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Forgive the duration of the video and hopefully everyone understands the method.

yo what up everybody boy J and finally I’m here to bring you guys the big game strategy in which I apply you know to me so now they got to a point now this is not the only one but this is my main point like if anybody’s in Virginia you know when for life and you played lot oh of course wonderful life was a it was a spectacular game in my opinion because I stayed like mother you know I mean I think the most I hit was like 200 you know what I mean and I think that like three times you know the mean using this method right here so first and foremost as you can see uh you’re going to get two boxes and what you’re going to do you’re gonna gonna make five vertical lines excuse me four vertical lines and four horizontal lines as shown right now on the gift situation right now so uh basically I’m just going to jump right into it because I’m pretty sure this is going to be a long video but all my faithful subscribers like I know you guys you’re not gonna mind at all so let’s get into it first and foremost um maybe we should show you guys this right here which is right here Moneyball key which this is the game in which I’m going to use for an example the Moneyball key in which a march to 1813 5:11 18 1931 now I’m going to use this particular pattern in which this is what I used I’m gonna use this number right here excuse me to get the UH the numbers 4 3 21 2015 you know to me March the 21st 2015 in which uh I went back either uh 31 you know to me like I went back to any draw they had 31 and I looked at that pattern there or I looked at one in which some date of 4 because 3 21 3 and 21 is for so whichever had to Sunday 4 I might have looked at that pattern or more than likely I went back and looked at all the the ones that ended with 31 you know what I mean so uh that what I just said that’d be a lot more clear hopefully at the end of the video so I’m just gonna go edit I’m showing you guys right now basically the 21st is where that’s going to be the conclusion nine eleven twelve twenty five and thirty but as you just seen on the grid if you have for the photographic memory five eleven eighteen nineteen thirty one is going to be the numbers in which I’m going to use to get my next hit for the next drawing let’s just move on because I don’t want to confuse you guys but let’s move on now in particular I’m going to go ahead and say this right now because I always play I mean when I play this I tried it several times with the Mega Millions and Powerball I think I tried it with the Powerball maybe twice but this method right here you can try it and probably try to put a little twist on it yourself but it’s not really it’s not good for Mega Million or Powerball let me just say that right now I was gonna put mediocre games you know the mean but I might as well just say bit games but I’m giving you a heads up right now or your Mega Millions and Powerball because I know that’s throughout every state that this method is not very good for those now I will give you a tilt you know to me I probably make it in another video a brief video showing you guys a tip on Mega Million and the metal ball you know what I mean so with all of that on the table right now we’re going to go ahead and move forward so as you can see I have two boxes you know me which have the full vertical and horizontal lines and the last hit in which the big game whether it’s cash five Money Ball um I think Georgia has one called Georgia five if I’m not mistaken on you I mean different states has as a matter of fact because the video is going to be long in a way let me look at my phone because I always look at other states look at New Jersey because New Jersey was the most recent video that I did put up so let’s look at New Jersey which New Jersey Wow New Jersey came 900 last night and I had nine one nine in here in Virginia so okay New Jerseyans Jersey cash five which is probably this was not the same as I was because y’all’s jackpot is 75 thousand excuse me so I would think that you guys jackpot probably goes up a lot more so there’s a big game you got a pick six extra in New Jersey basically and you got cash for life in New Jersey you should I mean like you guys we’re getting cash for life uh we’re getting that the fourth of this month if I’m not mistaken the fifth one of them but um and that that right there all my Virginia has everybody’s in Virginia that cash for life game this method right here this is one of the main reasons why I’m going to upload this method is because I’m pretty sure that method this method right here will work for that cash for life because it’s similar to the win for life only difference is you’re paying two dollars for a ticket so basically uh I don’t want to talk in circles or you know to me but do not use this use this for Mega Millions or Powerball if you feel the need to you know to me do it under your own discretion because I am NOT influencing you use it for Mega Ball nor Powerball because in my experience is is it doesn’t work at all so moving on to the actual method after you got your two boxes written out and you guys you you have your