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everybody I’m back this the genius again I’m making another video this video is a it’s kind of like a remake of a video that I made before but it’s dealing with the charts the numbers that the state usually pick which are the 10 through 19 sums as I said before there’s 86 boxes in this category for the six ways then if you look at the three ways there’s a 47 boxes then there is also three triples that contain some range of ten to nineteen now we’re about to go bootys so you can see the numbers that they usually pick in and maybe this will help you out a little bit more than the first chart I showed you that way it will clear up all your doubts okay we’re going to go down the first row right here if you look at the first row I got some of them look like they’re already marked off like that zero one nine you can barely how long can you hold it up as you look at the rest of them you’ll see zero two eight zero three seven zero three eight zero four six zero four seven so you notice that there’s only five and r1 and r2 there’s nine of them we’re going to go through those right quick okay you go up here zero for the ones that are marked off in the red half of some of nine pairs so I purposely marked those off and you see this right here where I have a bunch of dots those used to be numbers but I had those deleted on purpose so this chart could just be showed just the way it is just like that these all have a ten to nineteen and notice that with these ten to nineteen you still have some all odd or all they’re even digits so that means that if you knew which role that the number was going to appear in but not sure exactly which number it was and you also knew that there’s not going to be all our or all even digits and you can mark those off as well and as I said below on the bottom of these chart I’m sorry about of each row you will actually see that there are not that many boxes this is it it is only like a sum of nine pair I’m sorry not sum of nine paired okay there’s fourteen in this row which is our three now this is our four two four eight two four nine two five six somebody requested that I make this video so that’s why I’m making it they wanted me to prove that obvio what I’m saying is actually thorough and accurate so I’m doing this to show everybody what’s going on okay now in our row I mean our four there’s 14 boxes and that includes all ID and all even digits and this is row five three seven eight three seven nine three eight nine is missing because that’s a twenty four five six two four five nine marked out because those have a sum of nine pairs so I excluded those and you got four six seven all the way to four seven eight and you got five six seven you got five six eight that’s the last combination is eight Metro right there so another thing to know if you want to know how many combinations for each some for some of ten to nineteen I’ve also did those two for some of ten you see right here okay make sure you see it there’s eight boxes that have a sum of ten does nine that got 11 there’s a say there’s there’s there’s eight boxes with a sum of 10 there’s eight boxes with a sum of 11 there’s ten boxes with some of 12 same what 13 14 15 then you go down 16 there’s nine boxes with a sum of 16 7 with the sum of eight with the sum of 17 7 with a summit 18 and 5 with a summer 19 so you get a pretty good idea when they do pull these sums you would know basically which group it may fit it may fall in you know for example you see the 19 right there is only 5 right there out of the 86 bucks so you would know that if you wasn’t get a sheet of paper and you were to go ahead and for each sheet of paper you will write the number of the some value on the top on left hand side you would write the actual box combination down whether it be midday evening in the day and you can see basically how often one of these sums will come up and you can track it like that so you won’t have to spend money every day you can just go ahead and just wait for them if you know that a 10 is coming there’s only 8 boxes and if you know if you got the capital like that and you know which road is going to be in and you know it’s going to be a 10 then the amount of money that you’re going to spend is going to be very minimal now let’s just say the start does the state okay imma let you see this here not sum of nine pairs now let’s just say this to the state go ahead and say well okay fuck that we’re going to get smart we’re going to confuse them we’re going to go ahead and only pull sum of nine pairs watch this there’s another chart this one has just the sum of nine pairs there’s only seven boxes in Row one there’s nine and Row two is nine and Row three is ten in row four and last row there’s only five so there’s a total of forty box combinations out of the 120 so if they decide to even go ahead and switch the system up and say we’re just going to pull some of nine pairs there’s only 40 boxes and that’s all the accommodations for the sum of nine pairs so when you go ahead and you write your log down like I showed you in a previous video and you put the dot plus item that you can determine okay if it’s going to be a sum of nine or not a sum of nine if they want to play that bullshit game about only playing some of nines they’re going to fuck themselves if you do did okay this is the second row right here use notice zero four nine zero five nine zero six nine zero seven nine zero eight nine and you will notice that a lot of these box combinations are marked off so if they try anything funny and I mean it thanks for anything funny you have the advantage right here because I’m showing you one four five one four eight one five eight one six