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To complement this information, please check out my video on Lottery Odds here; randomly pick your tickets!! Using basic statistics and simple math to adjust the odds to current conditions, you can dramatically improve your odds of winning, by picking the game with the best possible odds – sometimes much better than the originally posted odds. This doesn’t guarantee a win, but is the best tip I know of to ensure you are playing smart, and it can make a huge.

are they we’re back with the lottery project and looking at a couple of new $30 tickets that I just purchased with winnings from yesterday I won $75 so it took 60 of that bought these two tickets and I’m holding on to the other 15 because I didn’t want to buy you the 10 or $5 tickets based on the odds so with that it’s a it’s a good time to talk a little about why I play the tickets that I do and how I select them so if you look at the back of the tickets it shows Maude’s so these are the odds from the breakeven prize all the way down to the grand prize which is 3 million and they also talk about the odds of winning anything it’s over a million and the important thing to note here is that these are the odds that are valid the day these tickets are introduced and the moment the first ticket is sold these odds begin changing so when any of these are these prizes are won or tickets are sold these are in constant flux so it’s a good idea to adjust the odds using some information that should be readily available what you can do is got your state’s Lottery website and they should publish the remaining prizes for all of their instant tickets and the Illinois website publishes us about every two weeks so the information is not completely fresh but it is better than what is provided on the back of the tickets so how does this work well if you look I have a spreadsheet that does all this but I’ll show you the ticket that I’ve settled on and show you the simple math that’s behind that so if you look at this they don’t show the complete breakdown with the $30.00 prizes but they do show you 1,500 and up this column on the Left shows the the original number of prizes for each amount and the column on the right shows the remaining prizes now the ten hundred dollars or whatever is the cheapest cheapest amount they’re showing here is going to be the broadest distribution and that is what we’re going to use to calculate the remaining number of tickets so here’s the math I use so if you look up here the odds of winning a $1,500 ticket were originally one in seventy five hundred where there were originally 960 of those prizes so that means there were originally 7. 2 million total tickets on the market now these weren’t all distributed at once but that’s how many tickets are committed for now if you look at the current number of 1,500 all prizes there’s three hundred forty seven sometimes that seven seventy five hundred odds means there is approximately 2. 6 million estimated remaining tickets now that’s not a perfect number because these numbers are not fresh they’re about a week old but it is better than the originally published numbers so what we can do is take that and divide that number by the remaining tickets that we’re interested in so if we look at the the large tickets so 1 million and 3 million there’s 13 of the 1 million left and there’s 2 million of the 3 million left assuming no one’s out there holding onto a winning ticket and it has not cashed it so that’s 15 tickets of a 1 million or greater so if you do that math you can say there are 15 remaining by that into the 2. 6 million adjusted odds are now one in 170 3,500 compared to the original odds the original odds of winning the unit greater was 171,000 so those odds are actually a little worse than they were originally but if you were to look at the the $25,000 odds they were originally 72,000 170,000 and they are now at one in 68,000 so they’ve actually improved a little so they’re pretty close to the original but it’s important to check that because I have seen people play these when there are literally none left so there’s there’s three of the big prizes left here but I have seen this number hit 0 from time to time and I have also seen it when the total distribution has dropped quite a bit but the big prizes are still remaining and the odds have proved a lot into earlier on I was playing a lot of the the color of money now the odds have gotten worse and it’s dropped from five to two of the remaining million dollar tickets but when it was at five the odds were actually actually improved by about 40% of the original so enough of that all I’m saying is there’s some simple math involved in at least knowing what the the adjusted odds are so with that we’ll do the fun stuff and actually start playing these tickets ticket number 24 I’ve got a 1x apologize for the shaky camera one of these days I’m going to get a tripod in Game one we have to end up with a total of seven or eleven nope doesn’t look good their game too we have to match these three objects nothing so far all right well I’m going to predict this as a loser even though we still have one game left just scratched enough these two know that when I have a loser here and a loser here each I usually don’t find another one down here but it has happened so let’s hope this one was the exception okay if there are six or 28 no twenty three or an eight now alright so this one is a big fat loser another one X and again looks like nothing here I don’t see anything adding two seven or eleven okay one game to nothing it’s not looking good these are the winning numbers sit there match six or eight no 12 or 17 again No okay so that shows you the risk and playing these games the odds are against you fortunately I’ve been playing with winning with winnings for quite some time so I got early I got lucky early on so now I’m trying to play as smart as possible and hopefully the little math lesson will help you play smarter going forward as well so as always please keep to a budget play responsibly and have some fun with it thank you.


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