last hit whether it’s cash five in this instance I’m using the Moneyball five eleven eighteen nineteen you you put your numbers in as listed as I have it your first box is going to be your box your next box is going to be your plus box so as you can see I have the hit where the last hit excuse me in both boxes going diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right all right you there you got it let’s go now we’re going to move forward now the basically the method is in the box we’re going to start here first you’re going to go 31 you’re going to when that bottom right hand corner and you’re gonna go down you’re gonna go down so 3000 k 31 be patient with me 31 next number is 30 and of course on everybody you’re gonna own I get we’ll get to it when I when we get to it when I get to it 30 29 and then you got 28 28 I was just gonna take a picture and then just upload it and then explain it from there but I felt that some of my viewers might appreciate me doing it like this so you guys can just follow along so hopefully you know to me everybody appreciate it in it’s not too long the video isn’t too long is that 26 there let’s make sure it’s there is it there it is there but it’s not quite like I wanted this is what I was afraid of doing these boxes and they’re my setup right now have a camera in which I’m talking through ah and another reason why I own everybody that’s been following along the reason you know the reason in which why I have not uploaded this lately is because of the inconsistency you don’t know me but as you as you will see is it consistent but in Virginia is inconsistent but I wouldn’t really say it doesn’t work you know to me but like I said for particularly that’s why i’m hype for the new cash a cash for a life game that we’re getting in virginia cuz i’m pretty sure i’m about to be a thousand aire cuz you get like a thousand dollars a day for the rest of your life or maybe a thousand dollars a week for the rest of your life so I’m really feeling that you know what I mean I really feel that because it was excuse me because but when for life it was the same scenario you would get a thousand dollars for life to me and win for life that’s why I say what I say about when for life was a spectacular game oh why did I put 19 I supposed to be 17 okay and if you follow along I went 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 and do it as I’m doing it you know to me you go all around you go all the way back around just to fill in the empty boxes the empty spaces 13 and 14 14 and um as far as I’m concerned I have tried this would pick 4 and I missed a trip excuse me trip pick four think it was like 8 1 1 1 and I missed it you know to me I actually used this method right here and I was like pissed off because I was like oh then it’s right there you don’t I mean so imagine how I felt I was way back then but okay as you can see why are you feeling all your spaces now you go to your next box and in this box what you’re going to do is you’re going to go up now what I said about your game it all depends on what your number range is in this game here in Moneyball for Virginia our max ball is 35 so we’re going to get to 35 once we get to 35 this goes for every game maybe another game might be 246 or whatever once you get to that max number you just start over 1 2 three four oh not not forty four before four and as I as I said please just be patient with me five you have six six oh man I know I should have took a picture this uh but is the notebook in which I’ve written my own which I did it you know me I’m going I’m looking at it right now but seven okay looking at it right now I really should have did that in which what I’m going to do uh at this video and at the end of this video I’m going to put up the actual page in which I written it out so you guys a see the pattern eight nine not necessarily see the pattern but you will see the you will see how I actually got it done so medium not alright be patient with me people be patient ten it just be great I should get a whiteboard and actually do it on like that ten thousand to ten like that and once you get around to the last box you just keep going twelve well in this instance when you got when I got to ten you just keep going around filling in the rest of the boxes fourteen and again I will explain what I just done what I’ve done just case anybody missed it and sixteen sixteen let’s check my page over here yep yes okay now we can get down to the good part now on basically what you did was from the last number of your hit which was 31 in this case for the Moneyball in the box I went down from 31 which was 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 and so forth basically you go all the way back around until you fill every empty space and then the plus section I did the same thing but I added so from 31 I went 32 33 34 35 1 2 3 4 5 and so forth you with me everybody still with me ok now right now what I’m going to do is I’m going to highlight in which the pattern in which I had let me see if I can get this correct what are we going to use we’re going to use green we are going to let’s see if we can start highlighting right now we’re going to do this and we’re going to do this I want