whatever the number fell but why what my mistake was I did in plays oh three eight just like the two three four came right here two three four that’s exactly how I came so it came the number failed excuse me the number fell zero three eight so there you have it right there boom that would have been that check mark that would have been an exact hit so you replace ticket 50 you would have got in Virginia you would have got 250 you got 254 then exact hey plus the $40 that you ate for for any order if you play 50/50 I mean that’s my strategy right there and that’s I mean I like I say it’s early in the month so if they continue like this it’s not pretty it’s not gonna last long especially being that people probably catch on to it or whatever but it’s right here just a method in which it you’re out here playing a lot of any of my dreads and watch my channel and if you guys into the gambling then casinos or whatever but like I’m a gambler like I do play the lotto I like dealing with numbers so ah this right here is just a quick method excuse the paint job I mean whatever hopefully you got the gist of what I’m saying and um yeah that a bit so I create and right now I’m about to go work out the number for tonight which tonight last night came Oh 3/8 which oak tree it came eight to twenty fourteen came home in 2nd 2014 during the night time and again is you come up with a number like say you came up with oak 3/8 play it during the daytime you know what I mean like you came up with all three eight tonight oh five eight can play it during the daytime and play it during the nighttime so therefore you won’t miss out and that’s what I did I played it both times and that’s when I figured okay 2:05 a this is the first time that this has happened like you go from them their night’s drawing to the night dawn you match going to join you magic days on to the next day’s norm or the previous day’s to the next day’s on if you get the gist of what I’m saying but I hope you guys enjoy this video give it a like thumbs up comment questions or whatever man and if you haven’t subscribed yet subscribe man I’m bout to broaden my channel so like dreadlocks man keep it dreaded bear gang keeping bearded yo gamblers when more than you lose all right come out.


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