eight one seven eight and one eight nine and of course if you will look at all the sum of nine pairs you’ve got zero nine one eight two seven three six and four five pairs the reason why I chose this is because if you look at all the pair’s it feels a it is a game there’s 55 box combinations out of all those pairs the sum of nine pair has the most combinations that is why I designed this chart these charts the way I designed them you can go ahead and go buy some of eight sum of sevens it doesn’t matter but I recommend sum of nines because the sum of nines is easier to predict if they’re coming or if they’re not coming and if you look on my logon getting ready to show you in a second the sum of nine pairs may come every fifteen sixteen drawings so these forty combinations that are marked off right that are showing actually right here these all okay these are all blanks all these combinations that I just showed you are automatically eliminated these are dummy numbers watch this I’m not to show you the doubles Charter okay like I said before there’s 18 boxes in each each one of these rows there’s a lot of these that are done so I’m gonna show you see this writing is right okay so it’s like if you look in this row there’s only five in this row which is our one and notice that I have right here says five and I have a / I have that have the two behind the slash because both two of those number of those five numbers have all odd or all even digits same thing with this row right here there’s only a few in this row yeah if that’s how you do it so there’s total 7 box in this row and four of those boxes are again all odd or all even digits this is Row three we’re just going to go ahead and take our time go down the row so you can see it these are the numbers that the state is picking and if you think I’m bullshitting all you got to do is set up a chart you see them talking about it’s 15 in this row and eight of those are all out all even digits which means all of them are actually in that row this is Row 4 yeah some people want to play a tic tac toe or you know line the numbers up and go backwards and forwards and all that that all that bullshit does not work do not listen to them that shit does not work what works is knowing all the possibilities if you don’t know all the possibilities I don’t care just the lottery real estate or whatever you put your money until you are lost I’m not lost here as I know all the boxes I know all the possibilities okay these are all blanks the last one there’s five in that row and there’s two to have all odd digits five five nine and five seven seven okay now the triples there’s only three of those all out all even digits so there’s three of them so I put three and three just like that now I’m going to show you again just so you know we’re going to do it like this we’re going to start with the beginning of April and we’re going to count how many boxes have all I’d and all even digits were going to go down for the midday first there’s one the ones that have one dot byes are some benign pairs we’re going to do that right quick there’s one two three four five that’s six long gap long yeah and now you see what I’m talking about at seven which is five four nine you go over here for the evening this is what they pick tonight by the way zero eight eight okay seven that’s eight that’s nine you go up the list that’s ten two two seven eight one one that’s 1186 that’s 12 309 at 13 all right that’s fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen now just from what I just shows you now everyone knows that there’s two drawings in the day so that’s 60 drawings and a calendar month only picked some of nine tears 17 times and the rest of them they never attempted to pick them now you see it I’m talking about now we’re going to do all odd and all even digits for the midday first that’s one that’s two that’s three that’s four that’s five six seven that’s eight so that’s eight for the midday we will go over here that’s one that’s two that’s three that’s four that’s five that’s six at seven eight nine yeah that’s nine of them so that’s nine eight for the midday nine for the evening that’s 17 so out of the 60 drawings again they only take 17 numbers to have all out and all even digits so if you go again revert back to the chart and I showed you not some of nine pairs you have all out and all even digits that are young saying that that are part of the this chart right here that have the not sum of nine pairs so you can go ahead and go in each row which is again five in the first row then there’s nine there’s fourteen there’s fourteen and then there’s eight and what you do is you take the ones that have all ID and all even digits and you can go ahead and you can mark those off now let’s just say we’re going to do it like this let’s just say they only pick odd rows which will be row or number one rule number three and rule number five if you knew for a fact that rule number two and rule number four does not come out the even rows that’s fourteen plus nine that right there equals 23 just your first twenty three are eliminated then you go by the other ones if you knew there was not all out of all even digits you subtract those also too and you can get it right down to the nitty gritty and it’s even better if you knew which roads in if it’s in Row three there’s only 14 boxes but you have one two three four five of those boxes that have all out or even digits so now you have nine boxes left you are you almost hitting the home run so okay I’m gonna go ahead in this video I don’t want to make it too long I just wanted to prove a point to somebody out there so alright I’ll make another video soon bye.


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