to get it so you guys can see it let’s do it like that alright so 30 okay well 30 is knocked out oh what was the what was the thing that I did the layer filter it was multiplied okay so okay so this you got that but basically excuse me basically right now I’m going to show you guys the pattern in which I came up with you know what I mean looking at I there was 31 or whether there’s some date I’m gonna show you guys the actual way I came up with them not the way I came up with the numbers but the numbers in which I but I had which was five it was nine it was twelve twelve it was nineteen and it was thirty now those are the numbers in which I found as far as a pattern as far as I also had other numbers you’re going to see that I play other numbers and I play that easy pick in which these right here is in which I found the pattern likes 831 was the last hit you go back to maybe a month ago and you look at the thirty one pattern there look at how those you do the same method here it with that last hit and you find you look at the 31 hopefully I’m not confusing you guys cuz excuse me if this was more recent you don’t mean the hit was more recent I probably would have been and it was a better hit I probably would have been able to explain this more but anybody that has common sense and can listen and comprehend you’re going to understand what I’m saying now say this right here this was the previous hit this is in which how I ended up with this pattern here but I went back to a previous draw which could have been a month ago and we could go whatever hey 31 understand and with 31 after 31 these are the numbers that hit five nine fifteen nineteen thirty you understand what I’m saying these are the numbers that hit the this is why I have these numbers highlighted and these are the numbers in which I plead understand now what I played some of them hit that’s the reason why I’m bringing you the video now because like I told you guys I wasn’t really hitting I mean this money ballgame and the Virginia Lottery of you guys are hearing me this money ballgame is a is basically now is getting to a point now is a waste of money because the grand prize is $100,000 in which you can get that in cash five for only a dollar and you can play up to four sets of numbers for one dollar and and if you get the Moneyball if the Moneyball actually pops up you know the means like the Megaplier if it pops up that that night you get a million dollars you know what I mean but I can count on one hand how many times the money boy has popped up in the money bar has been around since like November of 2014 so yeah it didn’t popped up like three times you know what I mean maybe five you know what I mean so it’s a waste of money you don’t I mean I wouldn’t condone anybody in playing this game of course I may play it if I’m feeling lucky you’re on me with a certain set of numbers but this game really Virginia you have to be ashamed yourself for putting this game out there you took win for life away you bought this dumbass game Moneyball but moving on now I’m going to highlight the numbers in which hit so the numbers in which hit I’m going to use as use orange the numbers in which hit were five five five oh man how do we want to do this man cuz we wanted to hit let’s do five oh man I want it to be I want it to be okay let’s just change my brush style I want you guys to see the hit and actually what I what I have chose so okay let’s just use the X can we use this X 5 cane hopefully you can see that everybody’s good with it 5 I’m well follow all of these numbers well these numbers are the ones that hit the ones that I’m highlighting right now 9 as a matter of fact I did not hit five I’m looking at my scratch off right now I mean my scratch card and that has the highlighted versions 9 hit I hit 9 I hit 30 and I hit 12 so I got three numbers and if you don’t believe me we’re going to simply uh we’re gonna simply bring this up and there’s no need in Moneyball key Moneyball okay let’s bring that up up up up as a matter of fact like I said you guys just be patient with me because what I’m about to do now I’m about to merge all of these layers down so I can get to it get to where I want to quickly merge layer merge layer merge layer then the process of this video and every other video and which I put up with a lot of real or any kind of demonstration it takes forever you know what I mean so you guys really have to be patient with me as far as uploading video tips I mean a lot of tips you gotta be patient with me man because I mean like I thought like I’m doing this right now at 11:20 a.m. on a Saturday morning and it’s like this probably doesn’t be done I probably probably doesn’t hate ‘s like 2 o’clock 1 o’clock you know to me so just be patient with me doing it all for you guys oh god I’m trying to merge all of these layers down so because I mean so they wouldn’t be in my way might affect I’m not I’m not gonna do that man I’m not even gonna put myself to that okay as you guys see 9 on the 21st not a 12 25 and 30 hit though those were the winning numbers and right now I’m going to show you guys if I can move this up I really got to bring that up that’s I get frustrated doing stupid like this like you don’t mean like why is it why do I gotta go through so much as you can see the 1 million dollar money ball in which matter of fact let’s click this see as you can see the money ball didn’t show up that day you know what I mean like as you can see you can see the winners or move the wrong thing as you can see the money ball winners 0 for 5 match for our 60 people got 4 which was $100 do you hear me do you hear me all my Virginia people a lot of players are Virginia Lottery because I know y’all be watching my videos 60 winners $400 $400 so what I’m what I’m trippin off of is how a second place only $100 for a $2. 