Reporter Tells People They Won’t Win The Lottery Video

Lotto Strategies

Reporter gets honest about playing the Powerball and Mega Millions lottery while joking during interviews.

the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpot of both top 400 million dollars 460 million dollar Powerball drawing is tonight while the Mega Millions drawing is on Friday so Bernie Logan’s out talking with some wannabe millionaires a 40 million Brody would get you what about four tickets to the national championship game on Monday right yeah it’s something like that it might get you like 15 Bitcoin I don’t know no sense Jim here’s the thing none of these people are going to win I’m not going to win you’re not going to win we all know it we all know it now let me ask let me ask you man relax because Rolanda is going to win that’s that’s okay so you’re getting you’re getting a couple power balls here why why in spite of the hundreds of millions of odds why are you doing it why not I just want to win I want to quit my job if I said okay that’s a good reason so you would quit your job you know some people say they would still do their work 400 million I quit she would quit we got someone else over here how many how many are you getting you thinking here five tickets five tickets it’s about ten dollars worth so let me let me see how much for a lighter over there how much are lighters yeah okay so what you could do is buy a lighter burn the rest of the ten dollars and then at least you still have a lighter and then you get the the entertainment of something burning which is a lot of fun kind of like the entertainment of these okay I’m kidding but you know the odds you have better odds of in the same day okay getting struck by lightning hitting a hole in one and getting bit by a shark than winning this are you still going to play I am why because you can’t win unless you play now I will say we were expecting like long lines of people coming in we’ve been to three different spots now with kind of sparse people coming through and it actually has been super busy here in Tenleytown all day but there are a few things I mean I just want to show you other things that you can buy I mean there’s a great selection of jerky here that will actually give you nourishment instead of a lottery ticket which you’re not going to win you’re just going to waste your money stop throwing away your money none of us are going to win I’m not going to win you’re not going to win Jim Sarah I am I am Anton come out lottery officially I’ll get into that’ll work hey it does work I’m officially I’m officially I’m officially anti the lottery so just check it out don’t ya I like to call that segment tough love with Brody local doing it you do you my friend love it alright gotta give him the honest honesty at all times right sounds good.


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