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hey what’s up it’s a genius again it’s another video this one I label this one caught types of numbers now there’s people that play the lottery they want to straight this and box that but they don’t know that there’s different types of numbers so I’m just going to explain this video and layman terms that way even a five year old who get it there’s different types of numbers you got numbers with all eyes all even digits you got some what to odds one even two evens and why not you got numbers that have all low digits and when I say that is for example two three four a two or three and a four well actually zero through four are all low digits so if you find a number would just have the digits with the nuts that that range those are all low digits if you get something with all high digits that 5 to 9 so let’s just say you have a number like 1 to 6 they come out just like that that number what we call a low low high and that’s kind of relevant to what I’m going to show you in this other log setup this is a different log then I’m going to show you and it goes hand in hand with the other log I recommend highly recommend that you use both logs but I’m gonna just keep going and you have two lows and one high one low to highs 0 through 9 sums 10 to 19’s a lot of 22 to 20 20 to 27 that’s supposed to be a 7 right there 20 to 27 times then you have of course a six way 3 way and you got the triples so those are all the different types of numbers that are in this game ok now we’re going to do is this I want to show you this this is a different chart from the original one that I showed you now I’m not you’re probably thinking it was just another repeat no actually it’s a little bit different these are called connect numbers the reason why I say that is if you is to take the numerical scale from 0 through 9 you would notice that and they take the state numbers 90% of the numbers that they pick they take the boxes that connect and what I mean by that is this ok first of all we’re going to go through the rows again 0 of 1 if you look on the numerical scale and all these numbers are set up in numerical order a zero and a one connects 0 and a 2 doesn’t but it’s still a connect number because one of those pairs Connect which is a 0 and a 1 so you go down the list right here and I got some of them marked off you will see the ones that that connect the ones that are marked off don’t worry about them I have a different track for that next ok so you know then first of all there’s only 11 of them look in the second row 0 5 6 of the first one 0 4 8 and 0 4 9 0 2 4 and 8 in numerical scale none of those digits touched so I got a crossed out same with 0 for 9 5 into 6 touches a 6 and 7 touches a 7 and 8 touches and 8 & 9 touch saying right here 1 and the 2 touches see there’s 12 of those in that row you look at the third row 4 and a 5 they touch same again with a five and a six six two two seven seven and an eight eight and nine and you keep going so this one is a little bit better and a little bit stronger than the one with a fatah the arm sum of nine pairs I’m just giving you different strategies there’s different charts I’m trying to show you that way you can go ahead to Stafford how you one you might decide you don’t want to use this chart you want to use the first chart that I’m that’s okay but my job here is just to teach you the possibilities you see that and you notice also 11 in that row now the last row has the most 378 three eight nine and the fours and fives which are actually some one nine pairs that they touch so I’m just showing you all these numbers they touch coming digits well I’m saying if you took the tare and they’re making numerical order get set up just like that for reason okay that’s our five now I’m going to take my log the key to winning anything is notice hot okay look at that look at this book I got this right here you peel those open they come open and notice I got everything nice and organized everything I have is in plastic its organizing I even have extra charts that I haven’t even marked on yet but I’m going to get to those later on you can probably blow it up and see all the combinations like that I don’t know what all right okay the style log set up for if you want to go by even an odds lows and highs and connect numbers okay you look at this right here okay that’s the fourth I got it twice the one on top is midday one of ours even same as the fifth and going all the way down the row the log said this is the second law to set up I use both logs when I do a run my run down for the state of Michigan that way I would know if they are in in order if the number is going to be a high or low or odd and even and I set it up where zero through nine three times for the first second and third position okay for nine six four is even number nine is odd number six is even number as I said before zero key fours are low digits and five to nine or high digits for nine six four is a low digit nine is a high digit 6 is a high digit I go all the way down the list now okay this the part I want to show you right here the star 496 and numeric order to be 469 a 4 or 6 & a 9 don’t none of those pairs though none of them digits touch those 2 star by star star now you’ve got a see right there which means connect six oh five six and five touches although they scramble it up in a numerical order if you let ain’t always the way they pick the number but again that number of touches high low high 605 even even I connect the comedy sees see that I picked them bad boys back to back I also got numbers on the side of those two but that I choose not to reveal to nobody because I strongly believe that a true master of any art never reveals all his secrets but they mean something but I guess you’ll figure it out one day I can’t give you all the answers I’m just here to teach you how you’re looking like what the hell is he doing it means something it means something to me it’s a better tracking device if I told you this then I might stop making videos if I told you what these meant okay keep going down these are the actual results well this is for the state of Michigan but you can do this with any state or with any country that has a lottery just like that okay now we’re going to go to the other chart this one let’s call and it may be sure I’m doing this right okay I don’t think I did the doubles yet okay wait a minute what am i doing okay has some doubles Connect numbers okay now there’s only a few in each row okay that’s one that’s two so it’s two in this row just three and now where r 2 is 2 and R 3 is 4 in the fourth row is 7 in the last row so there’s a total of 18 of them the first one that soldier was a total of 64 so these are the connect numbers this row three go for it’s good to know that too because for the doubles is only 18 ohm and for the six waves of 64 and since you know that that’s the group that they usually pick from even if you just say well I’ll go ahead and clue all the sum of nine pairs and all eyes and all evens and all that there’s only two well there’s only two sides to every story okay it’s 18 now we’re about to do the ones that do not connect that happen to be more double numbers that actually connect and less numbers for the six ways that that don’t connect okay you see how I got the zero one two and all those a zero one is marked off these are the numbers that do not connect 13 in first row is 12 in that row 12 them are 3 13 the fourth row there’s 6 and the last one for a total of 56 boxes so again this one right here is a little bit better than the other chart a little bit better because there’s less boxes and again since there’s only 56 and you know that’s pacing is going to be a connect number some people might be foolish to say why just play all 56 and you could actually but you don’t make that much money but if you can see that two odd rows are not I mean even rows are not coming out which is 12 and 13 that’s 25 boxes eliminated out of the 56 so that’s a nice little chunk off right there all you have to do is find one more row that ain’t coming okay now see we will go through this again just so you can see it these are the numbers that do not connect as you usually look at if you is to go ahead and look at your state lottery all you have to do to remember is no matter how they pull the number look at the numerical scale and look at the number that they draw and see if any of those numbers if they were set up in numerical order if they touched or not and you will see it yeah just like that I don’t like to run my mouth like some folks do there make a video about what they know and all that blah blah blah know if you want people to follow your lead you gotta show some proof you got to know what you’re talking about first of all for you run your mouth I might sound a little awkward when I say that but it’s the truth okay these are doubles the ones that do not connect 16 in the first row 15 in second row 16 in this row 14 in the fourth row and there’s 11 so there’s 72 of these okay there’s the fifth row it’s the fourth row try not to go too fast but I don’t like making long videos either it’s the third row the second row at first row alright go ahead in this video I just want to show you all that you know something new that you can ponder about or whatever so leave me some comments subscribe to my videos more subscriptions I get the more information on leash alright you have a good one.


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