00 play you should I’m saying so New Jersey Florida North Carolina South Carolina LA not LA but California uh uh Illinois are all you guys that have major games like be grateful you know especially if you play lotto and you win more than you put out there be grateful because look at this that we’re going through Virginia like second place for a $2. 00 game forget four numbers in a five number game you only get $100 you only get $100 you know what I mean that’s why I say this game isn’t really worth playing it the Moneyball million dollar money ball they put the million dollars up there to make it more interesting but as you can see the Moneyball didn’t didn’t even show on the 21st like it really shows every blue moon it might show but the only good thing about it it’s not really good is because if you get two numbers you win two dollars you feel me you basically got your money back so but moving forward you see the winning numbers for 321 2015 and as you can see right here March 21st 2015 I played six dollars as you can see I think that night I don’t know whether it was a Saturday or Wednesday but that night I did not play pick four or pick three I play big games you know what I mean so if I play pick three pick four I probably won’t play no big games unless it’s on a Friday or Tuesday when megamillions coming but this day I don’t think I play any pick for or pick three I’m not sure but usually I don’t if I put six dollars on this right here I’m not playing you know what I mean any other game so you see the nine the twelve and the winner and as you just seen I won ten dollars you know what I mean so this is the method in which it works it does works work excuse me for particular games so the only thing I can tell you to do is backtrack it like a lot of people keep asking me uh give me the numbers it all that Dre just give me the winning numbers like really so you want me to do your homework for you that’s basically what you want me to do your honor me I’m giving you the information I’m telling you you got a backtrack it I’m telling you you got to do your research you don’t put any effort into it you’re not gonna get anything you know the need you don’t go outside and shoot 20 jump shots a day or 100 jump shots a day your jump shots not gonna get any better you know what I mean so you got to go out and and put in the work you know me so as I stated again you define your patterns basically I think you get your boxes set up and you put your previous hit and you do your and then you do your plus now you’re set all you got to do is find a pattern that’s all you have to do if I go back and find a pattern that mean you will make your boxes again do another previously well a previous hit then you will see how those numbers hit you should I’m saying because patterns often repeat you know to me they often repeat so basically this is nothing but a method in which you really do have to go back and backtrack you know to me do not ask me from the winning numbers you know to me reason why you asked me for winning them is if I’m putting up a tip for a particular state or my state in which I am playing or like that New Jersey method that I put up I said one five nine uh I would play that but it didn’t come out you know to me that’s the only reason why you should ask me like be a big big grown up you’re 18 years old you playing a lot of you eighteen do your own research you know to me like I’m giving you methods you know to me like and a lot of people say that uh certain methods aren’t hitting where they are or they would dislike the video or they would like this don’t work it’s not the point that it didn’t work because it didn’t work before you want to put your money on it you don’t I mean that’s your fault that you want to put your money on a method in what you’ve seen on one of my methods and what you’ve seen but you didn’t go back and backtrack like I told you to like if you go back track your history and say you go back seven days and on that seventh draw you see that this is the method in which you’re playing actually works if you see that it works okay I’m gonna to give this method a try for 50 cent you know what I mean it’s not my fault you’re going out there wasting money because you want to watch my video I think automatically you’re gonna hit no you’re not because it’s like I’m not saying you’re not because it is a good chance you may is a good chance you may not so what I’m telling you is the point about this lottery in which my concepts my methods backtrack I spend them in three hours going back backtracking certain things like I got a new pick three