Powerball Draw 1129 Results 04/01/2018 – The Lott Video

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good evening everyone this council here welcome to tonight’s Powerball drawing 1 1 to 9 here with me are our officials and government supervisor the total price for tonight is over 47 million dollars good luck and first numbers are 19 and 20 the total Division one price for if one is 35 million dollars and to win tonight’s Division one price you’ll need to match all 6 wing numbers plus Powerball next out of the barrel 15 he is number 8 last week we’ve had four lucky Division two winners who each picked up over one hundred and five thousand dollars 23 is next here is ball number 24 now for the all important Powerball tonight’s Powerball is number five let’s recap those numbers 19 2015 8 23 24 and the Powerball is at number 5 you can also check our entries in store online or via the app if we jackpot tonight 55 million dollars will be on offer and next to eggs Powerball draw all right there your numbers good night.


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