method in which I’m using I’m looking at you know the me I’m not really using it but I’m looking at it and it is pretty interesting you know to me I go back seven drawers and I’m finding out how many times a number of peers and then there’s a certain pattern in which I got off pick three and calm excuse me and they give you the pattern of a b c d e f g h i j and it’s basically like a little pyramid so you know ii mean you guys let me know my picture and pick four let me know you guys want to see that you know i mean i haven’t got a hit from that yet but it seems intriguing very very interesting so again hopefully you guys understood this method and if you didn’t I really don’t know what to tell you you know what I mean because a little small questions like what do you mean by pattern by pattern I mean as you can see this hit ended with 31 say the previous hit for us as a matter of fact I thought this video was over but it’s not I forgot I had some cash 5 you can do the same thing with cash 5 the same exact thing with cash 5 and when I say that is because I did the same exact thing and was on the same day I use the same method like I said you use cash 5 Money Ball all your games besides Mega Millions and Powerball your big games besides Mega Millions and Powerball I would suggest using this method just to see go backtrack just to see how everything is looking you see if any pattern is hitting anything and catch 5 key as you can see right here I have a 1 6 18 hold up let me see was this during the day or was it at night this was during night time ok so why do I have that cash fry ok this cash 5 ok I’m moving the wrong layer that’s why ok there we go ok so cash 5 right here as you can see daytime okay well 321 the 21st and as you can see it came to 8 12 1930 the 21st at night and night time I played right there look like I said cash 5 I love cash 5 because you can do 4 sets of numbers I always play 4 sets of numbers because like I said if I went on 5 that’s 25 got $10,000 you know what I mean rather than putting a dollar on one dub if you put a dollar on 1 them is because you’re not playing the other number you might put 5 I was on cash 5 you know what I mean 5 set of numbers for dollar which gives you a hundred thousand dollars you know what I mean but here I want um I won this right here as you can see I have four six 23 26 these were the different patterns you should’ve seen so we catch 5 I can be more versatile in patterns I can go look at a pattern for say the sums date or maybe the last jaw in which was the last number that hit the last jaw number was 34 I can go back and look at all the 34 it’s not all of them but maybe the same some date at 34 fell one you know what I mean so as you can see I want here you know as I told you in previous videos in the comment section I told you guys that this right here was nothing but a dollar in 25 cent you know to me it was a dollar in 25 cent because I played for 25 cent you know I mean so if I were to play for a dollar I think it would have been ten dollars if I’m not mistaken I can tell you right now and hopefully you guys don’t consider this video is me talking too much but I’m basically singing trying to get you guys to understand the method without really showing you guys my pattern in Virginia you know the mean because I’m in Virginia like I actually went back and found a pattern in Virginia you know the me and another thing um a guy asked me I think he was in Georgia if I’m not mistaken cuz mines in Georgia and it’s called all or nothing when all or nothing you can either get all the numbers and you win or none of the numbers and you win I use this method when I did it for my art one time and I think she won two dollars so I would I would use this method for that on all or nothing I would try it out you know to me even though your box is gonna be huge but still it’s worth it you put in the time and the research to try to find out man you’re gonna come out one day you don’t know me and if you’re not hitting after you do research and no method is working stop playing you’re me cuz I don’t you know me like I said if I don’t feel each of my palm I don’t I don’t go and waste money you know what I mean like like I said $1. 00 right here and it was six on the on the money ball you know what I mean I was seven dollars I probably spent ten dollars that night which I probably bought a three dollar scratch or ticket you know what I mean so you know to me you gotta you gotta pick your battles with this man how to play and it would be for a dollar you would have three or five you have five dollars if you were to play for a dollar your dad to 50 50 cent you laid five dollars you play four dollars right here and you had three numbers you had five dollars so you would have made four dollars I mean I know it doesn’t seem much but this is the method in which I use so hopefully you guys um understood the video and I’m freezing right now I don’t know what the video skipped right there not but this is basically the method you know what I mean I don’t really want to talk anymore further so hopefully you guys understood it leave your comments um let me know alright why you.


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